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World Media Duterte Claims He Never Insulted Obama
Author: 0 Duterte Claims He Never Insulted Obama

The president made worldwide headlines with his controversial comment on US President Barack Obama, which prompted Washington's cancellation of a bilateral between the two world leaders. "I think it seems to be just a habit, a way of speaking for him", Obama said. Do not just throw questions and statements. US President Barack Obama and President Rodrigo Duterte finally met informally in a holding room on Wednesday (7 september) prior of a gala dinner at a regional summit.

Author: 0 Kerry raises possibility of US approving strikes by Assad

But the two powers also could approve Syrian combat missions against the group, he said. Erdogan said he told the leaders of Germany, France, Russia and the US that training and equipping troops on the ground to battle IS is "not enough", and that a no-fly zone should be the next step.

World Media Independents like third-party ads better than Clinton, Trump ads
Author: 0 Independents like third-party ads better than Clinton, Trump ads

The poll continues to show Floridians divided along racial, gender and party lines in the presidential race. That poll, from Suffolk University, also found almost half of the state's voters think the Democrat will win the presidency. Meanwhile, Trump takes 59 percent of white voters, to 36 percent for Clinton. But even as Clinton's national polling numbers declined, until recently, her lead in state polling remained surprisingly stable.

Author: 0 90 killed in Syria after US-Russia ceasefire pact

Footage shows the aftermath of a deadly air strikes on a busy marketplace in Syria , as both sides in the five-year conflict push to maximise gains before a breakthrough peace deal announced by the USA and Russian Federation takes force. In Aleppo , at least 46 civilians, including nine children, were killed in a bombardment of opposition-held areas, an Al Jazeera correspondent in the city said.

Author: 0 French arrest 16-year-old suspected of planning attack

The incident occurred days after an abandoned vehicle ith similar gas cylinders was found near the main cathedral of Paris . One of the women was found in possession of a letter professing her allegiance to IS, which ordered or claimed several attacks in France over the past year, including the carnage in Paris in November that left 130 people dead.

Author: 0 Prince George and Princess Charlotte to accompany royals on tour of Canada

Prince William , Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit the Island of St Martin's in the Scilly Isles on September 2, 2016 in St Martins, England. During their 2011 trip to Canada, William and Kate toured several eastern provinces before heading west to Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

World Media Philippine President Wants US Special Operations Troops to Leave His Country
Author: 0 Philippine President Wants US Special Operations Troops to Leave His Country

Airlines could advise passengers to be at the airport earlier than usual to allow more time to go through time-stringent procedures. "My President sometimes says words that people around him don't like". Once again flashing pictures of the Bud Dajo Massacre which he presented during the Asean-East Asia Summit, Duterte said the Americans should leave to prevent further damage between Filipinos and Americans.

Author: 0 Syrian cease-fire goes into effect

Likewise, the the US has called on Russian Federation to stop striking USA -backed oppositions forces. "The earliest reports are that there is some reduction in violence as well as a few reports of fighting here and there though it is far too early to draw any definitive conclusions", Kerry told reporters at the State Department.

Author: 0 North Korea says US Obama's push for sanctions laughable

North Korea has also been angered by a US and South Korean plan to install an anti-missile defence system in the South and by the allies' massive annual joint military exercises, which are still taking place. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the nuclear test - North Korea's fifth - as a "brazen breach". "In reality, the means by which the United States , South Korea and Japan can put pressure on North Korea have reached their limits".

Author: 0 Erdogan, Putin to continue efforts on Aleppo ceasefire

But the YPG has also been an important partner for the United States in its campaign against Islamic State in Syria . 'Today the United States and Russian Federation are announcing a plan which we hope will reduce violence, ease suffering and resume movement toward a negotiated peace and a political transition in Syria , ' US Secretary of State John Kerry said.

World Media Reducing Korea tensions key issue — United Nations chief
Author: 0 Reducing Korea tensions key issue — United Nations chief

Pyongyang defended its right to conduct such tests in order to "protect our dignity" amid threats of "nuclear war" from Washington . The North's nuclear program has been accompanied by a series of ballistic missile launches. "It is believed that the North's nuclear capability is becoming more advanced to a considerable level, and at a faster pace", South Korea's Foreign Minister Yun Byung-Se said.

World Media Obama to lead nation in remembering those killed on 9/11
Author: 0 Obama to lead nation in remembering those killed on 9/11

While Ground Zero and the nation around it are forever marked but greatly changed since 9/11, the anniversary ceremony itself has become one of the constants in how America remembers the attacks after 15 years. "Our patchwork heritage is not a weakness - it is still and always will be one of our greatest strengths", Obama said. President Barack Obama, left, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, second from right, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Marine Corps Gen.

World Media Airstrikes kill, wound dozens in Syria ahead of cease-fire
Author: 0 Airstrikes kill, wound dozens in Syria ahead of cease-fire

State news agency SANA said the Syrian government accepts the agreement, adding that hostilities will stop in the northern city of Aleppo, the country's largest, for "humanitarian reasons". Mr Lavrov said the USA and Russian Federation agreed on zones in which joint "strikes against terrorists" would be conducted. But both Kerry and Lavrov said the complex plan represents the best available chance to end the fighting between the regime and the mainstream opposition rebels, while still ...

World Media Putin Says Russia Not Behind DNC Hacks
Author: 0 Putin Says Russia Not Behind DNC Hacks

The emails led to the resignation of the party's chair, Rep. The two sides are now on a concerted drive to improve relations with Abe currently on his second trip to Russian Federation this year and Putin set to visit Japan in December.

Author: 0 How city will mark 15th anniversary of 9/11

On Sunday morning, the families of some of the 2,977 victims gathered at the World Trade Center site in New York City for the annual reading of the names of the deceased. A second pause will come at 9:03 a.m. (1303 GMT), when United Airlines Flight 175 struck the South Tower. The US in the statement released by its embassy in Nigeria said, "Sadly, tragic events throughout the world have shown the ongoing horrific impact of terrorism in Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, France, Bangladesh, ...

Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn vows to ban fracking and increase renewables

His dossier states: "Jeremy Corbyn says he won't tolerate abuse but he has repeatedly downplayed or denied abuse was happening, told people to ignore it, criticised actions to tackle it and his campaign and those in his inner circle have actively taken part in it".

Author: 0 25 killed, over 70 injured in Bangladesh factory fire

Fire officials said that the explosion at a five-storey factory in the Tongi industrial area was huge, and that the fire triggered by the blast spread quickly because flammable chemicals were stored at the factory. "Then suddenly, the ceiling started to fall on me", he told the media from his hospital bed. "But I forced myself to go out with the help of my cellphone flashlight".

Author: 0 Mother Teresa proclaimed Saint Teresa

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Church has now been renamed again, to Saint Teresa of Calcutta Church. Known as the "Saint of the Gutters", the Roman Catholic nun devoted her life to helping the poor. It's a pointer to the complexities of human thought that even at a lovely moment like this, criticism is heard about some of Mother's deeds, her ways of collecting money for charity questioned, also her treatment of some of the terminally ill.

World Media Clinton regrets calling half of Trump supporters a 'basket of deplorables'
Author: 0 Clinton regrets calling half of Trump supporters a 'basket of deplorables'

Trump's remark was reminiscent of a comment he made in January, when he said he could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" but still not lose any support. "Just days after the war started, I was quoted as saying the war is a mess", Trump said, calling it "more evidence that I had opposed the war from the start".

World Media Nearly 1.5 million people begin annual hajj in Saudi
Author: 0 Nearly 1.5 million people begin annual hajj in Saudi

On Sunday they will travel to Mount Arafat , several kilometres away, for what will be the main part of the pilgrimage . Pilgrims described seeing increased security measures, including CCTV cameras and Global Positioning System bracelets, which help identify and guide them through the congested Hajj sites.

World Media IS blasts near Iraq mall kill 13 people
Author: 0 IS blasts near Iraq mall kill 13 people

The double auto bomb attack took place just before midnight on Friday near the popular Nakheel shopping mall, "Armenpress" reports, citing Deutsche Welle. On Tuesday, a vehicle bomb near a hospital killed at least seven people in Baghdad's Karrada district - an area still reeling from a July 3 suicide bombing that set nearby shopping centres ablaze and left more than 300 people dead.

World Media North Korea's Nuclear Tests are Getting More Powerful
Author: 0 North Korea's Nuclear Tests are Getting More Powerful

Pyongyang claimed that it had tested a nuclear warhead that can be fitted onto missiles. Seoul's foreign ministry was cited by local news agency Yonhap as maintaining that it would "seek support in the coming weeks" for strengthened sanctions.

World Media Syria-ISI: Senior militant leader 'killed' near Aleppo
Author: 0 Syria-ISI: Senior militant leader 'killed' near Aleppo

The former Al-Nusra Front, renamed Fateh al-Sham Front after breaking away from al-Qaida, announced on Twitter "the martyrdom" of commander Abu Omar Sarakeb during an air strike in Syria's Aleppo province. The United States and Russian Federation reached a breakthrough deal early on Saturday to try to restore peace in Syria, but air strikes hours later added to rebels' doubts that any cease fire could hold.

Author: 0 Turkey extends operation to face challenges in Syria

The military also said the Free Syrian Army, a loose-knit rebel force backed by Turkey, had taken six more villages, also located in Islamic State-held areas. The traffic went both ways, and operatives who participated in attacks in Turkey as well as Paris and Belgium had crossed back across the border from Islamic State territory.

Author: 0 Turkey hails US-Russian deal on Syria

Now, the two powers are lining up in an unexpected new military partnership targeting IS and al-Qaida-linked militants, while trying to prod Assad and opposition groups to end a civil war that has killed up to 500,000 people and displaced millions.

World Media Israel strikes Syria after errant mortar hit Golan Heights
Author: 0 Israel strikes Syria after errant mortar hit Golan Heights

In July, the Israeli army failed to intercept an unmanned aerial vehicle over the Golan Heights, despite launching two Patriot air defense missiles at it, the IDF spokesperson said. No casualties were reported as a result of the shelling. According to foreign reports, Israel has conducted numerous strikes in Syria and Lebanon, destroying weapons shipments intended for the militant group Hezbollah.

Author: 0 Stein to return to North Dakota for protest-related charges

Jill Stein, who is now polling around 5%, was protesting with Native Americans in North Dakota to stop the Dakota Access pipeline. The crude oil pipeline would traverse four states and run through grounds the Standing Rock Sioux consider sacred (but are not protected as part of their reservation).

World Media Obama warns North Korea of 'serious consequences'
Author: 0 Obama warns North Korea of 'serious consequences'

North Korea has been hit by five sets of United Nations sanctions since it first tested a nuclear device in 2006. Pyongyang's claims of being able to miniaturize a nuclear warhead have never been independently verified. It said there was no leakage of radioactivity. "China doesn't have any sticks with North Korea", says Tong Zhao, an associate at the Carnegie Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Beijing.

World Media Obama condemns North Korea nuclear test, promises new sanctions
Author: 0 Obama condemns North Korea nuclear test, promises new sanctions

Beijing has been North Korea's main diplomatic supporter and protector for decades, shielding its errant ally from harsh global action. The Norths state-run television reported that the country has "successfully" conducted a nuclear warhead explosion - its fifth and more powerful than it has earlier conducted - after monitors detected a 5.3-magnitude "artificial earthquake" near its main nuclear site this morning.

Author: 0 Turkey hopeful on EU visa-free deal for citizens

One of the biggest obstacles in Turkey's relations with the European Union is Ankara's refusal to recognise European Union member Cyprus, the Mediterranean island divided for four decades between the Turkish-controlled north, recognised only by Ankara, and the Greek Cypriot south, which has worldwide recognition.

Author: 0 Trump Vows to Protect, Cherish Christian Values

The Republican Party's presidential ticket is participating in the 11th annual Values Voter Summit in Washington DC with a list of speakers who are outspoken homophobic personalities. He blasted an Obama administration plan to admit Syrian refugees and accused President Barack Obama of bungling the battle against the Islamic State.

Author: 0 Barack Obama says South China Sea ruling 'binding'

Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have contesting claims on these waters. Liu Zhenmin did not identify any countries, but was responding to a question from a reporter about whether the leaders of Japan and the United States had raised concerns about the South China Sea.

Author: 0 Paris vehicle bomb was bound for rail station, say French officials

Mr Molins said she had tried several times to travel to Syria. They are working on the assumption that the unmarked auto found near Notre Dame was supposed to be used as part of an attack that was botched for an as yet unknown reason. "These three women - aged 39, 23 and 19 - had been radicalized, were fanatics and were in all likelihood preparing an imminent, violent act", Cazeneuve said in a televised statement.