Science 'Pujara is an important cog in the team'
Author: 0 'Pujara is an important cog in the team'

The coach's views come soon after the captain Virat Kohli talked about how he was impressed with Pujara's improved strike-rate at the end of the first Test in Kanpur. In order to do that India will need runs from their top-order the way they got in the first Test at Kanpur against New Zealand as well as from their middle-order, which is perhaps why Rohit Sharma the aggressor finds backing.

Science Bonds, Stocks and Dollar Wary of Trump/Clinton Debate
Author: 0 Bonds, Stocks and Dollar Wary of Trump/Clinton Debate

The radical " yield control mechanism" introduced by the Bank of Japan (BoJ) could create a tailwind for USA bonds, according to bond managers. " These members then expressed the recognition that, in order for the Bank to conduct its policy appropriately going forward, it was essential that a comprehensive assessment be conducted by the Policy Board of the developments in economic activity and prices as well as of the policy effects over the last three years from the perspective of what ...

Science Watch The Weeknd abduct himself in the 'Starboy' video
Author: 0 Watch The Weeknd abduct himself in the 'Starboy' video

Added bonus: he drives in a sports vehicle with a panther. He is quickly dispatched by a masked assailant who unceremoniously suffocates him with a plastic bag, symbolically killing his old dreadlocked self, and making way for the new shortly shorn Weeknd.

Science No Man's Sky: Hello Games In Trouble For False Advertising
Author: 0 No Man's Sky: Hello Games In Trouble For False Advertising

This led to a number of PC customers seeking refunds via Steam , and rumours circulating on Reddit that Valve were offering more generous terms on their usual refund policy given the alleged false advertising. Though the ASA isn't providing more details about at the moment, a Reddit user by the name AzzerUK, who filed a complaint with the ASA, says they've received a response from the agency in regards to the investigation.

Author: 0 First three parent baby born in Mexico

An American medical team reportedly conducted the procedure in Mexico since the USA doesn't now authorize such reproductive methods. The boy's mother sought out the controversial treatment after losing two children to a fatal genetic nervous system disorder, passed onto them through her DNA , known as Leigh Syndrome .

Science Samsung faces new Note 7 battery fire claim in China
Author: 0 Samsung faces new Note 7 battery fire claim in China

Hui posted the video online, which shows the display cracked and smoke emanating from the Galaxy Note 7 while still being connected to the charger. Today, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that it was looking into some of Samsung's top-loading washing machines because of "safety issues".

Science Jupiter moon may have water plumes that shoot up 125 miles
Author: 0 Jupiter moon may have water plumes that shoot up 125 miles

The team took its photos of Europa's transit of Jupiter in 2014, but processing them to achieve adequate resolution to spot the plumes took months and months. It was regarded as an exciting discovery by scientists all over the world. The team, led by William Sparks of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) released their findings for publication this week in The Astrophysical Journal .

Science Cabinet decides to ratify Paris agreement
Author: 0 Cabinet decides to ratify Paris agreement

As per the provisions of the Paris Agreement, the treaty will come into force as and when 55 countries contributing to 55 % of total global emission ratify the agreement. The Minister had earlier told reporters that the cumulative emissions of 61 countries put together was 51.89 per cent and India's ratification will help bridge the remaining 3 per cent to fulfil the second condition.

Science Here's the 2017 Jeep Compass SUV
Author: 0 Here's the 2017 Jeep Compass SUV

The all-new model will replace the outgoing Compass and Patriot SUVs. Jeep says there'll be a choice of 17 different powertrain options, though every one won't necessarily be available in each of the 100+ countries the SUV will be sold in.

Author: 0 LEADING OFF: Red Sox can clinch as Papi begins Bronx goodbye

Ortiz, 40, is batting.321 with 37 home runs and 124 RBIs this season, which he says will be his last in the majors. It'll never happen, although you can probably imagine there will be at least one Yankee fan dropping his trousers and showing Ortiz his full moon.

Author: 0 Microsoft Ignite: Adobe's Cloud comes to Azure with focus on personalized marketing

Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 - Expands security to assist the transition to mobility and cloud. "Azure Monitor enables you to easily stream metrics and diagnostic logs to OMS [Operations Management Suite] Log Analytics to perform custom log search and advanced alerting on the data across resources and subscriptions", Kamath wrote.

Science Equity markets plunge on negative global cues
Author: 0 Equity markets plunge on negative global cues

European and Asian shares also retreated as investors eyed the outcome of the first United States presidential debate Tuesday morning (India time), jittery that Donald Trump could score over Hillary Clinton. European stocks were also trading lower as investors trade cautiously ahead of an Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) producers meeting in Algeria later this week.

Author: 0 Aleppo Airstrikes, Syrian Offensive Kill Hopes of Ceasefire

The intensity of the bombardment, which also included artillery barrages and barrel bombings by helicopters, brought new misery to the estimated 250,000 civilians trapped under siege by the army. The Syrian military, which is backed by the Russian air force, said it was starting a new operation against the rebel-held east. "Unfortunately the coalition led by the United States, which committed itself to make sure that this separation happens, has not been able to do this", Mr Lavrov said, ...

Author: 0 Florida Gators vs. Tennessee Volunteers: 3 Things To Watch

This is a big game for West Virginia to hold on to as they're one of just two undefeated Big 12 teams left heading into Saturday's slate of games and one of the few bright spots for the league so far this season. The Rebels (2-2, 1-1 Southeastern Conference) dominated every phase, building a lead of 31-0 by halftime and 45-0 by midway through the third quarter.

Author: 0 India PM says will ratify Paris climate pact next month

While Western countries, including the United States, had been insisting on an early ratification of the pact by India, New Delhi had been seeking more time to complete its national processes as it feared that any hasty decision may impact its developmental projects.

Author: 0 Bill Clinton's ex-lover accepts Trump's invitation to attend debate

Not this man, whose T-Shirt proclaimed, blithely: "Donald Trump, finally someone with b***s". Many voters are tuning in to Monday's debate to cheer on their chosen candidate, and they fully expect their choice to emerge the victor. Drinking game . When all else fails, you can always turn the debate into an audience participation contest. Retired PBS Newshour anchor Jim Lehrer, who has moderated several presidential debates, told Politico that the best method to fact-check is to give ...

Science Hyundai teases new N Sport hatchback ahead of 2016 Paris Motor Show
Author: 0 Hyundai teases new N Sport hatchback ahead of 2016 Paris Motor Show

The automaker says the concept also features "specialized" technologies aimed at boosting performance. Dubbed the Hyundai N Concept RN30 , the pimped-out two-door show auto is the most extreme version of the Korean car-maker's new volume-selling small vehicle, which arrives here in the second quarter of next year.

Science Pizza Hut Comes Out With Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza
Author: 0 Pizza Hut Comes Out With Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza

But that's not all. To finish off the grilled cheese crust, it is topped with toasted breadcrumbs and melted butter for the ultimate grilled cheese experience. 19, you can get a large grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza with any topping for $12.99. Recently, the company launched a pizza with a crust made of mini hot dogs.

Author: 0 Chrome OS Stable Finally Gets Google Play Access With Latest Update

Now, Google Play is rolling out to the stable channel . Google Play and Android apps moved a step closer to a broader release to more devices today, thanks to a graduation of the Google Play beta experience to Chrome OS stable. According to reports, the Google Play Store BETA version is now limited for devices such as Acer R11 and Asus Flip and can be enabled by heading to the Settings page.

Author: 0 South Korea orders more checks on Galaxy Note 7 batteries

According to US media, all major networks across the pond are now stocking the device again. This report follows Samsung's announcement that Galaxy Note 7 replacement devices would land in retail stores nationwide on September 21. Vodafone advises that 'customers are able to exchange their device for a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 or another device in stock of equal or less value'.

Science Man 'tries to ride manatees' at Florida's Islamorada Library Beach, gets arrested
Author: 0 Man 'tries to ride manatees' at Florida's Islamorada Library Beach, gets arrested

Ofc. Baumgartner also witnessed Massengale "reaching for, touching, and lying on top of manatees in the creek", the Keynoterreported. Police said they arrived on the scene after receiving a call that James Roy Massengale Jr. He was placed under arrest by Monroe County Sheriff's Office and transported to Monroe County Jail in Islamorada. Officer Dube said that he gave Massengale a notice to appear in court for the misdemeanour offence but he then allegedly began demanding to be taken to jail.

Science Mark Zuckerberg pledges $3bn to help scientists cure diseases
Author: 0 Mark Zuckerberg pledges $3bn to help scientists cure diseases

That's exactly how much they are pledging for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative , however, which is meant to cure all of the world's diseases. Zuckerberg and Chan have committed to donating 99 percent of their wealth , valued at more than $45 billion worth of Facebook shares, which the couple is transferring to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to fund humanitarian projects.

Science China Reveals Disastrous Concrete Restoration for Great Wall
Author: 0 China Reveals Disastrous Concrete Restoration for Great Wall

The widely mocked project involved an 8-kilometer (5-mile) unrestored Xiaohekou section of the wall that has become known as the "most lovely wild Great Wall ". The restoration work was carried out by the government of Suizhong county on the border of Liaoning and Hebei provinces. The restoration of what the New York Times describes as a 1.2-mile stretch of the wall in northeastern China went "very badly", admits Dong Yaohui, deputy director of the Great Wall of China Society.

Author: 0 Yahoo! to confirm data breach

Yahoo said at the time it was investigating the claim. Yahoo did not immediately respond to specific questions from Business Insider on its delay reporting the breach to affected users. However the USA technology firm could make an embarrassing u-turn this week and call for users to change passwords associated with their Yahoo account, one source said.

Science Pokemon GO Loses Its Spot on the iTunes App Store
Author: 0 Pokemon GO Loses Its Spot on the iTunes App Store

The move revved up spending in " Clash Royale ", which has flagged in recent months. According to VentureBeat, a big update for Clash Royale may be at play here, leaving a window of opportunity open for Pokémon Go to stage a comeback in the coming weeks.

Science Nissan recalls 134K vehicles; fluid can leak and cause fires
Author: 0 Nissan recalls 134K vehicles; fluid can leak and cause fires

The recall covers certain 2015 to 2017 Murano SUVs and 2016 to 2017 Maxima sedans that are equipped with intelligent cruise control. The affected vehicles have Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) actuator pumps that may allow brake fluid to leak onto an internal electrical circuit board.

Science MEPs support verdict on Irish tax deal with Apple
Author: 0 MEPs support verdict on Irish tax deal with Apple

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to express concern the EU ruling could undermine the U.S. tax base. Mr Lew alluded to this issue in an opinion piece in yesterday's Wall St Journal , he wrote, "U.S. Writing in the Irish Independent, Mr Bruton said it was "important to say that the Irish government never "selected" Apple for subsidy". In other words, companies got USA tax-cutting credits for money they left in overseas subsidiaries, untaxed in the U.S.

Author: 0 North Korea has Just 28 Websites : Github

A misconfiguration in one of North Korea's nameservers Monday night briefly gave the world a glimpse into what the internet looks like in the Hermit Kingdom. As first revealed on the tech website GitHub earlier this week, an unnamed North Korean tech administrator apparently spilled the online beans by inadvertently reconfiguring one of North Korea's top-level name servers.

Author: 0 Seattle's offense has gone missing during first 2 weeks

The Rams had not played a regular season game at the cavernous Coliseum since 1979, with the franchise moving to nearby Anaheim later that year before heading further afield after the 1994 season, to St. That put the game firmly in the hands of Wilson , who was playing with an ankle sprain that limited his ability to move. We're still fighting to get that football.

Author: 0 Clinton and Trump clash over terrorism after bombings

Trump has an advantage with men; 55 percent of men surveyed said they will vote for the Republican. "I get that", Clinton said in a speech that outlined a litany of promises that would improve young voters' lives. "We're trying to be so politically correct in our country and this is only going to get worse", Trump added. On Friday, Mr. Trump took credit for ending the "birther" controversy and blamed Mrs.

Science Xiaomi debuts a $330 mirrorless camera
Author: 0 Xiaomi debuts a $330 mirrorless camera

Including a fast prime lens in a kit is unique, though it lacks a functional manual focus ring, which again suggests YI is aiming exclusively at entry-level photographers with the M1. It will be driven by Sony's IMX 269 image sensor and will also have integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. We'll update this story if more information becomes available.

Author: 0 Karma is the first drone by GoPro

GoPro is famous for their action cameras, has come up with the very first flying drone called Karma . Like this story? Share it! The cloud service will essentially allow users to directly upload their photos and videos into cloud servers, which can then be accessed at any time using other devices.

Science Trump in excellent health, his doc says
Author: 0 Trump in excellent health, his doc says

His last colonoscopy was in 2013, according to the note, which said his cholesterol level was within normal range. Clinton holds just a 1.1-percentage-point lead in the RealClearPolitics national poll average that also includes third-party candidates, the site said Thursday.

Author: 0 Why Apple is betting big on a wireless world

Or you can use wireless headphones, which also have to be charged and cost $159. Apple has made the following statement on this particular option "The high-gloss finish of the jet black iPhone 7 is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing process".