Science ISRO marked the record for launching 104 satellites in a single rocket
Author: 0 ISRO marked the record for launching 104 satellites in a single rocket

The 29-minute launch went off precisely as planned; it took just 11 minutes from the release of the primary Cartosat-2 series spacecraft to the last launch of a client satellite, ISRO said after the mega-payload launch. Measuring only 12 inches long by 4 inches wide by 4 inches high (30 by 10 by 10 centimeters), these tiny satellites, also called Doves , will allow the company to image the entire Earth every day, according to a statement from Planet .

Science Asamoah Gyan's aide Anim Addo clarifies
Author: 0 Asamoah Gyan's aide Anim Addo clarifies "unethical hair" reports

Saudi Arabia goalkeeper Waleed Abdullah was recently told by a referee to cut his "un-Islamic" hair immediately before a match. The decision on whether a player's hair is acceptable is left to match officials, some of whom are concerned about setting a bad example for children.

Science Is
Author: 0 Is "Netflix cheating" ruining your relationship?

How can you stop your partner from Netflix cheating? Netflix cheating has increased threefold since the behavior was first surveyed in 2013, and 60% of today's consumers said they would cheat even more if they felt they could get away with it.

Author: 0 Apple to suspend sales of LG 5K monitor over hardware issues

Presumably punters will be told that Apple is waiting for the fixed versions of the 5K monitor, which LG is working on now. The problem with the displays first emerged a couple of weeks back, when LG officially confirmed that there was an issue with the monitor if it's placed too near Wi-Fi routers, a flaw which causes interference from a flickering screen to a completely black one.

Science Smart Transitions to Electric Only For North America
Author: 0 Smart Transitions to Electric Only For North America

Although neither Fortwo powertrain has proved particularly popular among US consumers ( Smart sold just 5440 Fortwos and 771 Fortwo EDs last year), the brand believes its upcoming second-generation Fortwo ED provides a blueprint for its new, all-electric North American sales strategy.

Author: 0 Linda McMahon confirmed by Senate as head of Small Business Adaministration

Vince McMahon bought the company formerly known as WWWF and then WWE from his father, Vince McMahon, Sr., in 1982. "Small businesses have had some tough blows in the last decade", McMahon said in her opening remarks. President Trump has maintained a close professional relationship with the McMahons for more than two decades. Other cabinet nominees have led to all-night talking sessions and strident opposition from Democrats, but that wasn't the case with McMahon.

Author: 0 Air pollution yearly kills over 1.2 lakh in Bangladesh

As many as 15 Indian cities showed levels of air pollution that greatly exceeded the prescribed national standards. The report also showed that 67 per cent of the total "ozone attributable" deaths were reported from India. The health effects of the ultrafine particles are still being studied and the full effects are only beginning to be understood, said Majid Ezzati, a global environmental health professor at the Imperial College, London.

Author: 0 Mass Rallies In Mexico Protesting Trump's Immigration Policies

As Sunday's protests unfold in Mexico, Lopez Obrador will be visiting the United States to address both Mexicans and Americans in Los Angeles about Trump's "poisonous" rhetoric. Trump recently said it is likely that Mexico will reimburse the United States for the wall in order to speed up construction. The US president has often referred to Mexican immigrants as "criminals" and "rapists" who should be kept on the other side of his proposed wall.

Science Hard fighting Burnley frustrate Premier League leaders Chelsea to draw
Author: 0 Hard fighting Burnley frustrate Premier League leaders Chelsea to draw

A quick-thinking fan turned out to be an unlikely hero for a young boy during Chelsea's 1-1 draw at Burnley on Sunday night. If not them, who do you think will usurp the Blues? Burnley have accumulated the third most points at home and come into this match bidding to win their sixth successive league match at the ground.

Author: 0 Take it Trump! North Korea test-fires ballistic missile

President Donald Trump took office last month. At about 8am local time (11pm GMT), a projectile, suspected to be either a short- or medium-range missile, was launched North Korea's Banghyon's air base. cooperation". "While the launch had the risk of backfiring and agitating President Trump, it's not like the U.S.' military can double or triple its size, or to hire Tony Stark", Cha Du-hyeogn, a former intelligence secretary to South Korean President Lee Myung-bak told NK News .

Science More whales strand as hundreds die
Author: 0 More whales strand as hundreds die

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of whale strandings in the world, with an average of 300 whales and dolphins arising in the country's beaches every year. Pilot whales grow up to six metres (20 feet) long and are the most common species of whale in New Zealand waters. But to the relief of rescuers, the high tide saved nearly all the rest of them.

Author: 0 Ex-foreign minister Steinmeier elected new German president

The German president has little executive power, but is considered an important moral authority and symbol of the country as its host for visiting dignitaries. In contrast to Gauck, Steinmeier is a career politician who served as chief of staff to former Chancellor Gerhard Schroder and later as foreign minister in Angela Merkel's first coalition government between 2005 and 2009.

Science Hundreds of Whales Stuck in New Zealand Now Swim Free
Author: 0 Hundreds of Whales Stuck in New Zealand Now Swim Free

In 1985, about 450 whales stranded in Auckland. Two separate incidents at Farewell Spit , South Island, led to around 650 whales becoming stranded over the last few days. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of whale beachings. Volunteers successfully refloated the 17 that were still stranded the next day. Sometimes described as a whale trap, the spit's long coastline and gently sloping beaches seem to make it hard for whales to navigate away from once they get close.

Science Is Hillary Clinton weighing in on the immigration ruling?
Author: 0 Is Hillary Clinton weighing in on the immigration ruling?

The former presidential candidate tweeted "3-0" after the ruling was handed down Thursday night. After Trump signed the executive order about the ban, Clinton weighed in and expressed her disapproval. Steven Goldstein thinks this was a victory for the American freedom. "The court has sided with refugees who thirst for hope over a president who yearns to hate".

Science Japanese scientists develop robotic pollinator
Author: 0 Japanese scientists develop robotic pollinator

The robots absorbed the pollen and then could be flown to a second flower, where the grains were deposited, artificially pollinating the plants and causing them to begin the process of producing seeds. Goulson said there are roughly 3.2 trillion bees - which feed themselves at no cost to us but also give us honey - and argued to replace them with machines would be incredibly expensive.

Science Friday night sky will feature partial eclipse of full Snow Moon, comet
Author: 0 Friday night sky will feature partial eclipse of full Snow Moon, comet

The moon will already be affected by the eclipse when it rises at 5:48 p.m. Friday evening. Eastern time. That's when the top of the moon will be the darkest gray from the Earth's shadow. The moon won't be blacked out like in a full eclipse. The peak of the eclipse should arrive at 6:43 PM Central time. A blue green head and fan shaped tail should be visible to you if the night sky is relatively pollution free.

Science Hot Wheels DLC announced for Rocket League
Author: 0 Hot Wheels DLC announced for Rocket League

Anyone who's familiar with Hot Wheels should recognize Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker , the two cars that are being added to she game. The video is a bit short, but it shows us how the Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker looks as a miniature toys, as well as its version of Rocket League .

Author: 0 Don't miss: Full snow moon and penumbral lunar eclipse this week

And considering the time of year, you better add some blankets. Basically, the external shadow of the Earth blocks part of the sun's rays from reaching the moon. The moon will spend more than four hours drifting through the Earth's external shadow which will appear darker than any typical night. February's full Moon is traditionally called the Full Snow Moon because usually the heaviest snows fall in February.

Author: 0 Pokemon Go Valentine's Day event will shower players with candy

The Pokemon GO Valentine's Day event begins today, February 8, and runs throughout the next seven days, ending at 11:00 am PST on February 15, the day after Valentine's Day . That's not all, the eggs will also give more often Melo, Igglybuff and Smoochum. But it remains to be seen how many people actually jump back into the game's fence due to this event.

Author: 0 Encryption for Data at Rest comes to Azure File Storage

According to , the new cloud computing service, which called Azure Backup, will ensure customers can use an off-site backup without the risk of their data being sent outside of the country. In addition to the UK Azure rollout, Microsoft is also planning to introduce the Azure cloud services, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 services in France.

Science Leicester City issue Claudio Ranieri with vote of confidence
Author: 0 Leicester City issue Claudio Ranieri with vote of confidence

The Foxes have struggled to get going this season, having won just five league games, in stark contrast to their incredible form last term which saw them win the Premier League. They then go to Swansea, who are only below the Foxes on goal difference, in the league on Sunday still looking for a top-flight away win this season.

Science Tesla belatedly joins massive tech movement against Trump travel ban
Author: 0 Tesla belatedly joins massive tech movement against Trump travel ban

You can read the brief in its entirety here, and the full list of participating companies here. MSFT, -0.06% - was filed Sunday with the 9th U.S. Circuit District Court of Appeals in San Francisco, which is reviewing a stay issued by a federal judge in Washington state temporarily blocking Trump's executive order against immigrants of seven mostly Muslim countries.

Science NC solar industry jobs grew 20% in 2016, group reports
Author: 0 NC solar industry jobs grew 20% in 2016, group reports

Despite the growth, Michigan's solar workforce was just 4.1 percent of California's, which included 100,050 people - the highest in the nation, according to the report. "Solar energy is a growth industry and it is outstanding to see Wisconsin-based businesses adding jobs to meet the demand for increased solar installations in Wisconsin and throughout the country", said Tyler Huebner, RENEW Wisconsin's executive director.

Science Tornadoes, Severe Storms Rip Through New Orleans Damaging Homes
Author: 0 Tornadoes, Severe Storms Rip Through New Orleans Damaging Homes

He says "As far as I can see, treetops are off, power lines down". This is a developing news story, return for updates. Hail up to baseball size also was reported in New Orleans with today's storms. Other tornadoes are possible, the weather service said. McMahan said early reports say Building 103 where SLS is manufactured has roof damage, "but the flight and test hardware all appear to be undamaged".

Author: 0 Read the full White House statement on Sally Yates

A scheduled Senate committee vote on Sen. Amid protests being held across America and the World against Mr Trump's so-called Muslim ban, Senator Ted Cruz, who ran against President Trump in the presidential candidate race, has defended his former rival, saying that his was "exactly right".

Author: 0 Tyson reports earnings as ag industry watches broilers, Trump threats

Net income increased $1.59 per share, up to $593 million. Revenues hit $9.16B in the September 2017 quarter, which was below the consensus $9.38B projection. The court complaint accused the companies of conspiring "to fix, raise, maintain and stabilize the price of broilers" by coordinating their respective outputs and limiting production "with the intent and expected result of increasing prices of broilers in the United States".

Author: 0 Fox Shares Decline on Mixed Quarterly Results

According to these analysts, the Low Revenue Estimate for Twenty-First Century Fox, 7.4 Billion and the High Revenue Estimate is 7.86 Billion. ( FOX ) reported a profit for its second quarter that rose from past year. (NASDAQ:FOXA)'s earnings per share has been growing at a 10.3 percent rate over the past 5 year when average revenue increase was noted as 2.4 percent.

Author: 0 Tiffany CEO Cumenal is out; chairman Kowalski becomes interim CEO

President Trump continued exercising his executive-order authority Friday, this time challenging the breadth and depth of Wall Street regulations imposed by the Obama administration in the aftermath of the Great Recession. However, the holiday sales rose by 7 percent in Asia Pacific region and in Japan by 16 percent, but in Europe and America, the sales declined as the value of the United States dollar intimidated foreign visitors and tourists.

Author: 0 UN Envoy Nikki Haley Condemns Russia's 'Aggressive Action' in Eastern Ukraine

As is customary in the 2 1/2-year war, both sides have traded blame for starting the fight. On Friday, global monitor Alexander Hug said ceasefire violations of the Minsk agreement are escalating. The flare-up in the simmering three-year-old conflict coincided with Ukraine assuming the month-long presidency of the United Nations Security Council.

Science Facebook to Pay $500 Million Over Virtual Reality Lawsuit
Author: 0 Facebook to Pay $500 Million Over Virtual Reality Lawsuit

The $500m Facebook and Oculus has to pay, while substantial, is much less than the $2bn (£1.6bn) originally asked for by ZeniMax. Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg told CNBC's Julia Boorstin that she was "disappointed in certain elements of the decision".

Science Weather: Freezing rain arrives late afternoon
Author: 0 Weather: Freezing rain arrives late afternoon

Low pressure moving across Western Oregon Saturday morning will move across the Cascades today, likely allowing enough onshore flow to push the Columbia Gorge and Hood River Valley above freezing, thus ending the snow and ice event. Heavy snow is expected to continue in the mountains through the day on Saturday . "Monday morning commute could be". Low around 41. South southwest wind 9 to 17 miles per hour, with gusts as high as 21 miles per hour.

Author: 0 London protesters call for United Kingdom to withdraw Trump invitation

After all, this is a ban on Muslims from seven countries, four of which have been bombed and occupied by American troops. He finished by saying "We can fight Trump's policies, we can fight that division". A few days ago the U.S. President Donald Trump held a meeting in Washington with the British Prime Minister Theresa May, the first world leader who visited the White House for negotiations with the newly elected POTUS, and that does have a reasonable explanation.

Author: 0 House Republicans vote to expand gun access for mentally impaired

The rule, which is to be implemented sometime before the end of this year, would require the Social Security Administration to report information on all beneficiaries of disability or supplemental insurance who require help managing their benefits due to a mental disorder for inclusion in the background check system.

Science Audi tackles gender equality in Super Bowl spot
Author: 0 Audi tackles gender equality in Super Bowl spot

Audi is taking the occasion of Super Bowl 2017 to drop some truth bombs. "Pay equality is a big message for a big stage", said Loren Angelo, vice president of marketing at Audi of America, in a statement. Now, if only I made as much as a man, so I could actually afford an Audi ... So. working women are careening downhill in a cart race, just hoping they edge out the men? The issue is a "wage gap", and there is, indeed, a wage gap between men and women in America.