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World Media Greece evacuates 75000 people to defuse WWII bomb
Author: 0 Greece evacuates 75000 people to defuse WWII bomb

The U.S. -made 275-pound (125-kilogram) bomb was "badly corroded, but its detonation mechanism was still in very good condition", said Army spokesman Col. The evacuation proved pleasant for around 450 refugees who were accommodated in the outskirts of the city in a camp in an industrial zone. Many people left the area in their cars, but some were bussed to schools and sports halls elsewhere in the city.

World Media US Opposes Former Palestinian PM in UN Position
Author: 0 US Opposes Former Palestinian PM in UN Position

The decision to put forward his candidacy "was exclusively based on Mr Fayyad's recognized personal qualities and his competence for that position", said United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric. As finance minister and then as prime minister under PA Presidents Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, Fayyad strove to end the money laundering, the slush funds and the huge embezzlements that characterized - and still plague - Palestinian politics.

World Media United Airlines pilot removed from flight after unusual behavior
Author: 0 United Airlines pilot removed from flight after unusual behavior

They say she used the plane's intercom to rant about President Trump, Hillary Clinton, and her divorce. The plane was still parked on the runway as she spoke, and about half the passengers got up and left, reports NBC Bay Area . "She started off by saying that she had not voted for either Trump or Clinton because they're a bunch of liars", said passenger "O'Neal". "Being a pilot is a tough and stressful job.

Author: 0 NSW Fire Chief Says Tomorrow's Bushfire Risk Is Literally Off The Charts

Residents of the town were told to take shelter as it was too late to leave. Fitzsimmons says " everyone in those areas should be considering moving to a safer locations ", either tonight or before conditions worsen tomorrow. People in the area are being sent emergency alert telephone messages from the Fire Service. The Golden Highway has been closed due to smoke and is expected to remain closed for the remainder of Sunday.

Author: 0 18 wheeler knocked down by whipping Wyoming winds

The two occupants in the truck came out uninjured as well. Hopefully this video illustrates why, ' the agency's Facebook post reads. The highway patrol released the video in hopes that people get the message: heed high-wind advisories. The video has made quite the impression on Facebook, garnering more than 1.5 million views and being shared out more than 45,000 times. Incredibly, the truck driver and a passenger also escaped unhurt.

Author: 0 Manager Mark Warburton makes surprise Rangers exit

Rangers are reportedly considering hiring Alex McLeish on a short-term contract to replace Mark Warburton. Rangers manager Mark Warburton has resigned, the club have announced. After the Rangers board accepted this request on Wednesday, Lockwood then approached the Rangers hierarchy on Thursday night hoping that Warburton and his management team could keep their positions at Ibrox, according to the paper .

World Media Missing 150-year-old wedding dress found after Facebook appeal
Author: 0 Missing 150-year-old wedding dress found after Facebook appeal

But the shop since went into administration. Tess Newall took to Facebook to issue the appeal about the dress which was made in 1870 by her great, great grandmother. It has been shared more than 15,000 times in a matter of hours with people around the world promising to spread the word - after Tess said that "more family memories need to be woven into its threads".

World Media Trump recognizes 'One China' policy in call with Xi Jinping
Author: 0 Trump recognizes 'One China' policy in call with Xi Jinping

When then U.S. President Richard Nixon made a historic trip to China in February 1972, he had proved that there was no unbridgeable gap for the sake of common interests. The one China policy is a view that there is only one state called China, even though two countries now claim the same name. Just after winning the November election, Trump provoked Beijing's ire by accepting a congratulatory call from Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen.

Author: 0 Mysterious Orange Alligator Confuses South Carolina Residents

Since the color is not genetic, Vliet says that the alligator will return to its normal color after it bathes in clean water or sheds its skin. "[It] might be iron oxide (rust) that has discolored it", he said. "Probably chaulk it up to some kind of environmental factor like algae, or some pollutant in the water", Josh Zalabak of the South Carolina Aquarium to the Associated Press.

World Media Polish prime minister 'injured after auto hits her convoy'
Author: 0 Polish prime minister 'injured after auto hits her convoy'

Government spokesman Rafal Bochenek said Szydło was in "good condition" but had been transported 350km by helicopter to a government hospital in Warsaw for further monitoring and tests. A private auto reportedly crashed into the prime minister's limousine. She is said to have suffered bruises. The auto that hit the prime minister's vehicle was a small Fiat driven by a 21-year-old man who was sober, said Sebastian Glen, a police spokesman.

Author: 0 Turkish troops and Syrian rebels enter ISIL-held town

The town has been under siege since Monday. Russian warplanes bombed a Turkish army unit operating in Syria on Thursday morning, killing three Turkish soldiers. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan spoke over the phone after the incident and agreed to step up military coordination against Daesh.

World Media Plane on fire at JFK airport, USA media reports
Author: 0 Plane on fire at JFK airport, USA media reports

Last night a passenger aboard a flight preparing for takeoff at JFK airport was rather startled to see that another plane on the runway appeared to be engulfed in flames. The spokesman said the pilot managed to taxi back to the gate where the plane was met by rescue trucks. When emergency responders from the Port Authority of NY showed up, there was no fire to be found , NBC 4 reports.

World Media Foreigners Entering China to be Fingerprinted From This Week
Author: 0 Foreigners Entering China to be Fingerprinted From This Week

All foreigners, between the age of 14-70, are required to leave their fingerprints when entering China, but foreign diplomats will be exempted, the announcement said. The ministry said the collecting of fingerprints is a common practice around the world. Following the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, the USA began collecting electronic fingerprints from foreigner nationals in 2004, according to the South China Morning Post .

World Media Trump Still Doesn't Know the Basics of Nuclear Policy
Author: 0 Trump Still Doesn't Know the Basics of Nuclear Policy

During the Putin call, the Russian leader raised the possibility of talks on a number of issues, including the New START treaty limiting nuclear weapons deployments, according to a report Thursday by Reuters . The White House declined to comment and referred Reuters to its official account . Trump's waffling tells Putin that Washington is fine with the former KGB agent's brazen trampling over the sovereignty of Ukraine's pro-West government.

World Media In Anti-US Rallies In Iran, Trump Is Front And Center
Author: 0 In Anti-US Rallies In Iran, Trump Is Front And Center

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians heeded the call of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to demonstrate Friday against US "threats" - but some had words of support for Americans. "America and Trump can not do a d*** thing". One sign bore the faces of Trump, British Prime Minister Theresa May and her Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu.

World Media Rescuers to refloat 100 beached whales
Author: 0 Rescuers to refloat 100 beached whales

In 1918 about 1,000 pilot whales were stranded on the Chatham Islands, according to Constantine. 50 pilot whales were still stuck when rescuers had to leave the beach last night as darkness made it too risky to continue, while another 50 were being monitored offshore.

Author: 0 Turkish president approves constitutional overhaul bill

Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said on Friday that the referendum was likely to be held on April 26. Erdogan approved the legislation six months after an attempted coup against him by a rogue military faction in July previous year.

World Media Romania justice minister quits over corruption bill protests
Author: 0 Romania justice minister quits over corruption bill protests

But Mr Iordache, who had drawn up the bill, insisted that "all that I've done was legal". Justice minister Florin Iordache , one of the architects of the emergency decree which would have protected corrupt politicians from prosecution, has quit amid the public backlash.

Author: 0 France thwarts "imminent" terrorist attack, arrests four suspects: minister

Reports suggest the girl had posted jihadist declarations online. Last week, a man was shot and wounded near the Louvre Museum in Paris after allegedly trying to attack soldiers with a knife. The explosives found in Montpellier on Friday were identified as TATP or triacetone triperoxide. His 16-year-old girlfriend, the minor female suspect, had recorded on February 8 a video in which she pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (IS).

Author: 0 12 killed in Bali landslide; Indonesia warns of more rains

The landslide in the remote mountainous Songan Village, Kintamani, hit five houses at 11pm on Thursday night. Across Bali , landslides also occurred in Wanagiri Village, Buleleng, and Bedugul and Baturiti, Tabanan. In September previous year, President Joko Widodo said illegal mining and land clearing have been major contributors to the death toll of landslides and flooding in West Java.

World Media LA Protests Deportation Raids, Commits to Sanctuary Policies
Author: 0 LA Protests Deportation Raids, Commits to Sanctuary Policies

The alarming raids came the same day a mother of two who has lived in the US for over 20 years was deported from Arizona to Mexico, despite protests from her community and pleas from her children. "Mass deportations will not make us safer, instead they will simply undermine our state's economy". According to Salas, CHIRLA staff attorneys dispatched to the detention center on Thursday were denied access to a list of individuals who were affected by the operation.

World Media Chinese president makes a phone call to U.S. president
Author: 0 Chinese president makes a phone call to U.S. president

In a statement the White House said the leaders of the world's two largest economies had held a "lengthy" and "extremely cordial" telephone call on Thursday evening in which "numerous topics" were discussed. Trump has also often accused Beijing of unfair trade practices, currency manipulation and military buildup in the South China Sea. Beijing will not do business with countries that recognise Taiwan diplomatically.

Author: 0 US, Chinese aircraft in 'unsafe' encounter over S. China Sea

The U.S. plane was a P-3 Orion aircraft and the Chinese plane was a People's Liberation Army Air Force KJ-200. "The Department of Defense and U.S. Pacific Command are always concerned about unsafe interactions with Chinese military forces", Pacific Command added.

Author: 0 Somalia polls: Roads, airport sealed off ahead of elections

A no-fly zone was imposed to prevent attacks by militant Islamists. A corruption-plagued election in Somalia gives rise to a moment of political hope, while the development community mourns a man who fought back against the "post-fact era".

Author: 0 Supreme Court gives woman right to late partner's LGPS pension

He says: "It is hoped that the Supreme Court's decision should prompt the Government to move more proactively in modernising the law for cohabiting couples, who are now the fastest-growing family type in the United Kingdom, now numbering some 3.3 million".

Author: 0 South Africa's Zuma to deploy 400 soldiers at state address

At Zuma's address in 2015, parliamentary security guards disguised as waiters physically removed EFF members from the chamber, but this is the first time soldiers will be deployed as security rather than a ceremonial role. "Otherwise tomorrow we must come here armed‚" he said. The market is particularly concerned about what happens to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, who is seen as a countervailing influence on Zuma's more populist tendencies.

Author: 0 USA says it killed 11 al-Qaeda operatives in Syria air strikes

He was "a legacy al Qaeda terrorist with ties to the group's senior leaders, including Ayman al-Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden", said Eric Pahon, a Department of Defense spokesman. Ten Al-Qaeda members were killed in an airstrike on a building used as a meeting place on 3 February, it said. "These strikes disrupt al Qaeda's ability to plot and direct external attacks targeting the USA and our interests worldwide", said Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis.

Author: 0 Eiffel Tower needs $22M 'aesthetic perimeter' to protect against terrorism threat

The Eiffel Tower welcomes about 6 million visitors a year and makes about €82 million ($87 million) in revenue. The permanent glass walls are created to replace the metal barriers on the north and south sides of the monument. The city is setting aside 20 million euros ($21.3 million) for the project and will evaluate proposals with consideration for their aesthetics. Earlier this month, a French soldier opened fire on a knife-wielding attacker near the Louvre museum, another one of Paris' ...

Author: 0 Brown: Congress Needs Veto Power Over Trump On Lifting Russian Sanctions

The Senate and House would then have 120 days to act - or decline action - on any proposed sanctions relief. The principle sponsors of the bill are Republican Lindsey Graham of SC and Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland. "Lifting sanctions now would simply reward Russia's attempts to undermine democracy, from Crimea and eastern Ukraine to the meddling in our own US elections, " Brown said.

World Media UK House of Commons approves final European Union exit bill
Author: 0 UK House of Commons approves final European Union exit bill

But Jeremy Corbyn's tweet - after he helped the government's bill to trigger article 50 pass through the Commons with a majority of 372 - backfired spectacularly. Just three Tory backbenchers - Ken Clarke, Tania Mathias and Andrew Tyrie - rebelled to back a bid to make ministers unilaterally guarantee European Union nationals' rights.

Author: 0 ICRC suspends work in Afghanistan after 6 staff killed

Zanarelli said it was too early for the Red Cross to determine how the incident would affect the group's operations in Afghanistan. Greg reports that "civilian casualties have been on the rise throughout Afghanistan, and this shooting came just a day after a suicide bomber struck at the Supreme Court in Kabul, killing at least 20".