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Author: 0 Pokemon Go About to Surpass Twitter in Daily Android Users

Police said Sunday that four teens used the game to draw victims to a spot in O'Fallon, just outside of St. Louis, and then robbed them . Pokemon Go has users hooked and is eating into the all-important screen-time of leading social media apps .

World Media Government lawmaker tells Irish PM to step down by September
Author: 0 Government lawmaker tells Irish PM to step down by September

But he has said he will not lead the centre-right party into the next election - though without committing to when he will stand down. However Mr Kenny dismissed the comments, saying that he remains committed to his work. Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan said: "Now is not the time for change, now is not the time for instability". Mr D'Arcy said he was not asked about a confidence motion and believes Mr Kenny will still be Taoiseach in 2017.

Author: 0 Kenney's exit from federal politics to have domino effect on Tory leadership

Since the last federal election, Kenney's name has been floated as a possible replacement for Stephen Harper in leading the federal Conservative Party. "The Progressive Conservatives and Wildrose parties must put Alberta first". Kenney said he'd reverse the NDP policy on shutting down coal fired energy plants, saying the federal Conservative plan that's on the books accomplishes the same thing with out economic ruin.

World Media Calls Grow For Blair To Face Legal Action
Author: 0 Calls Grow For Blair To Face Legal Action

Giving evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said that changes to decision-making processes introduced under David Cameron made it less likely that the shortcomings identified by the Chilcot Report would be repeated.

World Media Saudi Interior Ministry names Qatif, Medina bombers; suspects arrested
Author: 0 Saudi Interior Ministry names Qatif, Medina bombers; suspects arrested

That particular suicide attack struck a sensitive chord with Muslims around the world because of the religious significance of the site to both Sunnis and Shiites. Meanwhile, the Foreign Affairs Ministry has confirmed that no Malaysians were involved in the explosion in Medina . Though the attacks appeared to be coordinated but selection of targets - Mosque of the Prophet (peace be upon him), a Shiite mosque and the US consulate - have no linkage with each other.

World Media North Korea says to cut United Nations office-based channel to US
Author: 0 North Korea says to cut United Nations office-based channel to US

Kim's government is also upset over the recent installation of an advanced anti-missile system - Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) - deployed by the United States and South Korea. Congress under the North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act, passed earlier this year. North Korean Foreign Ministry on Thursday urged the U.S.

Author: 0 USA honours Edhi as world's great humanitarian

The Guardian newspaper said Edhi was an "angel of mercy" for his social work that also won global acclaim. "He never established a home for his own children", his wife Bilquis, who manages the foundation's homes for women and children, told AFP in an interview this year.

World Media Australia PM claims victory after national elections
Author: 0 Australia PM claims victory after national elections

Australia's ruling conservative government has finally won re-election after a painstaking count of the ballots cast in the July 2 polls. Either way, Turnbull faces a rough road ahead with a divided party, a splintered Senate and a politically tired public that has endured five changes of prime minister in as many years.

World Media Berlin condemns riots that injured scores of officers
Author: 0 Berlin condemns riots that injured scores of officers

Berlin police said in a statement late on Sunday that protesters destroyed cars and attacked officers, throwing bottles, cobblestones and fireworks. "Eighty-six protesters were temporarily detained, with three facing a magistrate on charges of breach of the peace", police said.

Author: 0 Kashmir seethes as 20 killed amid anti-India protests

Noor Ahmed Baba, a political scientist at Central University of Kashmir, said Wani "rose to become the symbol of resistance and defiance against the Indian state, mainly because he was politically sharp in his messages". There were two incidents of weapon snatching and torching of several vehicles of security forces. A total of 102 civilians and 100 security personnel were injured in the bloody clashes.

Author: 0 Korea's ballistic missile test unsuccessful

The U.S. State Department condemned said the latest missile test violated UN Security Council resolutions. The launch location has been used previously for weapons launches by North Korea. "This is a purely defensive system that we wouldn't have to talk about and wouldn't have to consider if the DPRK (North Korea) had proven, in recent weeks and months, willing to take a different, more peaceful path", he said.

Author: 0 UK Labour Party leadership contest officially triggered

Asked if Mr Corbyn should be allowed to stand in a new leadership contest, she said it was a decision for Labour's ruling National Executive Committee, but pointed out it was party precedent for candidates to secure more than 50 nominations.

Author: 0 Out of Fallujah: Coalition airstrikes hit ISIL convoys, kill some 250 jihadists

The Islamic State is believed to have about 25,000 fighters, so if confirmed, the death toll would be significant relative to ISIS size. After Iraqi Security Forces targeted the convoy of ISIS fighters, "Iraqi Air Force and Coalition airstrikes attacked the convoy throughout the night and into Wednesday morning", Garver said .

Author: 0 Israeli cabinet votes to renew Turkey ties

Now, the two countries will restore full diplomatic relations. In a speech broadcast from Rome to Jerusalem , Netanyahu touched on the primary tenets of the partnership moving forward: Turkey will be allowed to move aid to the Gaza Strip-a tiny parcel of Palestinian territory that is controlled by Hamas, a Palestinian group which the US deems a terrorist organization-via the Israeli port of Ashdod.

World Media Canada's prime minister on visit to Ukraine
Author: 0 Canada's prime minister on visit to Ukraine

The free trade deal signed between Canada and Ukraine isn't the biggest for either country. Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko tweeted today: "Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement offers new opportunities for both nations.We will continue negotiations to expand scope of the agreement".

World Media Turnbull advises GG of election result
Author: 0 Turnbull advises GG of election result

Mr Shorten told a media conference he had called Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to assure him he would work with the Coalition to push through reforms where the parties shared common ground. "I believe that the government has won the election absolutely". "We really want to see them start achieving some of their forecasts", S&P official Anthony Walker told a briefing, adding that the cost of refinancing Australia's debt is up to three times more than its foreign currency earnings.

Author: 0 Ex-Australian Prime Minister Defends Country's Involvement in 2003 Iraq War

The report concluded that George Bush and Blair did not exhaust all the possible options before resorting to military action in Iraq - and that the deaths of possibly hundreds of thousands of civilians were by no means necessary. Bush, "I will be with you, whatever". There were 179 British soldiers killed in the Iraqi invasion and criticism from their families has been swift.

Author: 0 Angela Eagle to stand against Labour's Corbyn

Annette Taberner from Sheffield Momentum's steering committee said: "We are seeing a new influx of people joining the Party to defend the elected leader in the event of a challenge ". We must learn from Jeremy's leadership, passion and honesty. "This is certainly about uniting Labour but it's about much more than that", she continued.

Author: 0 Australian PM Inches Closer To Winning Majority Government

At least two of them have ruled out working with either the coalition or the Labor opposition. Independent MPs Cathy McGowan , Andrew Wilkie and Bob Katter have made a decision to support the government on supply and confidence issues. "It's going to have an impact on what sort of policies the government can get through". The Australian Electoral Commission put the coalition ahead in 74 seats, Labor in 71, and the minor parties and independents in five.

Author: 0 At Least 250 ISIS Killed in US Airstrikes in Fallujah

If the figures are confirmed, the strikes would be among the most deadly in memory against the jihadist group. A USA military official said anti-ISIL coalition forces destroyed scores of vehicles and that the Iraqi army hit an unspecified number.

World Media Iraq Destroys 200 Vehicles in Airstrike on Alleged ISIS Convoy
Author: 0 Iraq Destroys 200 Vehicles in Airstrike on Alleged ISIS Convoy

If the figures are confirmed, the strikes, which reportedly destroyed 40 vehicles, would be among the most deadly ever against the jihadist group. Clumps of hair from hastily shaven beards littered floors and filled wastebaskets in houses in the Iraqi city of Fallujah's western neighborhood, a dense block of low-rise homes that were the Islamic State militants' last stand before they largely fled, melting into the sprawling Anbar desert in the face of advancing Iraqi ground forces.

World Media Black Lives Matter protesters in Charlotte
Author: 0 Black Lives Matter protesters in Charlotte

Two African American reporters from ABC Rochester affiliate WHAM-TV, Carlet Cleare and Justin Carter, were briefly detained and released. One of the officers, a white man, responded with a smile and said , "Wanna take a picture together?" People are angry over police violence against blacks and need an outlet to demonstrate peacefully, he said.

Author: 0 Noren wins Scottish Open for 5th European victory

The Swede, who had been sidelined for all of 2014 with tendinitis in both wrists, was challenged by England s Tyrrell Hatton who birdied the last in a round of 69 for a 13-under par tally. "I knew coming down the stretch what was happening, and I just needed to make four on the last just to lock the spot for next week". "Part of me is slightly disappointed in a way, finishing one short".

World Media 'Pakka Indian Ho?' Manipur Woman Asked At Airport. Sushma Swaraj Reacts
Author: 0 'Pakka Indian Ho?' Manipur Woman Asked At Airport. Sushma Swaraj Reacts

He reportedly said that she does not look Indian despite the fact that she was carrying an Indian passport. "We have received a report that a Manipuri girl who was going to South Korea was misbehaved and racially targeted". She alleged that a lady official at the adjacent counter was giggling while the male officer paid no heed to her. You yourself need to know your Indianess.

Author: 0 Wildrose leader willing to work with PCs

Kenney confirmed he would be running for leadership following a 25 minute speech in Calgary on Wednesday. However, on a pragmatic level, Kenney's plan to unite the right has more promise than that of Jim Prentice who in 2014 descended from federal politics to provincial politics - and then kept on descending.

World Media Standing out of conviction not ambition, says Gove
Author: 0 Standing out of conviction not ambition, says Gove

The result of the Conservative leadership race will be announced September 9 and the new leader could trigger Article 50 of the European Union constitution - the formal mechanism for exit talks - at any time . Michael Gove declared himself " the candidate for change" as he set out his pitch to take the keys to No 10 with a speech protesting he had never wanted to become prime minister.

Author: 0 Blair pledges 'no excuses' for Iraq, then spends 2hrs making excuses

Was the Iraq war a big mistake? The former prime minister was revealed to have told then US President George W Bush "I will be with you whatever", eight months before British troops were sent into the troubled country in 2003. Blair said at the press conference that he accepts "full responsibility" for the decision, admitting that the invasion was based on wrong intelligence.

World Media Andrea Leadsom Apologizes to Theresa May for Motherhood Comments
Author: 0 Andrea Leadsom Apologizes to Theresa May for Motherhood Comments

Leadsom's rivals said both her comments and her subsequent flip-flopping showed the junior energy minister doesn't have the experience under pressure required to be prime minister. Mrs Leadsom was flanked by key backers including Iain Duncan Smith, Owen Paterson and Bernard Jenkin as she gave the statement. Eagle said she will make an official announcement on Monday.

Author: 0 Iran Vows To Continue Missile Tests Despite UN Chief's Criticism

The United States and its European allies said that by testing nuclear-capable missiles, Tehran had defied a U.N. Security Council resolution and urged U.N. "And it's time for Congress to vote on my Iran Terrorism & Human Rights Sanctions Act of 2016 and Senator Ayotte's Iran Ballistic Missile Sanctions Act of 2016".