Author: 0 The VLT gears up to look for planets in Alpha Centauri

A no-go for life. That's not exactly conducive to the survival of life as we know it. ESO confirmed the existence of a planet, Proxima B, in August 2016, reigniting scientific interest in the trinary star system. Traditionally applied to the sun to aid observation of the corona, the sun's outer atmosphere, astronomers have only recently started to apply the technique to attempt direct photography of exoplanets .

Author: 0 Julio Jones insists Richard Sherman play near end was interference

Even if you go by the trends, they are not all bad for Seattle. "But I feel like we're built for that and we're looking forward to the challenge". Both positive and negative, I've learned from all of those experiences and. The approach is working for Ryan. Jones had seven catches for 139 yards and a touchdown in the regular season meeting with ESPN crediting him with three catches for 40 yards when matched up with Sherman.

Author: 0 Satantastic! Dodge Announces Challenger Demon

In case you didn't get the memo, the Challenger SRT Hellcat is powered by a beastly, supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engine that cranks out a staggering 707 horsepower and 650 foot-pounds of torque. Now, two years later, Dodge is raising the bar again with the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Additionally, Dodge fans are invited to check the webpage for updates on the Hellcat-beating Demon.

Author: 0 Stonehenge tunnel plans given go-ahead by government

The road, now a single carriageway, is a notorious bottleneck on the route to the South West. Officials said the tunnel would remove the sight and sound of traffic for people visiting Stonehenge and improve journey times. It would move the A303 into a tunnel under the popular tourist site. A public consultation on the scheme will run until March 5. Dr Mike Heyworth MBE, director of the Council for British Archaeology, said: 'These proposals are the latest in a long-running saga, but need ...

Author: 0 Alphabet X shutters Titan moves team to Wing and Loon

Google has suspended research on its solar-powered drone, the company confirmed on Wednesday, less than three years after inheriting the project through its acquisition of Titan Aerospace. In mid-2015, the Titan team also experienced a crash in the Arizona desert which was later linked to a wing fault. Alphabet pointed out that many specialists working on the Titan project were reassigned to work on new projects like Project Wing and Project Loon .

Author: 0 Would The Arctic Still Be The Arctic Without The Polar Bear?

The announcement prompted pushback from zoologist Susan J. Crockford, founder of the Polar Bear Science website , who blasted the service for igniting a rash of "sensationalized nonsense" by fueling alarmist media reports . But as the planet warms and the amount of Arctic sea ice continues to dwindle, scientists expect the population to take a significant hit. During the late summer and early fall when the sea ice melts away, polar bears are unable to hunt so they use the stored up fat ...

Author: 0 Scientists conclude moon is older than suspected at 4.51 billion years

A bombardment birth would explain a major inconsistency in the prevailing hypothesis that the Moon splintered off in a single, giant impact between Earth and a Mars-sized celestial body. The model they have made has been the same with the current notion on how the Moon has been formed. There's a problem with this single-impact hypothesis, though.

Science Microsoft Attempts to Assuage Windows 10 Privacy Concerns
Author: 0 Microsoft Attempts to Assuage Windows 10 Privacy Concerns

Previews of the Creators Update are already being tested by those on the Windows Insider Program . The new Windows Share experience will pop-up the new share flyout within the app you are sharing from and give you a list of applications you can share to.

Science Sony announces Glacier White PlayStation 4
Author: 0 Sony announces Glacier White PlayStation 4

That console came with a white DualShock 4 controller, and it still gets compliments when my friends come over to play. As well as rivaling the sleek Robot White Xbox One S, released last summer, this model may appeal to those rocking both consoles and want to match up their color schemes.

Science IBM filed another 8000 patents in 2016
Author: 0 IBM filed another 8000 patents in 2016

No other company in USA history has managed to get 8,000 patents in a single a single year. "Although it was a bit of a down year for Japan, Asia as a whole continues to make impressive gains with US patents", said Mike Baycroft, CEO of IFI CLAIMS .

Author: 0 Samsung launches the Gear S3 smartwatch in India for Rs 28500

The Gear S3 is offered in two variants - Classic and Frontier. Gear S3 is compatible with any 22mm watch band so that the users can quickly change their watch bands to match their outfit. The Gear S3 focuses on improvements in nearly all quarters - display size, protection, more RAM, more and improved options for fitness tracking and more importantly better battery life - over its predecessor, according to Samsung.

Science Apple to build servers for data centers at suburban Phoenix plant
Author: 0 Apple to build servers for data centers at suburban Phoenix plant

However, this will represent as only a consolidation process, as sources close to Apple have strongly hinted that Apple's other U.S. centers are now producing servers on their own. When the company declared bankruptcy, Apple took ownership of the plant. Though the facility will be created to support Apple's American data centers, the company has data-center facilities around the world including in both Ireland and Denmark .

Author: 0 An asteroid swooped right between the Earth and the moon today

Asteroid 2017 AG13 passed just 126,461 miles away from Earth, which on an astronomical scale is too close to unsafe consequences. Length of the asteroid is between 15 to 34 meters, and it passed across earth at 16 km per second. The asteroid 2017 AG13 has an estimated size between 11m and 34m. "It is not that uncommon of an event, which is one of the reasons it is interesting", Mark Sykes , director and CEO of the Planetary Science Institute, told Business Insider in an email.

Science Hugh Laurie Grateful for Win at 'Last-Ever Golden Globes'
Author: 0 Hugh Laurie Grateful for Win at 'Last-Ever Golden Globes'

Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman, Tom Hollander, Tobias Menzies, Elizabeth Debicki, Douglas Hodge, and Antonio de la Torre star in the series. "It's just that it has "Hollywood", "foreign" and "press" in the title". Being the nice guy and Unicef advocate that he is, Hiddleston highlighted the valuable work of aid workers helping children in Sudan, dedicating his win to them.

Author: 0 GM's Bolt wins coveted vehicle of the Year award

Congratulations to all the winners and make sure to follow our ongoing coverage of the North American International Auto Show! "The Bolt EV fulfills Chevrolet's promise to offer an affordable, long-range electric", said Mark Reuss, executive vice president, GM Global Product Development.

Author: 0 Trump threatens Toyota over Mexico factory plans

Toyota has become the latest auto manufacturer to be threatened with a "big border tax" by Donald Trump for building vehicles in Mexico. "NO WAY! Build plant in United States or pay big border tax", Trump said in a post on Twitter. Through to November previous year, Toyota had imported 123,439 units into the U.S., while rival manufacturers like Ford (351,691), Fiat Chrysler (404,160), Nissan (464,877), General Motors (495,790) stand well above Toyota's current rates.

Author: 0 SpaceX launch from VAFB pushed to Monday

SpaceX plans to return to flight Sunday after an accident this summer grounded the fleet. After a four month investigation SpaceX says it figured out the cause of the explosion: a failed helium pressure tank. The Satellite Network Operations Center at Iridium is rehearsing for a new satellite to be launched on a SpaceX rocket that will start replacing an aging commercial constellation.

Author: 0 Mystery cosmic radio bursts pinpointed

But while those explanations may fit an ordinary FRB, FRB 121102 is repeating, and that brings a new wrinkle into the equation. Finally it seems that our stars have aligned and researchers have discovered that these FRBs are actually coming from a dwarf galaxy just outside our Milky Way.

Author: 0 Nasa announces new missions including Jupiter's Trojan asteroid belt

The reconnaissance mission of the primitive asteroids will hold important clues in studying the history of the solar system and how the planets were formed. Recently the US Space agency, NASA has declared the launch of two new missions. "These missions will help us learn about the infancy of our solar system, a period just 10 million years after the birth of our Sun", Green said.

Author: 0 Astronaut Peggy Whitson (Image courtesy of NASA)

The walk on Friday, which starts at 7 a.m. ET and continues for 6.5 hours, is the first of two spacewalks coming up. On Friday, Commander Shane Kimbrough and NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson are heading out of the ISS on a spacewalk . They'll be installing adapter plates to temporarily stow the older batteries, among other duties. ISS astronauts try to minimize the amount of time they spend outside the station, because spacewalks carry significant risks - a fact clearly underscored by ...

Author: 0 This Amazon Echo Lookalike Has Better Speakers (and It's Cheaper)

Today's announcements helped to clarify that, but there will surely be more info and details about exactly how Alexa will be used and any potential limitations in the coming days. Hundreds of companies have added Amazon's Alexa software to their gadgets and services, solidifying the technology giant's lead over Google and Microsoft in the race to dominate artificial intelligence.

Author: 0 Curry scores 35 as Warriors topple Trail Blazers

The Blazers have lost eight of their last 10 games when playing the second game of a back-to-back situation both SU and ATS, and they will be exhausted after running up and down the floor with the Warriors the night before. Overall, the Trail Blazers scored 12 points and committed two turnovers while guarded by Durant. On the whole, it took a little more than anyone expected for the Warriors to come out ahead against the Blazers, and one of the culprits was (surprise!) turnovers of the ...

Science Vine to Transform Into Vine Camera App on January 17
Author: 0 Vine to Transform Into Vine Camera App on January 17

We'll notify you through the app when this feature is available. Back in October of 2016, the internet community got dealt a huge blow with word that Twitter would be shutting down its popular (and meme'd up) platform Vine , which made a number of Vine stars off six-second videos.

Author: 0 Citing non-specific regulations, Apple removes NYT apps from Chinese App Store

An Apple spokesman said the app was removed for "a violation of local regulations", however the request is seen as a wider attack on the New York Times for critical coverage of China. Apple Inc. has released new sales data and other bits of information about its popular App Store which, though not comprehensive, offer an interesting peek behind the curtain from a company known for secrecy when it comes to figures.

Author: 0 Tesla's Gigafactory has started making batteries for the Model 3

The building of its factory is not yet complete - it is only 30 per cent operational - but Tesla and Panasonic have started to make batteries so that production can be ramped up. Tesla will likely provide additional insight on Model 3 progress as it closes the first quarter and begins production on Model 3 components. After Tesla brings cell production from Japan to the USA for its vehicles, the percentage of content in its vehicles made in the US could jump from around 55% to around 90% ...

Science Ford plans to build hybrid F-150s and Mustangs
Author: 0 Ford plans to build hybrid F-150s and Mustangs

Scheduled to debut in 2020, the hybrid Mustang will "deliver V8 power and even more low-end torque", which should mean a turbocharged V6 aided by electric muscle. While just one of them will be built in the city, both will receive their law-enforcement hardware at the company's Chicago-based police modification center.

Science Oldest known orca 'Granny' missing, considered dead
Author: 0 Oldest known orca 'Granny' missing, considered dead

In the Center for Whale Research eulogy, founder Ken Balcom wrote, "We have now seen J2 thousands of times in the past 40 years, and in recent years she has been in the lead of J pod virtually every time that she has been seen by anyone".

Science Ford Plans to Bring 700 Jobs to US
Author: 0 Ford Plans to Bring 700 Jobs to US

Trump has strongly criticised major United States firms for moving jobs outside America to areas with cheaper labour markets to boost profits. "And, therefore, we're looking at our capacity and saying, 'You know what, we can build that in an existing facility and use capacity that we already have, '" Fields said in an an interview on CNBC's "Halftime Report".

Science LG's 2017 TVs take UHD to
Author: 0 LG's 2017 TVs take UHD to "Super" territory with Nano Cell

The 2017 LG Super UHD TVs will also use improved Ultra Luminance technology to boost image brightness and highlights. The next generation of HDR content will will come with brighter scenes and greater shadow detail and active HDR allows the TV to process the HDR picture frame-by-frame and inserts dynamic data where needed.

Science Broncos Coach Gary Kubiak Reportedly Resigning Amid Health Concerns
Author: 0 Broncos Coach Gary Kubiak Reportedly Resigning Amid Health Concerns

Kubiak suffered a mini-stroke and collapsed on the sideline at halftime of a game in 2013 when he was head coach of the Houston Texans. According to ESPN's original report , Kubiak will finalize his plans for the future next week. Gary Kubiak could be coaching his last game Sunday. "I love this league", Kubiak told reporters , per Schefter. "There will be time for reflection and all of that stuff next week".

Science Honda to recall 650000 Odyssey minivans
Author: 0 Honda to recall 650000 Odyssey minivans

The second-row outboard seats have release levers for the walk-in feature which folds the seatback and slides the seat forward for access to the third-row seats. There will be fewer minivans recalled in Mexican and Canada but Honda did not disclose the amount of vehicles involved. Honda will begin notifying owners in mid-February.