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Author: 0 How AP rates the presidential race and the Road to 270

But percentages for Democratic and black voters remained lower compared to four years ago. The county's early voting period began Thursday at two locations and ended at 2 p.m. Sometimes the geography of the early vote can tell you a lot, like in Virginia. Unfortunately, in other swing states like Ohio, Republicans and Trump's campaign are making the same legal arguments to empower poll watchers.

Author: 0 GST rates: Status quo replicated, no simplicity, say analysts

With a view to safeguarding the interest of poor and keeping inflation under check, half the items in CPI basket like foodgrains, would not be taxed at all, while there would be two standard tax rates of 12 and 18 per cent. This amount along with the proceeds of the clean energy cess will be used to compensate states for losses arising from GST . A 20 per cent hike in the indirect tax rate for such items was, rightly, avoidable.

World Media Soldier Killed in Cross Border Firing in Poonch
Author: 0 Soldier Killed in Cross Border Firing in Poonch

As a result of the continuous firing and shelling, one soldier has lost his life. Zareefa Begum works as a special police officer. According to Northern Command of the Indian Army, the unprovoked firing is being strongly retaliated. The cross-LoC shelling on Monday was one of the deadliest this year as India committed a series of ceasefire violations in the wake of heightened tensions over the ongoing unrest in India-held Kashmir.

Author: 0 Clergy join Dakota Access pipeline protesters for ceremony

At the same time, the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) is slated to review a stretch of the pipeline that would run underneath land managed by the ACE adjacent to the Missouri River. Confusion remains over whether the protests have succeeded in forcing the pipeline to be rerouted. The police then proceeded to attack them with rubber bullets and teargas as they continued their peaceful protest.

Author: 0 United States election: Who is going to win?

Trump can't win the White House without Nevada , which is why he is campaigning in Reno on Saturday. The massive haul of USD 100 million is backed by more than 1.6 million small dollar donations, up 151 per cent from September. Meanwhile, President Obama in North Carolina, campaigning for Clinton, was interrupted by a protester dressed in a uniform. In July, following a almost year-long investigation, Comey said Clinton had been "extremely careless" in her handling of classified ...

World Media The National Enquirer Covered Up Story of Donald Trump's Extramarital Affair
Author: 0 The National Enquirer Covered Up Story of Donald Trump's Extramarital Affair

As reported by The Wall Street Journal on November 5, the National Enquirer bought the rights to a story claiming Trump had an affair of his own, but never released it to the public. But the Enquirer never ran it. However he said that the Enquirer had "set the agenda" on rump's affair with Marla Maples when he was married to his first wife.

Author: 0 France Set to Demolish 'Jungle' Migrant Camp

They will then travel on buses to a network of 450 reception centres across the country, where they will receive medical checks and, if they have not already done so, decide whether to apply for asylum. (Left) French security forces stand guard at the entrance to a facility for registering migrants outside The Jungle. A volunteer from the county who has helped migrants at their camp in Calais says it is "devastating" that its clearance is due to begin today.

World Media Special Forces soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Author: 0 Special Forces soldiers killed in Afghanistan

The raid targeted three Taliban leaders in the village, who officials said were planning attacks on Kunduz. The Pentagon on Friday identified two soldiers who were killed this week after coming under Taliban fire during a mission in northern Afghanistan .

World Media US says airstrike killed al-Qaida leader in Afghanistan
Author: 0 US says airstrike killed al-Qaida leader in Afghanistan

In addition to Qatani, the U.S. also targeted Bilal al-Utabi, another senior Al Qaeda leader and whose death is yet to be confirmed by the Pentagon. Mr. Cook said Mr. Qatani was one of al Qaeda's. The Pentagon had been hunting for al-Qatani for four years. However, Afghanistan's intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security, which had already announced Qatani's death a few days ago, identified him as the leader of Al Qaeda in the country.

World Media Ex-Vanderbilt player sentenced to 17 years
Author: 0 Ex-Vanderbilt player sentenced to 17 years

Prior to receiving his sentence, Vandenburg read from a prepared statement, which was was the first time he has spoken publicly about the rape that occurred in his dorm room on June 23, 2013. "I was living out my dream and in an instant, it all changed", Vandenburg said. "I am ashamed of myself that I was so irresponsible with alcohol, which led to something tragic".

World Media Ryan says he'll seek re-election as speaker
Author: 0 Ryan says he'll seek re-election as speaker

Ryan was asked following a campaign stop Friday with Sen. In a National Review profile published Thursday , Tim Alberta writes that "Pence declined three times to answer the question of whether Ryan should be reelected as speaker". "I am going to seek staying on as speaker". Ryan said Friday, "I've got a better idea". He said he voted for Trump but has told Republicans he wouldn't actually work to help the GOP nominee win.

Author: 0 Mortar fire breaks Russian-declared fighting halt in Aleppo

Damascus and Moscow declared a unilateral four-day pause in strikes on October 18, promising rebels and residents safe passage to leave the city and have extended it for most days since, although some attacks have continued. East Aleppo is the last major urban stronghold of the official Syrian opposition. People stuck in war-ravaged Aleppo do not have the luxury of refusing help from jihadists, a high-level member of Syria's main opposition said, lashing out at worldwide "inaction" in ...

Author: 0 This isn't 'Survivor,' Obama says; Trump, Clinton fire away

The GOP nominee sought to capitalize on lingering questions surrounding the case, which seemed to gain new life last week when FBI Director James Comey announced the agency would examine new emails that were found during an unrelated investigation.

World Media Clinton holding onto slight lead in Florida, poll shows
Author: 0 Clinton holding onto slight lead in Florida, poll shows

The poll released Thursday showed Clinton leading Trump by three points, 45-42 percent. At the first campaign stop of three on a busy day in the battleground state of Florida , Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump's treatment of women, reminding the public "what we have learned" about the Republican presidential candidate.

Author: 0 Durant leads Warriors to 122-96 rout of Thunder

The only difference is that this David is a 6'3 200 pound revenge fueled athletic freak in Russell Westbrook. En route to a game-high 39 points, Durant outscored the Thunder 16-11 in the second quarter. By then, the game was decided. Most took that as a shot at Kevin Durant, whose hobby is photography. But that was when the team unraveled. Subplots - they're the best thing ever, even when they have long ago passed their sell-by dates.

World Media Melbourne Cup taken out by Almandin
Author: 0 Melbourne Cup taken out by Almandin

Tony Martin, trainer of the runner up, said: "I gave him all the pushing and shoving I could from the stands.its a pity we didn't have something to tow us into the straight a little further but I am delighted". McEvoy managed to get that ounce more out of Almandin to squeeze home and just after crossing the line, Moreira sportingly reached out to congratulate his victorious rival.

World Media North Korea lashes out at threat of more sanctions
Author: 0 North Korea lashes out at threat of more sanctions

North Korea's KCNA news agency said Liu led a Chinese delegation attending the third meeting of the DPRK-China border joint committee. The so-called "New York channel" had previously served as a key point of contact between North Korean and U.S.

World Media John Kasich Wrote In McCain For President On Ballot
Author: 0 John Kasich Wrote In McCain For President On Ballot

I would say the same thing to other candidates who have not stepped forward and said 'I'm going to support Donald Trump , ' because you wouldn't have been on the ballot, you wouldn't have been able to run for president had you not signed that pledge.

World Media Average US 30-year mortgage rate rises to 3.54 percent
Author: 0 Average US 30-year mortgage rate rises to 3.54 percent

Mortgage giant Freddie Mac says the average for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rose to 3.54 percent from 3.47 percent last week. For 5/1 ARMs , the average contract interest rate increased to 2.97%, which points for 80% LTV loans increasing to 0.40 from 0.32.

Author: 0 Why didn't Hillary Clinton's adviser Abedin know about leaked emails?

A report in Slate has claimed that Trump has a server in Trump Tower that has been communicating with Russian Federation, which the Clinton campaign said that Trump "took steps to conceal". It's not clear how many emails might be considered relevant to the probe or what significance, if any, they might have. He added, "We are going to win this election but it's important that every one of our supporters turns out".

World Media South African leaders faces increasing calls to resign
Author: 0 South African leaders faces increasing calls to resign

A clearly-shaky President Robert Mugabe this afternoon told President Jacob Zuma: "We are happy you are still in one piece in spite of what the papers are writing every day". The report, compiled by Thuli Madonsela, who reached the end of her tenure as Public Protector on October 14, was released on Wednesday, hours after Zuma withdrew a court bid to delay its publication.

World Media Fuel assistance programs are accepting applications
Author: 0 Fuel assistance programs are accepting applications

Pennsylvania's Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is accepting applications for home-heating assistance grants, state Rep. Paul Schemel said. In addition to money for heating, LIHEAP provides assistance for emergencies such as furnace repairs.

World Media Pakistan Denies Bail To National Geographic's 'Afghan Girl'
Author: 0 Pakistan Denies Bail To National Geographic's 'Afghan Girl'

Khan had said Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) should arrange bail for her as soon as possible. Her lawyers, helped by senior advocate Abdul Latif Afridi, filed a fresh application duly signed and approved by the defendant. Nonetheless, certain factors must be considered: firstly, in tribal communities Afghan women are unaware of decisions taken on their behalf. This comes as the Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan said Monday that Gula will likely be released on bail on ...

World Media Stephanie Scott's father Bob Scott killed in freak accident
Author: 0 Stephanie Scott's father Bob Scott killed in freak accident

Mr Scott, 59, was by his wife Merrilyn's side after the verdict at Griffith court as she made an emotional plea for privacy so they could rebuild their lives. Stanford, a school cleaner, confessed to murdering her at Leeton High School, where they both worked, a week before she was to be married. "How could this happen to our handsome girl?" she said.

Author: 0 South Korean PM nominee says president can be subject to investigation

A 2007 US diplomatic cable, released by Wikileaks, flagged Park's closeness with this cult leader as a political liability for her. It wasn't known if Choi was at the Seoul office at the time of the ramming, which injured a security guard and damaged the gate and other facilities.

World Media Reports of mass killings by IS around Mosul
Author: 0 Reports of mass killings by IS around Mosul

Mosul fell in 2014 when the terror group launched a lightning attack caught troops by surprise and declared the city as its headquarters in Iraq. The group, which works with refugees and internally displaced people, said that around 18,000 Iraqis have fled their homes since the start of the massive military operation to retake Mosul over two weeks ago.

Author: 0 Clinton Presses Into Arizona, Trump Focuses On Florida

An April YouGov poll of over 20,000 adults in G20 member states similarly found that Trump carried a 21 percent advantage in Russian Federation, but was elsewhere trailing Clinton. The FBI said the documents were posted shortly after they were processed, as with FOIA materials requested three or more times. ABC says Trump would still be 11 votes short of victory if he took all of these states - and would still need to "flip a blue state" to win.

Author: 0 Opposition paper in Turkey says editor, columnist detained

Turkey tightened the noose around its citizens over the weekend as the government expanded their post-coup crackdown by passing two decrees that dismissed more than 10,000 civil servants and suspended almost 15 media outlets with Kurdish leaning, KLKNTV reported .

World Media Larger than predicted deficits in Canada's future
Author: 0 Larger than predicted deficits in Canada's future

The economic statement, which Morneau delivered in the House of Commons, also contained several new measures, including billions in long-term infrastructure spending, the creation of an infrastructure bank created to attract private capital, a program aimed at drawing talented immigrants to Canada and the creation of a hub with a mandate to lure more foreign investment.

World Media Rory McIlroy to skip Turkish Airlines Open after recent attacks
Author: 0 Rory McIlroy to skip Turkish Airlines Open after recent attacks

In deciding not to keep his commitment to play in Turkey, McIlroy has effectively put paid to any chance to catching Stenson who himself returned back to his Florida base following his runner-up finish in Shanghai. Those boys can battle it out. They join compatriots Richard Sterne, SA Open champion Brandon Stone, Jaco van Zyl, Thomas Aiken and Joburg Open champion Haydn Porteous on the tee in a quest for the first prize of over $1-m.

World Media New WikiLeaks Release, DoJ Boss Outed as Clinton Mole
Author: 0 New WikiLeaks Release, DoJ Boss Outed as Clinton Mole

Asked Wednesday about the relationship between Podesta and Kadzik, Clinton campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri characterized the communications as "stolen emails that haven't been authenticated". Kadzik was hired by Marc Rich , a billionaire fugitive, to help win him a pardon from Clinton. Podesta had been promoted to Clinton's chief of staff when he and Kadzik became embroiled in another scandal.

Author: 0 United Nations sacks head of South Sudan peacekeeping force

The report indicated there were conflicting orders among troops and control arrangements were inadequate, "while peacekeepers maintained risk-averse posture". Venezuela free prisoners, opponents delay "trial": CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuela's opposition on Tuesday welcomed the government's release of four jailed activists, but said it doesn't come near to meeting its demands, which include new elections.

World Media 'Vote Trump' painted on wall of fire-damaged black church
Author: 0 'Vote Trump' painted on wall of fire-damaged black church

Black churches in the South have always been a base of support for the Democratic Party, and the attack coincides with the Ku Klux Klan's endorsement of Donald Trump . "Hopefully the true cause of the fire will be discovered but nothing in politics is coincidental", he said. "It took 12 minutes to extinguish, but it took an additional hour and a half to do savage overhaul and extinguish hot spots".