Author: 0 Tesla Will Not Disable Autopilot Feature Despite Crashes

Consumer Reports tested semi-autonomous features from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, and those systems require the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel, noted Jake Fisher, CR's director of auto testing. The electric vehicle automaker did not give any clue whether it plans to rebrand or rename its Autopilot system, which comes with the caution that the drivers are supposed to keep their hands right on the steer at all times.

Author: 0 Pokemon Go Rare Pokemon Farming Tips: Where to Find Rare Pokemon

Pikachu, Onix and Psyduck are just a few of the hundreds of Pokemon (PO-kay-mon) invading Beatrice, Gage County, and anywhere else with cellphone service. However, having the app on their mobile phones is not enough because they can not log into Pokemon Go which needs a Google account. But besides catching them all, I guess the other goal could be to "be the very best" (another original theme song tagline) and be the big boss at one or more of the gyms where you battle.

Science Chinese Fearful of Pokemon Go and Foreign Attacks
Author: 0 Chinese Fearful of Pokemon Go and Foreign Attacks

Players should be respectful of others' private property. One other element of the game Niantic intends to address is the lack of explanation it gives for certain game mechanics. "We find this kind of activity inappropriate. We all have a responsibility to ensure that children are protected and as creators of a game with substantive reach, you have a weighty responsibility to protect your young users ".

Science US Regulators Plan Future Of 5G Networks
Author: 0 US Regulators Plan Future Of 5G Networks

South Korea and Japan aggressively worked on their 5G Creative Mobile Strategy , $1.5 billion joint government effort launched in 2014, and the European Union committed $950 million to its Horizon 2020 program, a 5G public-private partnership (5G PPP) begun in 2013.

Author: 0 NASA's Juno spacecraft beams first pictures from Jupiter

Its mission? To solve the mystery of what lies beneath the planet's swirling storm clouds. Plans called for Juno to swoop within 3,000 miles (5,000 kilometers) of Jupiter's clouds - closer than previous missions - to map the planet's gravity and magnetic fields in order to learn about the interior makeup.

Author: 0 NASA's Juno Probe Arrives in Jupiter's Orbit

NASA's Juno entered Jupiter's orbit on July 4, 2016. While making history, Juno also pays homage to history, featuring an image of Galileo Galilei , the founding father of astronomy who discovered the moons orbiting Jupiter . In total, the craft is expected to orbit the planet 37 times. How did the solar system get to be the solar system? "Our official science collection phase begins in October, but we've figured out a way to collect data a lot earlier than that", said Bolton.

Author: 0 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Enters Jupiter's Orbit

Juno's success, like that of India's Mangalyaan or the fly-by mission to Pluto or the first mission to moon, belongs to all of us, to all of humanity. "Engine burn complete and orbit obtained". Scientists believe Jupiter's icy moon Europa has a subsurface ocean that might harbor life and want to eliminate the chance it might get contaminated with microbes from earth should the probe crash into it.

Science Pokemon Go: Now Available In The Philippines?
Author: 0 Pokemon Go: Now Available In The Philippines?

Pokemon GO was recently released in North America and Japan and has taken the world with a storm because of its insane popularity and addictive AR gameplay, that requires the player to travel to various real life locations in order to capture Pokemon .

Science This is the end of the AIDS epidemic, say scientists
Author: 0 This is the end of the AIDS epidemic, say scientists

Those criteria are having an HIV-positive partner, not being in a monogamous relationship with an HIV-negative partner, having anal sex without a condom or having a sexually transmitted infection in the past six months. This increases stigma , which in turn creates more barriers to HIV prevention, testing and care. But Professor Lewin said countries such as Russian Federation, which have shunned proven public health prevention strategies such as needle and syringe programs for people at ...

Author: 0 Police may change tactics at protests after Dallas shooting

Paul, Minnesota. "It doesn't care about the 90 percent of blacks that are killed by other blacks". On the opposite corner, Black Lives Matter protester Ty Hardaway felt the same way. "We've again found ourselves in a situation where we have to remind ourselves that black lives matters", said Weldon McWilliams IV, associate pastor of the First Baptist Church in Spring Valley and one of the founding members of Black Lives Matter - Rockland & Orange Alliance.

Author: 0 How You Can (Maybe) Stop Pokémon Go From Harvesting Your Personal Data

If you logged into the game using your Google account and use an iOS device , unless you specifically revoke it, Niantic has access to your entire Google account. You appear to "see" the critter in the real world, then snag it with a ball you toss by swiping your screen. The game, a joint project by The Pokémon Company , which is 32%-owned by Nintendo , and Niantic Inc., allows players search parks, buildings, subway stops and other locations for characters such as Pikachu.

Science Missouri teens used Pokemon Go smartphone game to rob victims
Author: 0 Missouri teens used Pokemon Go smartphone game to rob victims

The O'Fallon Police Department explains in a Facebook post that users are able to add beacons to in-game locations that are connected to real world locations. Shayla Wiggins was playing " Pokemon Go " Saturday when she ventured outside, toward the Wyoming Highway 789 Bridge and found a dead body in the river.

Science Pokemon game adds $7.5bn to Nintendo market value in 2 days
Author: 0 Pokemon game adds $7.5bn to Nintendo market value in 2 days

Shares went up 24.5% on the Tokyo exchange and are up over 30% including Friday. CEO John Hanke told Business Insider in an interview , that global release is being "paused until the developer is comfortable" with the game's servers. Pokemon GO fans have been dealing with server issues and many other problems since the the game's launch. Masashi Kawashima, Niantic's Asia Pacific director, said a release in other countries would happen "as soon as possible", while declining to give a ...

Author: 0 Popular app is taking the country by storm, but is it risky?

The latest iteration of the Facebook app for Android , for example, allows the app to access your identity, monitor your calendar's personal information and add events without your knowledge, read and modify your contacts, determine your location via both Global Positioning System and network, read your texts, read and modify your USB storage, record audio-the company has had to repeatedly insist that one isn't used maliciously-adjust your wallpaper, download files without telling ...

Science Rajinikanth-starrer Kabali get U certificate, set for July 22 release
Author: 0 Rajinikanth-starrer Kabali get U certificate, set for July 22 release

Kerala's Lalettan had bagged the rights of the Thalaiva film for a record price of Rs 8 crore and with this deal, Kabali beats the recently-released Vijay blockbuster Theri , to become the top non-Malayalam film to do so. With the release date announcement of Kabali , the confusion about the other films' release dates has been cleared. Chennai: The wait is over for millions of Superstar Rajinikanth! "This is the value of the association we have with the brands".

Author: 0 Tribunal to Issue Ruling on Territorial Disputes in South China Sea'

The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague was set to release its final decision on the case, which was brought by the Philippines challenging China's position. - Chinese analysts say the South China Sea will only grow in importance for Beijing , particularly as its submarine base on Hainan Island will be crucial to China's future nuclear deterrent.

Science Europe's Week Ahead: All Eyes On Bank of England
Author: 0 Europe's Week Ahead: All Eyes On Bank of England

BoE governor Mark Carney has said that he does not expect to bring in negative interest rates but he could take them down from the current 0.5 per cent to zero and restart the quantitative easing programme, likened to printing money, in a bid to boost the economy.

Science The best deals on Amazon Prime Day
Author: 0 The best deals on Amazon Prime Day

You can also save $50 on the popular Amazon Echo , bringing the price down to $129.99. Amazon is promising to up its game this year. Besides the TV and Amazon gadget Prime Day 2016 deals there are already many other Prime Day 2016 deals listed as well as the first Prime Day 2016 lightning deals .

Author: 0 Pokémon Go is a big security risk to your Google account

However, in an updated post , it was noted that those servers, specifically in the Philippines and Taiwan, are down again and it appears that Niantic , the developer of the game, was just testing it out. When you sign up to play, you allow Niantic Labs to use your location and share it through the app. These places, besides being valuable in the game, are also interesting parts of the San Gabriel Valley to visit for reasons other than Pokemon .

Author: 0 GE and Microsoft speed up digital transformation with Predix

The agreement combines GE's software tools for collecting data from industrial machines with Microsoft's computing platform for building, deploying, and managing applications and services in the cloud. Microsoft's cloud-based IoT and analytics platforms will be used to improve efficiency for airlines by diagnosing problems with jet engines. The Microsoft-GE alliance creates a bridge between IT and operating technologies, said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a keynote speech Monday at ...

Author: 0 Police in Missouri say teens used Pokemon Go to rob victims

Only available in Australia and the US, the Pokemon app is already more popular than Tinder and on a pace to outstrip Twitter, CNN said. "When you're involved in a game and not paying attention to what's going on around you, your situational awareness can go down", Greensboro, North Carolina police officer Ben Wingfield told local television.

Author: 0 Pokemon Go: Coding error gave company access to emails

They are, essentially, how the industry stays afloat. "This "Full account access" privilege should only be granted to applications you fully trust, and which are installed on your personal computer, phone, or tablet", the help page adds.

Author: 0 Border Regions at High Risk for Having Deadly Zika Virus

The cases were in residents from Chickasaw, Hinds and Rankin counties who recently traveled to St. Thomas, Nicaragua and Guatemala. A number of top health officials expressed concern that if funding isn't passed it could lead to major issues in the fight to stop the spread of the virus - which is linked to serious birth defects - as current funding levels are quickly drying up.

Author: 0 SEC Investigates Tesla Motors For Possible Securities-Law Breach

If there are faults in the system ( Tesla has said its auto didn't see the turning truck in the bright glare of the Florida sun), investors might argue that they ought to know about them as soon as possible. The SEC declined to comment for this story. The newspaper explained that the SEC's investigation pertains to whether the deadly Model S crash was a "material event" or an event that a reasonable investor would consider to be important for Tesla.

Author: 0 Barack Obama, George W Bush to address Dallas memorial service

The black Army veteran insisted on speaking with a black negotiator and wrote in blood on the wall of a parking garage where police cornered and later killed him, Dallas police chief David Brown said. But events beyond Obama's control have turned his first and only visit to Spain, the largest European country that had yet to welcome the president, into a rushed one.

Author: 0 Trump's speech to spell out veteran health care proposal

Trump used the presentation of his proposals for improving conditions for veterans to also come out in defence of the "men and women in blue", the cops "who stand each day to protect us", but who, instead of receiving plenty of thanks, get incessant criticism.

Science Australian election 2016: Malcolm Turnbull declares victory
Author: 0 Australian election 2016: Malcolm Turnbull declares victory

Shorten yesterday called Turnbull to congratulate him and conceded electoral defeat even as the vote counting was underway, according to media reports here. "It is vital that we work together and as far as we can try to find ways upon which we can all agree", he said. "I hope for the nation's sake that the coalition does a good job".

Author: 0 Facebook to roll out 'end to end encryption' on Messenger

In addition to encrypting your messages, secret conversation mode will also give you the option to set a self-destruct timer on specific messages in a conversation just for that extra ephemerality. The new feature will not mean Messenger conversations are encrypted by default as they are for WhatsApp. Facebook is testing Secret Conversations now, will a full rollout planned for the near future.

Science Mi Launches 6.44 inch Phone Mi Max With MIUI 8
Author: 0 Mi Launches 6.44 inch Phone Mi Max With MIUI 8

The Xiaomi Mi Max has no real competition in the market right now and that's possibly why it would be successful, provided it can find enough users who find the appeal in a smartphone with a 6.44-inch display. 20,500). It has new features such as dual apps , scrolling screenshots , quick ball and a T9 dialler with Hindi search among others. Many mobile companies have been calling such "fans" at their launch events these days, while some of these functions are being held in stadiums and ...

Science Here's how to get Pokemon Go for Android in Canada right now
Author: 0 Here's how to get Pokemon Go for Android in Canada right now

Everyone goes insane about the Pokémon battle games, and the new Augmented Reality Pokemon Go game uses a smartphone to bring Pokemon characters and Pokemon battles into real life locations and other landmarks in cities. Paying attention to your surroundings is good advice when it comes to playing games or just using a smartphone in general, but unique to Pokémon Go is the serious battery drain it's causing for users.

Author: 0 Tesla deliveries in Q2 fall short of target

The news comes as the company faces pressure on several fronts. While not as impressive as the first quarter's 148% increase in Austria, Tesla's Model S deliveries have grown 24% during the second quarter compared to the same period a year ago.

Science Solar-powered spacecraft successfully enters Jupiter orbit
Author: 0 Solar-powered spacecraft successfully enters Jupiter orbit

The vast gravity exerted by Jupiter's sheer size is thought to have helped shield Earth from bombardment by comets and asteroids. Juno launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in August 2011, hurtling thousands of miles per hour through space to arrive in Jupiter's orbit within a minute of its projected arrival time.

Science OnePlus officially launches the £309 OnePlus 3
Author: 0 OnePlus officially launches the £309 OnePlus 3

It can be purchased directly from the OnePlus website or at one of four pop-up stores located in New York, London, Berlin and Paris. OnePlus, a global mobile technology startup, has released its long-awaited flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 3 .