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Author: 0 Divide between Black and Blue lives widens after shootings

When a St. Louis Police officer shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, it was noticed that the officer was white. Freddie Adetoye (26) from Blanchardstown, who produces a podcast, called Unoriginal Podcast, about the experiences of black people in Ireland, said it was important to show solidarity with the movement in the US.

Author: 0 Obama to Send More Troops to Iraq

There is a sizable percentage of Iraqis, the report noted, who believe "the U.S. and other foreign powers are in some way supporting the Islamic State as a disruptive wedge against a stable Iraq". Last week, IS killed more than 300 people in two attacks. Carter said that the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency, which leads the US Department of Defense's efforts to combat improvised explosive devices, would provide additional assistance to improve security in Baghdad .

Author: 0 South Sudanese refugees could surpass 1 million this year

It's a tremendous relief, actually, because the situation that we were in there since last Friday was very tense. If we go home, maybe it will happen again". The remaining passengers hailed from other South Indian states. According to Swarup, the first aircraft was scheduled to depart from South Sudan's capital Juba at 1 p.m.

Author: 0 UNESCO announces 4 new World Heritage Sites

The archaeological site of Nalanda Mahavihara (Nalanda University) in Bihar has been included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List, which also featured three new sites from China, Iran and Micronesia. Qanat is a gently sloping underground channel with a series of vertical access shafts, used to transport water from an aquifer under a hill. Made of basalt and coral boulders, the 99 artificial islets of Nan Madol are home to ruins ranging from a temple to tombs dating between 1200 and 1500.

World Media Use of robot to kill suspect opens door for others
Author: 0 Use of robot to kill suspect opens door for others

Robots have been used by the military to defuse explosive devices for years, but in Dallas last week, a remote-controlled bomb robot was used to kill a police shooting suspect after hours of negotiations to end the standoff failed. Brown said police will be reviewing more than 170 hours of video from police body cameras relating to Thursday's shootings as well as surveillance videos from surrounding businesses.

Author: 0 Boris promises 'greater global profile' for Britain

While the Democratic presumptive presidential nominee voiced support for the "Remain" camp , her GOP rival praised the vote outcome, saying it amounted to the British people wanting to "take their country back. Britain hasn't yet formally triggered talks on exiting the European Union and it's unclear when it will do so. - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, in Berlin, when asked about previous undiplomatic comments by Johnson.

Author: 0 Turnbull to continue as Australian PM as debate rages over of voting

Australian Prime Minister Turnbull Declares Elections Victory The Australian Liberal-National coalition leader and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull claimed victory on the parliamentary elections held on July 2, media reported Sunday. With five lower house seats still in the balance, Turnbull will have to wait several days more to appoint his cabinet and return to government, but he is already battling sniping from within his own ranks.

Author: 0 India Evacuates 154 Citizens From South Sudan

Charter and evacuation flights have been leaving since the airport reopened, but commercial flights have only resumed on Thursday, but freedom of movement to other countries has not yet been eased. Sensing the risky situation, all countries have started evacuating their citizens in South Sudan and passed instructions not to visit South Sudan. "Indian Railways and Air India will facilitate their onward journey", she tweeted.

World Media Facebook helps find baby lost in Nice attack
Author: 0 Facebook helps find baby lost in Nice attack

The mother, who still remains unnamed, reached out to friends who used the power of Facebook to attempt to reunite the mother and child. Yohlaine Ramasitera , a friend, posted a photo of herself with the baby on Facebook to spread the word.

Author: 0 Labour leadership: Donor to challenge Corbyn ballot ruling

Michael Foster, a Labour Party donor who stood as a parliamentary candidate past year, says he believes that the party has "misapplied" the rules concerning whether an incumbent leader has the automatic right to be on the ballot, and believes that his "contract of membership" has been broken.

Author: 0 Kenya: Extremist suspect holding police station hostage

Police said the shooter snatched a gun from a guard and opened fire. "Nobody can confirm what transpired since those who had information are dead". Al Jazeera's Soi said: "People on the ground that we've been talking to say he was a suspected al-Shabab sympathiser [who had] been recruiting young people in the area".

World Media Trump nears end of vice presidential search
Author: 0 Trump nears end of vice presidential search

The roster of speakers starting Monday is a colorful mix of political leaders, entertainers, personalities and Donald Trump family members - in keeping with his campaign's unorthodox style, first reported by The New York Times . But the persistent negative attention in the fallout of the lane closures has dragged down his popularity and potentially dogged his chances of being named candidate for vice president.

World Media USA should do more on Kashmir (editorial note Pakistan Observer)
Author: 0 USA should do more on Kashmir (editorial note Pakistan Observer)

The two rivals have fought two of their three subsequent wars over Kashmir, and each administers a portion of the region. Terming Pakistan's continued effort to internationalise the Kashmir issue as "a self-serving exercise towards narrow political end", Swarup said the world has a clear view about which country in the region covets the territory of others, uses terrorism as state policy, provides sanctuary to UN- designated terrorists and terror groups and violates human rights.

Author: 0 British PM David Cameron claims he still loves Larry the cat

When Cameron moves out, Larry will stay behind, keeping his title as Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office - a move some Brits have said shows Larry was merely a political ploy to make Cameron more likeable while in office. May is expected to visit the queen shortly afterward to receive permission to form a government. It appears the cat is already prepping for Wednesday, when Theresa May officially succeeds Cameron.

World Media China, EU agree to steel working group amid dumping concerns
Author: 0 China, EU agree to steel working group amid dumping concerns

Premier Li Keqiang delivered a keynote speech at the summit, emphasizing that China values peace and stability above all. In an apparent reference to the British exit from the EU, China's premier, Li Keqiang, said China would continue to support the EU no matter how the global situation changes.

Author: 0 Corbyn's opponents accuse Unite of an 'attempted stitch-up'

A hustings period will begin on Friday, July 22 until Friday, September 16 and the victor will be announced at a special conference on Saturday, September 24 - a year after Mr Corbyn was elected leader in a landslide vote. He is putting up the money to challenge the party's decision. A second candidate joined the race Wednesday to try to unseat Britain's opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is battling a party revolt in the wake of the Brexit vote.

World Media Trump to pick Mike Pence as VP, sources say
Author: 0 Trump to pick Mike Pence as VP, sources say

Other Republicans with knowledge of the process said there had been no calls to Pence or Christie, either. Pence quickly exited a speaking event in Indianapolis Thursday morning without taking questions from reporters. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.). Although Corker added, "I don't know for real that this is it. He will be making a decision in the future".

Author: 0 Capitol Hill Buzz: GOP Sen Scott gives floor speech on race

I'm right here with you, ' " said Scott , referencing three of the dozens of black men killed by policemen over the past two years. The GOP lawmaker talked about having been pulled over seven times in one year, and in most of the instances, "I was pulled over for nothing more than driving a new auto in the wrong neighborhood or some other reason just as trivial".

Author: 0 'Game of Thrones' earns a leading 22 Emmy Award nominations

For the second straight year the 47-year-old Melbourne actor has received an Emmy nomination for his role in the Netflix TV series Bloodline , adding to a Golden Globe nod he scored last year for the show. He helped announce the awards live and read his show's name with relish. Outstanding lead actress in a comedy series are: Tracee Ellis Ross , Blackish; Laurie Metcalf, Getting On , Lily Tomlin , Grace and Frankie; Amy Schumer; Inside Amy Schumer; Ellie Kemper, Unbreakable ...

World Media Chinese businessman gets nearly 4 years in US hacking case
Author: 0 Chinese businessman gets nearly 4 years in US hacking case

Bin assisted the military hacker in China in the efforts of the group to illegally gain access then steal designs for military aircraft that indispensable for the national defense of the country, added the statement from prosecutors. He pleaded guilty in March to one count of conspiring to gain unauthorized access to a safeguarded computer and to violate the Arms Export Control Act.

Author: 0 US House to vote on legislation to check 'dangerous Iranian activity'

The Obama administration said in April the United States would buy $8.6 million worth of heavy water from Iran, angering Republicans who called it a subsidy of the country's nuclear program. But Mark Dubowitz, who opposed the deal and is executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said that Iranian dissatisfaction with the pace of economic recovery doesn't violate the agreement.

World Media Australian PM Turnbull looks for unity in political division
Author: 0 Australian PM Turnbull looks for unity in political division

Fresh impetus to make budget repairs has come in the form of a warning by Standard and Poor's to place Australia's coveted AAA-rating on negative watch from stable. Mr. Turnbull declared victory on Sunday after results showed his Liberal-National coalition was on pace for a slim minority government. Gone will be colourful tycoon Clive Palmer, who once hoped to rebuild the Titanic; but heading to Canberra will be some new faces, including Labor's Linda Burney, the first indigenous woman ...

World Media Zimbabwe protest organizer charged with inciting violence
Author: 0 Zimbabwe protest organizer charged with inciting violence

Mawarire could be seen surrounded by armed police officers as well as plainclothes detectives as the truck approached the court building around midday local time. "We are pushing for a "stay-away" (shutdown) because there is nothing else we can do for the government to listen to us". "If we fight violence with violence, the result will be more violence", he said.

Author: 0 3 arrests made in alleged plot to harm officers, police say

People gather for Prayer Vigil organized by Myron Smothers at Memorial Tower on the Louisiana State University campus in Baton Rouge, La ., Monday, July 11, 2016. "A peaceful demonstration should never be like that", expressed Crystal Williams, local resident and organizer with North Baton Rouge Matters. Cameron Sterling said during a news conference Wednesday that people should protest but that they protest peacefully.

World Media 'It is imperative we learn lessons from Chilcot Report'
Author: 0 'It is imperative we learn lessons from Chilcot Report'

Cambridge Unite community secretary James Youd, who campaigned against the war in Iraq, said the report concluded "what many who opposed the Iraq invasion 13 years ago knew to be true". This is while the invasion and its subsequent occupation claimed the lives of more than one million Iraqis. Retired civil servant John Chilcot, who oversaw the inquiry, said "the United Kingdom chose to join the invasion of Iraq before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted.

Author: 0 David Cameron's last hours as United Kingdom prime minister

West Oxfordshire association chairman David McFarlane said: "David Cameron has been as inspiring a Prime Minister as he has been member of Parliament for the Witney constituency - a statesman who has put the country first without for one moment losing sight of his constituency duties".

Author: 0 Cameron Heads out, May Comes in: Drama in British Politics

May, the former home secretary, is Britain's second female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher, who ran the country between 1979 and 1990. A heavy workload already waiting for her in-tray after the Brexit vote. David Cameron recalled the time his youngest daughter Florence climbed into one of his red ministerial boxes just before a foreign trip and pleaded to be taken with him.

Author: 0 Britain's new PM May gives big role to Johnson in Brexit cabinet

Johnson had been the bookmakers' favourite to become prime minister. She is also Britain's second female head of government after Margaret Thatcher. - Defense Secretary Michael Fallon will remain in his post. "Labour will hold her government to account and make the case for a complete change of economic direction".

Author: 0 Boeing and United Kingdom sign aircraft and investment deal

Boeing forecast airline passenger traffic would increase by 4.8 percent per year over the next two decades. European aerospace giant Airbus scored the first big win at the Farnborough airshow, which opened Monday facing global economic headwinds triggered by Brexit.

World Media Does prime minister David Cameron favour teaching career over the farmer's life?
Author: 0 Does prime minister David Cameron favour teaching career over the farmer's life?

A removal man let slip what it takes to move Britain's Prime Minister out of the home he has lived and worked in with wife Samantha for six years after the paperwork for the job was snapped by a photographer. Cameron announced he would step down after leading the failed campaign for Britain to remain in the European Union in the June 23 referendum. So did May, but infighting, bad timing and cold feet among leaders of the victorious "leave" campaign means that she will have the task of ...

Author: 0 No easing of tension in the South China Sea

The tribunal also said China had violated its obligations to refrain from aggravating the dispute while the settlement process was ongoing and also ruled that China's large-scale land reclamation and construction of artificial islands that destroyed coral reefs and the natural condition of the disputed areas.

Author: 0 Spokesman: Obama to offer Dallas 'some measure of comfort'

He thanked Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas Police Chief David Brown for their work and noted that Rawlings is white, Brown is black. "When the bullets started flying, the men and women of the Dallas police, they did not flinch, and they did not act recklessly", he said.

Author: 0 After shootout, Barack Obama to visit Dallas on Tuesday

On Monday, Obama met with law enforcement officials to discuss implementing a set of police reforms drafted by a White House task force, and he'll meet Wednesday with a broader group, including law enforcement, activists and academics. The persistence of mass shootings in America means responding to these events is a new part of life at the White House. One officer lost teeth after a projectile was thrown outside police headquarters, and police also confiscated three rifles, three shotguns and ...