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World Media AG Lynch to testify on Clinton email investigation
Author: 0 AG Lynch to testify on Clinton email investigation

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a narrow lead over likely general election opponent Donald Trump in Nevada, according to a new Monmouth University poll . Despite Clinton claiming there "was no classified material", the Federal Bureau of Investigation found Clinton sent or received more than 100 emails containing material that was classified at the time these messages were transmitted.

Author: 0 Clinton and Sanders set to appear together in New Hampshire

The visit comes on the heels of Sen. And it will take place days before the Republican convention opens to officially nominate presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Chants of "Bernie" broke out in the gymnasium while opening speakers addressed the crowd, prompting Clinton's faithful to chant, "unity". He responded , "Because I haven't heard her say the things I think need to be said".

World Media Dallas Police Chief David Brown Says Latest On Shooting
Author: 0 Dallas Police Chief David Brown Says Latest On Shooting

People inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement - which arose in recent years in response to repeated cases of police using lethal force against unarmed blacks - took to the streets in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. "We didn't teach him any firearms tactics". Brown also revealed details Sunday about Johnson's negotiations with police, saying he laughed at authorities, sang and at one point asking how many officers he had shot.

Author: 0 Israel clamps down on NGOs' foreign funding

Israel's parliament passed the NGO bill during a late-night session on Monday by a vote of 57 to 48. "The aim of the law is to prevent a situation in which foreign states interfere in Israel's internal affairs by financing non-profit organizations without the public being aware of it".

World Media Obama Changes His Stance On US-UK Relationship After Brexit Vote
Author: 0 Obama Changes His Stance On US-UK Relationship After Brexit Vote

And then there's the question of whether or not David Cameron will remain Prime Minister, considering he was firmly pro-remain. "I think it is a bit too early to start speculating about that", he said. But European chiefs made clear that the country should set the wheels in motion "as soon as possible, however painful that process may be". It's a swift reality facing Britons, in particular those that voted to leave but didn't actually expect the Brexit to happen.

World Media North Korea says it will treat U.S. detainees under 'wartime law'
Author: 0 North Korea says it will treat U.S. detainees under 'wartime law'

North Korea said the US was notified Sunday of the closure of what is known as the NY channel, a route for diplomats from the two countries to communicate at the United Nations. In comments to reporters, he called on North Korea "to refrain from actions and rhetoric that only further raise tensions in the region". They allegedly made reports on South Korea's key affairs and wrote letters praising Kim Jong-un and the regime's former leaders between December 2014 and April 2015.

World Media Government lawmaker claims victory in close Australia vote
Author: 0 Government lawmaker claims victory in close Australia vote

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared victory in the federal election, saying it is vital for the nation that all sides of politics work together to make this term of parliament work. Even though Mr. Turnbull's conservatives held a strong lower-house majority in the last Parliament, a hodgepodge of fringe lawmakers advocating everything from souped-up cars to looser gun laws blocked legislation in the Senate , including budget measures.

World Media South Sudan may be sliding back into war
Author: 0 South Sudan may be sliding back into war

Vice President Riek Machar has reciprocated the move. Machar responded by ordering his troops to stand down. This includes whether either side is gaining an upper hand or how much control Kiir and Machar have over their forces. But this was the first time it had flared in Juba since Machar finally returned in April after months of wrangling about terms of the pact. "But in a way, it's a situation that is not that surprising when you look at the history of South Sudan, not just because it's ...

Author: 0 Killer robot used by Dallas police opens ethical debate

It's believed to be the first time this technology has been used lethally on American soil. In hundreds of negotiations he used bomb-disposal robots dozens of times, often to communicate with barricaded and risky suspects. The U.S. military has sent remotely piloted drones to kill hundreds of people, including civilians, in counterterror attacks launched overseas since 2009, based on estimates released last week by the Obama administration.

World Media Brexit: Theresa May only remaining candidate to be next British PM
Author: 0 Brexit: Theresa May only remaining candidate to be next British PM

She acknowledged that Mrs May had secured overwhelming backing in a vote of Conservative MPs last week. Speaking after it became apparent that Theresa May could replace David Cameron as soon as this week, Jeroen Dijsselbloem said the next British prime minister will have to "find solutions for the Brexit which has been causing a lot of problems particularly for the United Kingdom, but also for Europe".

Author: 0 'Make in India','Make it Kenya' can complement each other, says PM Modi

In 2013, an attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi left at least 67 people dead, including Indians. He said he and Kenyatta agreed the economies of the two countries can benefit more "if we nurture greater intensity of commercial links; take steps towards a more diversified trade basket; and expand our investment ties further".

Author: 0 Theresa May to be new British PM

The Cabinet minister told the Press Association: "It's 15 months since the Conservative Party got a mandate with her as one of its key leading members - I think the last thing this country needs right now is a general election". Mrs May was a clear favourite with Conservative MPs and her support led Andrea Leadsom to concede defeat this morning. While May supported Britain staying in the European Union, she cut a low profile during the referendum and has insisted she will honour the ...

Author: 0 At least 12 dead in southern Italy train crash

At least ten people were reportedly killed and dozens injured after two passenger trains collided in Puglia in southern Italy on 12 July. The local newspaper reported that among those rescued was a small child who was taken to hospital in a helicopter.

World Media Duterte hopes for favorable ruling on China sea row
Author: 0 Duterte hopes for favorable ruling on China sea row

Taiwan is closely following the developments arising from an upcoming ruling by an worldwide court on a dispute between the Philippines and China over the South China Sea, and has been preparing for various scenarios, Presidential Office spokesman Alex Huang (黃重諺) said Tuesday.

World Media FTSE 100 Up And Pound Spikes As PM Emerges
Author: 0 FTSE 100 Up And Pound Spikes As PM Emerges

Since the referendum on June 23, Britain's FTSE 100 index has gained two percent as of Wednesday afternoons trading. According to analyst Joshua Mahony of IG, markets expect a 75 percent chance of the key interest rate being cut from 0.5 percent to 0.25 percent.

Author: 0 Report blasts Blair for joining Iraq war

More than 13 years since the invasion, Iraq remains in chaos, with large areas held by Islamic State militants who have claimed responsibility for attacks on Western cities. In his 12-volume document, Sir John placed the burden of responsibility on Blair and revealed the extent of his alliance with the then U.S. president George W.

Author: 0 South Sudan;s former rebel leader also calls for cease-fire

Although statistics on religious affiliation in the country are debated, a large share of the population is Catholic and the Catholic Church played an active role in the South Sudan independence movement. "This constitutes a serious violation of worldwide law". According to news agency reports, there are a few hundred Indians in South Sudan . He added President Kiir had expressed his commitment to the implementation of the August 2015 peace deal signed by him and Machar to end more than ...

Author: 0 Angela Eagle begins formal challenge to Corbyn's leadership

He has refused to stand down, despite losing a vote of no confidence which saw 172 of Labour's MPs vote against him - with just 40 voting in support of their leader. Eagle has the backing of the 51 MPs needed for a formal challenge but it remains unclear whether Corbyn will also have to secure the support of MPs and MEPs in order to fight the leadership battle.

World Media Cache GOP leader sad to see party leaders resign
Author: 0 Cache GOP leader sad to see party leaders resign

Powerful business lobbies - both traditionally supportive of Republican candidates - took the highly unusual step of lashing out at Trump during a speech he gave Tuesday that hammered US free-trade deals. "There's nothing that is closer to my heart than trade". However, the American electorate is becoming younger and less white. Trump's most controversial statements have concerned immigration.

Author: 0 UN chief calls for immediate arms embargo on South Sudan

In addition to the continued battles in Juba , clashes broke out in the town of Torit in the southeast. The violence marks a fresh blow to last year's peace deal which has failed to end the civil war that broke out in December 2013, when Kiir accused Machar of plotting a coup.

Author: 0 Trump declares himself the 'law and order candidate'

Trump promised to clean house at the VA, ticking off a series of scandals, from the deaths of veterans while on a waiting list for care to the bonuses paid executives who oversaw massive cost overruns. "I will pick up the phone and fix it myself if I have to", he said. "I thought today's women were independent and had a lot of sexual freedom", he said in April 2006.

World Media South China Sea tribunal 'outstepping mandate': Chinese analysts
Author: 0 South China Sea tribunal 'outstepping mandate': Chinese analysts

China has intensified the drumbeat of its opposition. An worldwide tribunal has criticized China for building a large artificial island on Mischief Reef in the South China Sea, saying it caused "permanent irreparable harm" to the coral reef ecosystem and permanently destroyed evidence of the natural conditions of the feature.

World Media Pence: I'll campaign for Trump anywhere, anytime
Author: 0 Pence: I'll campaign for Trump anywhere, anytime

Add to that his almost four years as Indiana's governor, and Pence brings 16 years of government experience to a ticket that now boasts zero. Pence has a reputation of being a hardcore conservative who sticks to his principles even in the face of certain trouble (see his approach to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act , for example).

Author: 0 China carries out calibration tests at new South China Sea airports

Xu explained that the mere existence of the arbitration case "undermined the efforts to implement some cooperation projects between China and ASEAN". In a statement released straight after the ruling, the Philippines government said it "strongly affirms its respect for this milestone decision as an important contribution to ongoing disputes in the South China Sea".

Author: 0 Obama stepping into storm of emotion in Dallas speech

What we do know is that there has been a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement. Just a few weeks ago, Obama spent hours in Orlando, Florida, consoling the loved ones of 49 people who were killed in a shooting rampage at a nightclub.

World Media Car bombing in Baghdad Shiite district kills 11 people
Author: 0 Car bombing in Baghdad Shiite district kills 11 people

Carter is expected to meet with Iraqi leaders and top US military officials to discuss coordination of military campaign against the IS in the country, and means to enhance USA support by the global coalition to Iraqi forces fighting to free Mosul, the state-run Iraqiya channel said.

World Media Nobel Prize winner Malala in world's largest refugee camp
Author: 0 Nobel Prize winner Malala in world's largest refugee camp

She made it a point during her speech that " Malala Day " is "not my day", but the "day of every woman, every boy and every girl who have raised a voice for their rights". In addition to receiving the National Youth Peace Prize (later named the National Malala Peace Prize in her honour), Malala also won the 2013 International Children's Peace Prize (and was nominated for the same prize in 2011 by Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa).

World Media May Faces Leadsom in Battle to Follow Cameron as British PM
Author: 0 May Faces Leadsom in Battle to Follow Cameron as British PM

Justice Secretary Michael Gove dropped out of the race after receiving only 46 votes, leaving May and Leadsom in a head-to-head battle for the post that David Cameron is vacating. She said Britain needed "strong, proven" leadership to handle the Brexit negotiations. A spokesman for Mrs May said: "Andrea Leadsom's commitment to give permanent residence to foreign criminals is concerning - and is exactly the kind of misjudgment that her inexperience can cause".

World Media Britain's May wins PM race after pro-Brexit rival quits LONDON
Author: 0 Britain's May wins PM race after pro-Brexit rival quits LONDON

May's uncontested win sparked calls for a snap general election. May had campaigned tepidly for Britain to remain but on Monday sought to reassure those who voted "leave" that she would respect their wishes. Mrs May has promised to "make Brexit a success". "We need strong, coherent Government with an effective Opposition", he said. Leadsom, a relative unknown in British politics, had advocated for a British exit from the European Union.

Author: 0 Cameron to quit Wednesday; Theresa May to be new British PM

Cameron resigned after Britons voted June 23 - against his advice - to leave the European Union, and May will have to oversee the complex process of separating from the bloc. While Mrs May is the firm favourite among MPs to become their next leader, Mrs Leadsom's supporters believe her credentials as a campaigning Brexiteer on the right of the party could garner plenty of support among grassroots members.

Author: 0 Rep. Chaffetz: Clinton Would Be In Jail If She Weren't Powerful

But it criticized presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state at the time of the violence, saying both she and her staff showed a "shameful" lack of response to congressional investigators looking into the attack on a US diplomatic compound.

Author: 0 AG Loretta Lynch says she won't prosecute Hillary Clinton

Now, based on the FBI's decision, Hillary can say the same, and perhaps she will enjoy the same level of credibility with voters that Nixon had. The fact pattern presented by Director Comey makes clear Secretary Clinton violated the law.

Author: 0 Canadian runner Marchant cleared to race 10000, marathon double in Rio

Eight years ago in Beijing, as the youngest member of Canada's Olympic track and field team, Muir ran a personal best but eventually failed to make the final. "I'm really excited and happy", Marchant said. "I've always dreamed of going to the Olympics and now that my dreams have come true, I am completely shocked".

World Media Anti-violence protests spread around US
Author: 0 Anti-violence protests spread around US

I used the term "right-wingers", not conservatives, because true conservatives deplore abuses of state power against individuals. "It's not about 'all lives matter.' It's about what lives are on the line right now", Rijo said. We should have the ability to sanely discuss racial disparities in law enforcement without reflex assumptions that every black suspect's death at the hands of police must automatically bear a racial component.