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Author: 0 Voting begins in Ghana's election as Mahama runs for second term

An exporter of gold, cocoa and oil, Ghana was once hailed as a regional growth model, but has now taken on too much debt, and in 2015 had to go to the International Monetary Fund for a bailout. Some 15.7 million people are registered to vote and election officials say turnout could reach a record 80 percent. Akufo-Addo is leading the count after Mahama lost support in his party's traditional strongholds such as the eastern Volta and the Northern regions, according to the provisional results.

Author: 0 Top UK judges grill government lawyer on Brexit plans

The case has generated huge interest both in Britain and overseas and has been seized upon by both Remain and Leave campaigners, with the Daily Mail labelling the three High Court judges who gave the ruling "Enemies of the People" to widespread public condemnation.

Author: 0 Taiwan's President: A Phone Call 'Doesn't Mean A Policy Shift'

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump indicated a tougher U.S. approach to China by speaking to Taiwan's president last week, but how far he will push a risky test of wills to wring concessions from Beijing on issues from trade to North Korea is unclear.

World Media Ghana president, longtime opposition leader face off in vote
Author: 0 Ghana president, longtime opposition leader face off in vote

Akufo-Addo, a former foreign minister, voted in his home town of Kibi in the Eastern region surrounded by supporters. Some voters queued overnight to cast their ballots. In the previous election in 2012, Mr Mahama defeated Mr Akufo-Addo by less than 300,000 votes. The 72-year-old opposition leader, Nana Akufo Addo is on his third attempt at the presidency.

World Media Officer Dead, 1 Injured After Shooting Near College in Georgia
Author: 0 Officer Dead, 1 Injured After Shooting Near College in Georgia

Miles says Lembrick is still at large. Lembrick had a previous warrant for kidnapping and a domestic dispute and police said he should be considered armed and risky. But the pain and anxiety aren't over for residents of Americus , a city of about 17,000 people in rural southwest Georgia. An APD officer responded to the scene along with a Georgia Southwestern State University officer, who had also heard the call.

World Media Japanese mogul pledges $50 billion US investment
Author: 0 Japanese mogul pledges $50 billion US investment

After Mr. Trump met Mr. Son for 45 minutes at Trump Tower in NY on Tuesday and praised him as "one of the great men of industry", investors concluded SoftBank might have better luck with the new administration. Donald Trump met with another billionaire on Tuesday and the result is a staggering commitment to the United States. Of note, SoftBank , a hyper-acquisitive company, has faced resistance from regulatory agencies in the United States before - most notably when Sprint was mulling a ...

Author: 0 Deserting conservatives sealed defeat of Austria's far right

The President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, said Mr Van der Bellen's win was a heavy defeat of nationalism and anti-European, backward-looking populism. He said he would work to unite a country deeply split between the moderate liberals who voted for him and supporters of Hofer's anti-immigrant party.

Author: 0 New Zealand PM announces surprise resignation

The prime minister of New Zealand , John Key , has announced he will resign, calling it the hardest decision I have ever made. According to the media, Key's wife Bronagh asked him to step down due to the "extraordinary levels of intrusion" in the lives of their two children, daughter Stephie and son Max.

World Media Court filing: In Army's eyes, Chelsea Manning still a man
Author: 0 Court filing: In Army's eyes, Chelsea Manning still a man

Anohni, who was nominated for Best Song at the 2016 Oscars, implored Obama to release Manning as she believes U.S. President-elect Donald Trump will refuse to after he takes over at the White House in January (17). ANOHNI , the artist formerly known as Antony & The Johnsons, has shared a new video for her song " Obama " and urged the outgoing US President to free Wikileaks whistleblower, Chelsea Manning .

World Media UK man found guilty in case linked to Brussels bomb suspect
Author: 0 UK man found guilty in case linked to Brussels bomb suspect

Prosecutors said that Abrini visited England in July 2015 and received the cash from Boufassil, 26, and Mohammed Ali Ahmed, 27, who earlier pleaded guilty, at a rendezvous in a park. He said there was "no doubt" the money was handed over with the intention of assisting acts of terrorism. Abrini, who is in custody in Belgium, told investigators his visit to England was not a reconnaissance trip to scout out possible sites for future attacks in Britain, according to parts of an interview that ...

World Media Syrian government forces, rebels fight in southeast Aleppo area
Author: 0 Syrian government forces, rebels fight in southeast Aleppo area

It is unclear which side fired the shells, as both sides have forces in the area, and are trying to get the upper-hand in the fighting. United Nations rights chief Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein said civilians in eastern Aleppo faced a nightmare which clearly violated the most basic norms of human rights and any shred of human decency.

Author: 0 Iran president: Trump won't be able to harm the nuclear deal

On 1 December, the US Senate unanimously voted to extend the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 (ISA), which is set to expire on 31 December, for another 10 years. Assuming Tehran continues to comply with the terms of the JCPOA, no one expects Russia, China, or the Europeans to re-impose nuclear sanctions on Iran.

World Media Assange's mother pleads for his release
Author: 0 Assange's mother pleads for his release

And that it was the "police who made by the charges". Assange said he was "certain she expressly consented to unprotected sex" and that a subsequent text message she sent to a friend indicated he had not forced himself upon her while she slept.

World Media Thailand's new king appoints a smaller council of advisers
Author: 0 Thailand's new king appoints a smaller council of advisers

The office was shut down this week, but its website and Facebook page are still operational - save for the offending article, which has been taken down. "So please be careful with what you do". The article sparked outrage among some Thai royalists, with social media groups vigorously criticizing the BBC.

Author: 0 Indonesia Mobilizes Red Cross To Help Quake Victims

The Indonesian government declared a two-week emergency period in Aceh. The rescue effort involving thousands of search officials, villagers, soldiers and police is concentrated on Meureudu, a severely affected town in Pidie Jaya district near the epicenter.

Author: 0 French PM Valls announces bid to become president

In 2014, Valls was promoted to prime minister with a mandate to rein in a group of unruly ministers that were undermining Hollande's authority. Polls show Le Pen and conservative candidate Francois Fillon far out in front in the opening round of the election on April 23, with Fillon expected to beat Le Pen in May's second round.

World Media Wisconsin recount proceeding on schedule and without issues
Author: 0 Wisconsin recount proceeding on schedule and without issues

DETROIT (AP) - The presidential recount in MI expanded Tuesday to its largest county, which includes Detroit, and five other large counties, with the fate of a statewide recount push in Pennsylvania awaiting action in federal court. The Green Party admits it has no specific evidence that every vote wasn't properly counted in Pennsylvania during the recent presidential election.

Author: 0 NZ condemns Syria truce veto

Despite concessions by those who drafted the text - an early version demanded a 10-day truce - it looks likely Moscow will use its veto to torpedo the measure. The rebels have intensified their mortar and rocket shelling on the government-controlled areas in western Aleppo on Monday as a response to the military offensive on their areas, killing at least eight people and wounding 25 others, according to SANA.

Author: 0 Pence says Mattis to be with Trump at NC rally

An aide to Gore said the Trump transition reached out to him after the former vice president had said he meant to do everything he could to work with the president-elect to ensure that the United States remains a leader in the effort to address climate change .

Author: 0 Moscow, Tokyo pledge to cooperate on UNSC North Korea resolution - Tokyo

Security Council and North Korea's neighbor and trading partner. "It is a new phase of threat that North Korea forced, carrying out nuclear tests twice this year and launching more than 20 missiles, and it is enhancing capability". "Of all the things North Korea does and makes, it certainly knows how to do socialist-realist art very well", said Simon Cockerell of Koryo Tours, a Beijing-based company that takes tourists to North Korea .Since the 1970s, North Korea has built monuments ...

World Media Stein to make MI third state for presidential recount
Author: 0 Stein to make MI third state for presidential recount

Trump's attorneys said Stein, who finished fourth in MI, is not "aggrieved" by any alleged election fraud or mistake, that a recount could not be finished on time and that her petition was not properly signed. In Dane County, where Clinton won 71 percent of the vote, the ballots will be counted by hand. The Detroit News reports MI electors received "intimidating emails or messages" demanding members vote for Clinton and ditch Trump.

Author: 0 OIC wants Myanmar to stop violence and restore calm in Rakhine state

It is to "investigate whether existing laws, rules and regulations were observed in taking measures to avoid similar incidents in the future before making recommendations", a statement from the president's office says. "It is a charge that requires legal review and judicial determination". "It is not a charge that should be thrown around loosely". Hundreds of people - including Buddhist monks - joined the anti-Malaysia protest in Yangon on Sunday, carrying signs reading: "Be careful of two ...

Author: 0 Suspected Russian raids kill 25 civilians in Syria's Idlib

Damascus also said it rejects any cease-fire for Aleppo that does not include the departure of all rebels from the eastern part of the city and that it won't allow the rebels to use a truce as a chance to "regroup". The city of Aleppo, once Syria's commercial hub, has been divided between a rebel-held east and government-held west since 2012. Dmitry Peskov singled out the United States on Tuesday for what he said was a muted reaction to the "tragedy" in the besieged Syrian city.

World Media Jayalalithaa continues to be very critical: Apollo
Author: 0 Jayalalithaa continues to be very critical: Apollo

This comes barely two hours after the Hospital in an official statement had said Jayalalithaa "continues to be very critical". Prior to her role in politics as a chief minister, she enjoyed a successful career as a film actress for nearly two decades.

World Media Kerry Takes Tough Stance on Israel and its 'Disturbing Statements'
Author: 0 Kerry Takes Tough Stance on Israel and its 'Disturbing Statements'

The Israeli government differentiates between those it has approved and those it has not. The BDS movement, she said, is "actually not just boycotting Israel", but "boycotting voices". He says there are many "Amonas" and the the government is working on resolving the larger legal problem because "the settlements are important to us".

Author: 0 Deepwater Oil Stocks to Sell Despite OPEC's Efforts

Domestic oil companies that focus on upstream sectors, including exploration and production, are likely to see a rise in revenue as the deal reached by OPEC on Wednesday is believed to help bolster global oil prices at least in the short term, said Wang Lu, an Asia-Pacific oil and gas industry analyst from Bloomberg Intelligence.

World Media Bourbon Street Mass Shooting Kills One And Injuries Nine
Author: 0 Bourbon Street Mass Shooting Kills One And Injuries Nine

Two suspects have been arrested at the scene of the incident, which happened despite increased police presence in the area, but their names, as well as those of the French Quarter shooting victims , have not yet been released. Police have yet to recognize the speculated second shooter. One of the men died from his injuries at a nearby hospital. More than 40 officers rushed to the scene after shots rang out, injuring nearly a dozen people including one person fatally What is so significant ...

Author: 0 Trump claims great victory for Hoosier workers

IN state officials have agreed to give United Technologies Corp, which runs the plant, $7m worth of tax breaks over 10 years. Although Carrier will no longer be closing its plant in Indianapolis, another factory, owned by Carrier's parent company, United Technologies, will be closing down in Huntington, Indiana, leading to 700 lost jobs.

Author: 0 Election reform report: some quick facts

Trudeau said Canadians won't be asked to choose from a list of systems, but instead to focus on what values they want to see reflected in their electoral system. "Yesterday, in the House, I used words that I deeply regret", Monsef said in the first of three apologies. OTTAWA — Liberal members of a special all-party committee on electoral reform are urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to break his 2015 promise to change Canadas voting system before the next federal election.

World Media Shoppers hunt for deals, hit the shops for entertainment
Author: 0 Shoppers hunt for deals, hit the shops for entertainment

Mark Cohen, a professor at Columbia Business School and the former chief executive of Sears Canada, said the urgency related to Black Friday has greatly diminished. Some came out specifically for the chance to win free items. So, that progressed. Other family members came. Deal News says that they had some of the best deals on TVs and Apple products .

Author: 0 Malaysian PM Leads Protest Against 'Genocide' of Rohingya

The top USA diplomat for East Asia, Daniel Russel, is critical of the military's heavy-handed approach and says the escalation of violence risks inciting jihadist extremism in the country also known as Burma. Estimates of the death toll range between dozens and several hundred. A new body set up by the Union government to investigate allegations of rights abuses against Rohingya in Rakhine State lacks credibility, activists said Friday, as former United Nations chief Kofi Annan began a visit ...

Author: 0 Mosul edges towards full siege, families struggle to find food

During a brief meeting, al-Saedi said , al-Ghanmi had urged the coalition commander to continue providing the Iraqi army with weapons and equipment even after ISIL's expulsion from Mosul. Baghdad, Nov29 :Five gunmen, some of them wearing suicide belts, attacked the Iraqi city of Samarra on Monday, killing at least four members of the security forces, officials said.

Author: 0 Official says 9 dead in fire at warehouse party

Freelance journalist Sam Lefebvre said he thinks about six performers were playing electronic music at a dance party and the event was supposed to go very late, so many people were just arriving when the fire started. Only three of the bereaved families are believed to have had their loved ones' deaths confirmed, due to issues with identification. Officials say investigators had recently been looking into whether people were living in the Oakland warehouse illegally.

World Media For Russia, Trump presidency offers hope of sanctions relief
Author: 0 For Russia, Trump presidency offers hope of sanctions relief

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, speaks during a news conference following his talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow , Russia, Saturday, Dec. Lavrov said he told Kishida that deployment of USA anti-missile systems in the Asia-Pacific region is a threat. They shared the view on the sound development of bilateral ties and affirmed that on the basis of high-level agreements and the Joint Vision Statement on Japan-Vietnam Relations, their linkages will grow even ...