Science Silva to replace Jones in UFC 200 bout against Cormier
Author: 0 Silva to replace Jones in UFC 200 bout against Cormier

One name we didn't expected to see pop on the list of potential contenders, however, was Anderson Silva . The three-day notice is unheard of in the fight world, which is the same thing people said when Nate Diaz agreed to take on Conor McGregor on just 11 days' notice.

Author: 0 Scores of bodies from South Sudan gunfire, Juba doctor says

Despite the forming of a unity government and power-sharing between Kiir and his former rival-turned-deputy Machar, violence has continued across the country, particularly among local militias driven by local agendas. Worldwide organizations have limited their movements in recent days. Many people remained indoors. The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has condemned the indiscriminate shooting attack on a senior United Nations agency official in South Sudanese capital Juba on ...

Author: 0 Tesla Facing Distribution And Autopilot Problems

In a letter to Musk , signed by President Jamie Court, Executive Director Carmen Balber and Privacy Project Director John M. Simpson, the public interest group also criticized Tesla's delay in revealing the fatal Florida accident. " Tesla does not find it necessary, nor does any automaker, to share the details of every accident that occur in a Tesla vehicle ". "At a minimum, autopilot must be disabled until the complete results of NHTSA's investigation are released".

Author: 0 Players in hunt for Pokemon Go monsters feel real-world pain

Head to your Downloads section on the phone, tap on the Pokemon Go APK and it will install. "By the second day, I went a few blocks out of my way on the way home from work to find a few more", Goldfarb shared. Stop by The Age HQ for some pokeballs, or maybe an egg . For those of you who are unfamiliar, in Pokemon GO you are tasked with exploring the real world and catching the various Pokemon that are scattered about.

Author: 0 NTSB to investigate crash of Tesla with Autopilot engaged

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Wednesday that it was collecting information from the Pennsylvania State Police, Tesla and the driver to find out whether automated functions were in use at the time of the crash. The truck driver said the Tesla driver was watching a Harry Potter movie on a screen at the time of the crash. "That is simply unheard of in auto safety", he said.

Author: 0 Zubat Is The Worst: Our First Day With Pokemon Go

Being a Pokemon Trainer, the game will provide you with a variety of items from the start or unlock them later in the game. After a rollout in Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world, Niantic and Nintendo's augmented reality app Pokemon GO was released in the USA late Wednesday night.

Author: 0 Newspaper warns Beijing prepare for military confrontation

The arbitration case had been orchestrated by the Philippines and the U.S. to portray China as "an outcast from a rules-based global community", said an editorial in the China Daily . While China and the Philippines remain divided over the South China Sea , Beijing has reacted strongly against Manila's attempts to seek a third party solution to the maritime dispute.

Science Things You Should Know About the FBI Hearing With James Comey
Author: 0 Things You Should Know About the FBI Hearing With James Comey

Clinton had previously stated she had not sent any classified information in her emails. Comey chose to act on his own, in what a former Justice Department spokesman described as "a gross abuse of his own power". Back in October 2015, Benghazi Committee member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) questioned Hillary Clinton about the handling of her emails, noting that she had altered her response over time about no classified material being sent or received (on her private server) to no material "marked ...

Science Neanderthal cannibalism evidence found in Belgium
Author: 0 Neanderthal cannibalism evidence found in Belgium

Bocherens says the fact that Neanderthal bones were used for this very goal was something they had seen at very few sites and nowhere as frequently as in Goyet. The researchers say it appears the human remains were used in the same way as other animals. The cave discovery is notable not only for the high number of bones discovered, but also because of its location - while past examples of Neanderthal cannibalism and non-cannibalistic treatments of the dead have been found elsewhere, this ...

Science Senate passes GMO labeling legislation
Author: 0 Senate passes GMO labeling legislation

He went on to say, "While I will never fully support federally mandating the disclosure of information that has absolutely nothing to do with nutrition, health, or safety, it is my expectation that this legislation will be considered on the House floor next week, and it is my intention to support this bill ".

Science Good News For Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Is Bad News For Investors
Author: 0 Good News For Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Is Bad News For Investors

Vetr cut Tesla Motors from a "sell" rating to a "strong sell" rating and set a $223.56 price target for the a report on Wednesday, April 6th. Tesla Motors Inc. has had rough weeks and it is bound to get even rougher. A number of hedge funds and institutional investors have recently bought and sold shares of the stock.

Author: 0 OMG - Calvin Harris Wrote a Breakup Song About Hiddlewift!!

In his new song, Olé , which is "allegedly" scheduled to be released Friday , Harris has created an angry ballad [from Tom Hiddleston's POV] about the final days before their dramatic breakup. That's so, he complains, "you can call me to tell me you've been going through hell". The Thor star was just one of the many celebrity friends the pop star invited to her Rhode Island home to celebrate America's national holiday on Monday (04Jul16), but the two clearly only had eyes for each ...

Science Clinton says Dallas shooting an 'absolutely horrific event'
Author: 0 Clinton says Dallas shooting an 'absolutely horrific event'

The gunfire broke out Thursday night while hundreds of people were gathered to protest fatal police shootings this week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and suburban St. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee planned to hold a roundtable lunch at Versailles Cuban restaurant with high-profile supporters, including U.S.

Science Trump's VP list shortens, and Christie's near the top
Author: 0 Trump's VP list shortens, and Christie's near the top

Sanford said Trump's lack of knowledge about how many articles exist, gave him "a little pause". "I'm a Republican and I want to support the nominee", Kinzinger said after leaving the meeting early. After Trump's address to senators, he met with Cruz for the first since the Texas senator dropped his presidential bid in May. The ads, focused in the districts of 10 vulnerable lawmakers, will be running on cable networks; one of them, "Sidekick", likens Trump to a schoolyard bully and ...

Science Obama slows down U.S. troop withdrawal in Afghanistan
Author: 0 Obama slows down U.S. troop withdrawal in Afghanistan

Mr. Obama said the decision, which will reduce the USA force from the current 9,800 troops, won't alter the soldiers' narrow missions of training and advising Afghan security forces, and waging counterterrorism operations. The US president's most recent estimate for that figure was 5,500. Yet Obama, who had hoped to leave office with the US disentangled from Afghanistan, appeared to settle on a number that would show continued progress toward drawing down without jeopardizing the mission.

Author: 0 Samsung on course for best quarterly profit in two years

It racked up operating profit of 12.8 trillion won past year, beating the 10.1 trillion won earned by the mobile unit. Apple's new iPhones are due later this year so it remains to be seen if Samsung's mobile division, and thus the company's overall finances, can continue in this positive vein amid increased competition.

Author: 0 Philandro Castile investigation top priority

At a vigil Thursday night that brought together 1,500 people outside the school where Castile worked, Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman spoke of young black men "not knowing where to put your hands because any gesture can result in a shooting".

Science IOS 10 will let you remove Apple's default apps
Author: 0 IOS 10 will let you remove Apple's default apps

Apple is opening iMessages to developers, allowing them to create more experiences for the platform, such as sending money to a friend. Apple has put out a support page confirming this move which confirms removing Contacts app won't delete contact information.

Science Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Flunks Dunk Test
Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Flunks Dunk Test

In response to Consumer Reports' findings, Samsung claimed that it's possible some specific units could be defective, and that the company is investigating the issue. "The Samsung Galaxy S7 active device is one of the most rugged phones to date and is highly resistant to scratches and IP68 certified", the company said in a written statement.

Author: 0 What to expect during the Juno's mission to Jupiter

Once it reached 130,000 miles per hour, the ship could optimally slide into Jupiter's orbital, where NASA turned the ship to face the sun so its 18,698 solar cells could power the ship, according to the mission's fact sheet . Jupiter is the most dominant planet in our solar system. Before this, astronomers never saw motion of a huge celestial body against another, said Scott Bolton, principal investigator of Juno mission, in a statement on Monday night while confirming the probe's ...

Science Typhoon drenches Taiwan, kills 2 people; floods hit Manila
Author: 0 Typhoon drenches Taiwan, kills 2 people; floods hit Manila

Super Typhoon Nepartak has made landfall about 15 kilometers south of Taitung, Taiwan . Last year Super Typhoon Dujuan killed three people and left more than 300 injured in Taiwan , leaving a trail of destruction. Although the typhoon was losing power, disaster response officials remain concerned that the heavy rains could trigger floods and landslides in the rugged terrain.

Author: 0 Samsung Electronics Recorded Positive Earnings Surprise in Q2

Those features are missing from the latest iPhone. The company will be releasing a new Galaxy Note 7 this coming month and apparently, there are some stylus-based features that have been discovered. Samsung is the world's No. 2 chipmaker and has dominated production of faster, larger-capacity chips using a technology called 3D NAND. "The Information Technology & Mobile Communication [IM] division as well as consumer electronics products including TVs performed better than expected", said ...

Science Michael Bay Reveals New Transformers
Author: 0 Michael Bay Reveals New Transformers

Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth instalment in Michael Bay's increasingly explosive explosion-based franchise, is now filming. Filming for the movie, whose title is Transformers: The Last Knight , started earlier in the summer.

Science Check due diligence list leaked online, Thomson-Reuters admits
Author: 0 Check due diligence list leaked online, Thomson-Reuters admits

World-Check provides banks, corporates, law enforcement, governments and intelligence agencies with security screenings about people and entities. The discovery of such leaks isn't new for Vickery who in the last the seven months alone has uncovered three major security breaches in databases.

Science First shots of LaFerrari 'Aperta'
Author: 0 First shots of LaFerrari 'Aperta'

The LaFerrari convertible will arrive as a limited-edition model, and earlier rumors claimed that just 150 examples will be offered. The LaFerrari is the Italian marque's first ever hybrid vehicle. Ferrari has beefed up the chassis to try and retain the same torsional rigidity as the coupe. The company has also reworked the car's aerodynamics to uphold the coupe's drag coefficient when the convertible roof is stowed.

Science New Bespin DLC for Star Wars Battlefront releases
Author: 0 New Bespin DLC for Star Wars Battlefront releases

Star Wars Battlefront is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the Daily Star , " Star Wars Battlefront " boasts of new developments that will improve the gameplay and other features of the game. However, despite the possibility that the offline action mode may be authentic, EA has yet to confirm the feature's release. To make the expansion even more worth the wait, additional weapons are now available and Star Cards are just around the bend.

Author: 0 First day of summer and longest day of the year on Monday

The summer solstice also marks the longest day of the year . In addition, when the sun sets, the Full Strawberry Moon will keep the light coming! Indigenous Peoples have observed the solstice with great ceremony since time immemorial, and celebrations continue to this day, some of them resurrecting ancient commemorations.

Science Sidecar driver killed in crash at Isle of Man TT
Author: 0 Sidecar driver killed in crash at Isle of Man TT

Paul Shoesmith, 50, made his TT Races debut in 2005 and died on Saturday on the Sulby Straight of the island's world famous course. He returned past year, finishing 17th. Organisers offered their sympathy to the family and friends of both Mr Shoesmith and Mr Beare. ACU Events added that Dwight's passenger, Isle of Man native Benjamin Binns, "was airlifted to Nobles Hospital where he was described as being stable with a fractured ankle".

Science Dragon Ball Fusions for 3DS to Get Limited Edition Bundle
Author: 0 Dragon Ball Fusions for 3DS to Get Limited Edition Bundle

The same seems to be the case for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. In the issue - via Anime News Network - it was revealed that Japan will get the sequel to the popular 2015 fighting game this winter. The Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 game follows a path where instead of it wanting you to change and fix history, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 actually has you change history.

Science Google releases new Cardboard SDK + VR View for iOS & web developers
Author: 0 Google releases new Cardboard SDK + VR View for iOS & web developers

This process restricts discovery because users are limited in what they can view and how (plus developers have to take on the expense of creating full-blown VR apps in order to showcase VR content). Google has just done something that will make virtual reality more accessible. Samsung also has partnered with Facebook, and last November, it released its Samsung Gear VR.

Science Scientists Think Ninth Planet May Have Caused Earth Mass Extinctions!
Author: 0 Scientists Think Ninth Planet May Have Caused Earth Mass Extinctions!

In 1985, Whitmire worked as an astrophysicist at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. "Dr. Daniel Whitmire, a retired professor of astrophysics, published a paper that a recently inferred ninth planet (Planet X) causes catastrophic comet showers on Earth at intervals of approximately 27 million years".

Science Microsoft is finally bringing Windows 10 to (some) old phones
Author: 0 Microsoft is finally bringing Windows 10 to (some) old phones

Microsoft is only offering Windows 10 Mobile for devices where they are confident that phone can continue to deliver a good customer experience. If your smartphone made the list, you can download the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app from the Windows Store to being the process.

Author: 0 Xiaomi to launch its Mi 5 phone in India on Thursday

Unveiled to the world late last month, the Mi 5 was announced in three variants. It is unclear whether Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro will also be launched in India this week. Xiaomi has been accused of meting out step motherly treatment to Indian consumers with either skipping important smartphone models (like Mi 4c) or bringing out models way after its China release (like Mi4).