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World Media India says considering giving Tanzania $500m loan for water projects
Author: 0 India says considering giving Tanzania $500m loan for water projects

The two leaders agreed to enhance cooperation in trade, investment and economic cooperation. Modi is on two days official state visit to Kenya, after visiting Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania. Modi said the two countries have shared common interest in the security, including in maritime security, since they are connected by the Indian Ocean.

Author: 0 Rebels launch attack in Syria's Aleppo after government cuts road

The army, for its part, said it was extending a 72-hour nationwide truce that began on Wednesday but has produced little respite in fighting. Syria's largest city and once its commercial center, Aleppo has been bitterly contested between the warring sides in Syria's civil war since the summer of 2012.

Author: 0 Head of United Kingdom opposition party urges challenger to think again

Describing herself as a "practical socialist", Ms Eagle said Mr Corbyn was not up to the job. "The country needs Labour as an alternative government and we need Angela as our leader". But he made it clear he would fight on, hinting he would take up a legal challenge to make sure he is given a chance to defend his post. Corbyn won a huge mandate among Labour members in 2015, and nearly 130,000 more people have joined the party since the referendum on Britain's European Union membership, ...

World Media Black Lives Matter protest blocks Los Angeles freeway
Author: 0 Black Lives Matter protest blocks Los Angeles freeway

Obama said although most activists from the Black Lives Matter movement wanted to see better relations between communities and law enforcement, violence and overly broad criticism against police undermined the protest movement. "All lives do matter", Bah said. Shortly after 4 p.m., the Dallas Police Department heightened its security after receiving an anonymous threat, a spokeswoman for the department said.

World Media Thousands mark 21 years since Srebrenica massacre
Author: 0 Thousands mark 21 years since Srebrenica massacre

Today in 1995 Dutchbat III soldiers could not prevent the enclave falling and almost 8,400 Muslim men and boys being killed by Serbs. During the ceremony, remains of 127 victims of massacre are planning to be buried. " How can anyone say this was not a genocide? " said Nura Suljic, 57, pointing at endless rows of white marble tombstones in the flower-shaped Potocari memorial cemetery near Srebrenica , where more than 6,300 victims are now interred.

World Media World mourns death of Pakistan's great humanitarian, Edhi
Author: 0 World mourns death of Pakistan's great humanitarian, Edhi

The Edhi Foundation was founded in 1951 which provides 24-hour emergency assistance across Pakistan and overseas. He would be buried with the national flag wrapped around his coffin and would be accorded a police guard of honour. Edhi had asked to donate his organs to needy patientsm, but only his corneas were fit to be transplante but due to his ailments, only corneas of Maulana Edhi were found fit to be transplanted.

Author: 0 Sanders says he'll be at Clinton rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday

With the likelihood of Bernie Sanders' losing to Hillary Clinton increasing, the idea that Bernie would endorse Hillary has to be a painful one for many Bernie supporters. "I could not be more proud of the fact that this platform is poised to be the most progressive, ambitious and inclusive platform in the Democratic Party's history", Wasserman Schultz said.

Author: 0 Awkward moment Angela Eagle takes questions from emptying room of journalists

The party's general secretary later confirmed the leadership contest had officially been triggered and said the timetable would be set out after a meeting of Labour's national executive committee. Mr McDonnell said Mr Smith's claim was " complete rubbish ", while Mr Corbyn told BBC Radio 4's The World This Weekend he would be happy to meet Mr Smith and said: "I'm not splitting anything".

Author: 0 'Outlander' Season 3 Air Date & Spoilers: So Jamie & Claire Reunite, Then What?

There were some strong moments in the Season 2 finale , from Claire lashing out at Brianna and calling Jamie the love of her life to the Frasers' emotional goodbye. The two have a perfunctory shag by the stones, then a little gift exchange. The music crescendos as they are together for the last time. Someone must be cutting onions.

World Media 24 suspects arrested for Istanbul airport attack
Author: 0 24 suspects arrested for Istanbul airport attack

McCaul said it is unclear where Chatayev is, but he is known to have served as a top lieutenant in the Islamic State group's war ministry. On Thursday, a Turkish official said the three attackers were from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Author: 0 Israel Authorities Launch Benjamin Netanyahu Investigation

Israel did intermittently look to Cairo to help ease tensions with the Palestinians, but the last visit to Israel by an Egyptian foreign minister took place in 2007. The Israeli regime further angered the Palestinians when it approved the construction of more settler units on occupied lands. "This visit is important for several reasons", said Netanyahu.

World Media Egypt's FM talks up Mideast peace in rare visit to Israel
Author: 0 Egypt's FM talks up Mideast peace in rare visit to Israel

In 1979, Egypt was the first Arab state to sign a peace treaty with Israel after years of conflict. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said Shoukri's visit was aimed at reviving the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Israel has continued to maintain and expand its settlements inthe West Bank in lands that Palestinians believe are part of theirfuture state. "And the dream of peace and security moves further out of the Israeli people's reach as long as the conflict continues".

Author: 0 Iraqi forces say recapture airbase on way to Mosul

Iraqi security forces seized the Qayyarah Air Base away from Islamic State control as part of the offensive to retake the city of Mosul, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter confirmed. Carter arrived in Iraq on Monday to meet with USA military commanders and Iraqi officials. USA defense officials said the victory marked the completion in Iraq of a secret plan the Obama administration developed earlier this year to prepare for defeating the Islamic State group.

World Media South African police arrest 4 Daesh suspects
Author: 0 South African police arrest 4 Daesh suspects

The United States and Britain warned last month of possible imminent "terrorist" attacks by Islamic extremists in South Africa's major cities. "There is a strong possibility that if an incident does happen, it will be a South African". "Such conspiracy and incitement was directly or indirectly in whole or part to further the political, religious or ideological motives and objectives of an global terrorist organisation which has been designated by the security council of the United Nations, ...

World Media Philippine military assaults kill 9 Abu Sayyaf extremists
Author: 0 Philippine military assaults kill 9 Abu Sayyaf extremists

The military reported at least 18 Abu Sayyaf militants killed and nine others wounded in the more than a week offensive operation in southern Philippines, according to official on Monday. It has threatened to decapitate a Norwegian captured with them in September. The government of President Rodrigo Duterte, who took office on June 30, is under renewed pressure to tackle Abu Sayyaf following the decapitation of the two Canadians and the kidnapping of Indonesian sailors.

Author: 0 Conservative committee to meet to confirm May

He did not rule out Ms May becoming Prime Minister by the end of the day. Some Conservatives said they were disgusted by the remarks, for which Leadsom later apologized, while others said they showed naivety and a lack of judgment. She is ideally placed to implement Brexit and has promised to do so. Mr Johnson said: "Theresa May will provide the authority and the leadership necessary to unite the Conservative Party and take the country forward in the coming weeks and months".

World Media Dustin Johnson withdraws from the Summer Olympic Games in Rio
Author: 0 Dustin Johnson withdraws from the Summer Olympic Games in Rio

Open champion said in a statement. Dustin Johnson is number 2 in the world of golf, moving into that spot after his victory at the U.S. Open, so backing out of the Olympics and taking himself off the U.S. "But I'd love to play and hopefully we can go out and wear those stars and stripes". When golf was accepted as an Olympic sport ahead of Rio, the International Olympic Committee said the sport was included to help grow the sport internationally.

World Media May expected to be UK prime minister after Leadsom drops out
Author: 0 May expected to be UK prime minister after Leadsom drops out

The North West Leicestershire MP had been the only one of his Leicestershire Tory colleagues backing Mrs Leadsom to become the next Prime Minister before she pulled out of the contest. Andrea Leadsom said sorry to Theresa May, who has no children, amid the uproar touched off by her Times of London interview on Saturday. "Business needs certainty", she said.

World Media ANC says its not interfering with state broadcaster
Author: 0 ANC says its not interfering with state broadcaster

Communications Commission Chair Jackson Mthembu has accused the SABC of failing to adhere to the party's policies. South Africa's ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), has condemned its own public broadcaster for practicing censorship by not broadcasting images of violent anti-state protests.

Author: 0 Iran criticizes US, Germany, UN head on nuclear issue

WASHINGTON-U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) issued a statement in response to a new German intelligence report revealing that Iran continues to use "clandestine" means in efforts to buy illicit nuclear and missile technology from German companies "at what is, even by global standards, a quantitatively high level".

Author: 0 Angela Eagle to face deselection battle from Wallasey Labour members

Colin John, a Swansea Labour Party member since 1969, who attended the Swansea West meeting, said: "MPs are not talking to us". Labour's ruling National Executive Committee also has to to decide this week whether the party leader must be re-nominated by MPs in order to run in the event of a challenge to his leadership.

World Media China wants ruling left out of PH talks
Author: 0 China wants ruling left out of PH talks

The official was responding to reports that the People's Liberation Army will start military exercises in a designated area in the South China Sea from Tuesday to July 11. China has argued against the tribunal's authority to hear the Philippine complaint, but the tribunal ruled a year ago that it has jurisdiction and will rule on the case.

World Media US Defense Secretary Ash Carter in Baghdad
Author: 0 US Defense Secretary Ash Carter in Baghdad

A senior USA military official said the number of additional troops is what Gen. Sean MacFarland, commander of the coalition against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, had asked for, and the official added that there could additional troop requests in the future.

Author: 0 Kasich not sure if he'll go into GOP convention in Cleveland

The tweet was deleted within hours of the controversy and was substituted with a star that had a red circle. "I don't think Trump hates Jewish people, but I know some of his people do, in addition to black people, Mexicans, Muslims - you know, most people", Noah said.

Author: 0 Bernie Sanders Is (Finally) Expected To Endorse Hillary Clinton

The result: Sanders is pleased enough with the platform, three Democratic sources said, that he has committed to a joint event with Clinton Tuesday in New Hampshire and is prepared to endorse her. A party platform, while not binding on candidates, does signal its priorities. It is, however, the last little bit of leverage he holds over Clinton , though Sanders - who never had an especially warm relationship with her - has sought to make one thing clear.

Author: 0 Egyptian foreign minister visits Israel, calls for two-state solution with Palestine

He said that Cairo was a "steadfast and unwavering" supporter of a peace accord between the two sides but warned that the situation was deteriorating and required urgent diplomatic action. Netanyahu said he lawfully received a $40,000 donation from Mimran while he held no office. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak publicly about the meeting.

Author: 0 Heavy fighting in South Sudan capital

The UN Security Council has used an emergency session to call on the factions to end the violence before it escalates into full-scale conflict. Security Council members also expressed their readiness to consider enhancing the United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan in an effort to prevent and respond to the violence.

World Media Michael Gove makes a play for Number 10
Author: 0 Michael Gove makes a play for Number 10

Johnson, whose backing for the Leave cause was seen as essential to its victory, saw his leadership bid suddenly crumble after his Brexit campaign ally, Justice Secretary Michael Gove, withdrew support and announced a bid of his own. "I hoped that person would be Boris Johnson". But he has defied his centre-left critics to insist he will hang on, challenging them to mount a full leadership contest.

Author: 0 UK Conservative candidate apologizes over motherhood remarks

Leadsom's withdrawal from the race came in the face of pressure from a faction of lawmakers in the warring Conservative Party. Cameron says he will attend a final session of Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday before going to visit Queen Elizabeth II and tendering his resignation.

World Media Hundreds attend funeral of gored bullfighter in Spain
Author: 0 Hundreds attend funeral of gored bullfighter in Spain

The goring of Barrio was broadcast live on television. Award-winning matador Mr Barrio died in hospital after the 87-stone bull gored him. Also on Saturday, in Pamplona, Spain, during a four-minute run which featured six bulls from the one of the ranches, one of the unsafe animals got separated from the herd, causing panic among the runners.

Author: 0 Jihadists' video threatens more attacks on Bangladesh

In those cases, Bangladesh government officials denied that the killings are the work of Islamic terrorists, but said they were anxious that they will hurt the garment business and the image of the country. (AP Photo). Soldiers help relatives of Abinta Kabir, student of Emory University of U.S, carry her coffin, which is draped in both the Bangladesh and United States of America flags, after a ceremony to pay tribute to the victims of the attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery, .

World Media Pakistanis Among 19 Arrested over Saudi Arabia Attacks
Author: 0 Pakistanis Among 19 Arrested over Saudi Arabia Attacks

IS and other Sunni extremists consider Shiites to be apostates deserving of death, and have previously attacked Shiite places of worship, including a suicide bombing on a Shiite mosque in Qatif in May 2015 that killed 21 people. The Jeddah attacker was a Pakistani man identified as Abdullah Qalzar Khan, a driver who had been living in the city for 12 years, the ministry said earlier.

Author: 0 Russian and Assad regime airstrikes kill 37 in North-West Syria

Maydaa had been under the control of the powerful Jaish Al Islam rebel faction and was the group's closest position to Dumeir military airport, where they are fighting to displace government forces. Moscow has sent air forces to Syria for months to support Assad's regime and quell rebels seeking to remove him from power. Observers say the Syrian military campaign also aims to recapture areas in the northern and southern countryside of Aleppo in the face of Turkey's perceived attempts to ...

World Media Narendra Modi holds talks with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta
Author: 0 Narendra Modi holds talks with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta

Terming Africa "vital" for India, the Prime Minister said, "We hosted the India-Africa Summit, where heads of state of African nations came to India. He also invited president Magufuli to visit India at the earliest possible opportunity. " Thank you South Africa!" Obama was the one who made the first significant gesture in the relationship when, during Modi's first official visit to Washington in 2014, the president left the White House staff behind, in order to give Modi a personal tour ...

Author: 0 Protests of police killings: Dozens of arrests in Louisiana

The crowds were protesting the death of Alton Sterling, who was shot and killed by Baton Rouge police officers on July 5th. Baton Rouge police confiscated three rifles, three shotguns and two pistols at Saturday night's protest and were wearing helmets, shields and body armour.