Science Tesla considers opening plant in China
Author: 0 Tesla considers opening plant in China

Meanwhile, thanks to subsidies and incentives, China's electric-vehicle market is booming-thanks to subsidies and other incentives for consumers and manufacturers, new registrations have far surpassed that of the US. Eight analysts have rated the stock with a sell rating, eleven have issued a hold rating and fourteen have given a buy rating to the company. $6.24 million worth of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) was sold by DENHOLM ROBYN M on Monday, May 8.

Science Honor 9 lands in the European market
Author: 0 Honor 9 lands in the European market

The octa-core Kirin 655 processor is same as it comes in Honor 6X. As said above, United Kingdom received 4GB of RAM with 64GB configuration, while the rest of Europe has received the 6GB of RAM with 64GB edition. The Honor 8 Pro is the latest smartphone to join the dual camera bandwagon and thus it comes with a pair of 12-megapixel sensors where one sensor will help capture images in RGBw while the other sensor will capture details in monochrome.

Author: 0 CNN staffers are out over retracted Russian Federation investigation story

CNN accepted the resignations of Pulitzer-prize nominated journalist Thomas Frank , assistant managing editor Eric Lichtblau , and executive editor in charge of investigations, Lex Harris , Politico reported Monday. Links to the story have been disabled. The story was posted to and shared on social media, but it did not receive air time on the network, Stelter reported.

Science New Planet Lurking in the Shadows of the Kuiper Belt?
Author: 0 New Planet Lurking in the Shadows of the Kuiper Belt?

This artist's impression gives us an idea of what Planet 10 might look like. The official definition of a planet , as voted by the International Astronomical Union in 2006, is "a celestial body that (a) is in orbit around the Sun, (b) has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape, and (c) has cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit".

Author: 0 England hit by Lauren Winfield injury on eve of Women's World Cup

The iconic Women's World Cup is the most awaited tournament in the women's circuit, and away from the glaring eyes of the media, the top eight sides in the world compete for the coveted trophy. Only reigning world champions Australia had previously made a success of chasing a bigger target in a women's one-day global. England have suffered a setback on the eve of their Women's World Cup campaign getting under way after announcing opener Lauren Winfield will miss the India clash ...

Author: 0 Pilot Asks Passengers to Pray as Plane Shakes for Two Hours

The plane landed back in Perth around 10:00am, with emergency services on site as a precaution. "We were asleep and heard a loud bang around the 1-hour-and-15-minute mark", passenger Damien Stevens told CNN . The flight crew advised passengers to "say a prayer", passenger Sophie Nicolas told the outlet. A lot of people were crying and everybody burst into applause when the plane landed safely, she said.

Science Air Force Thunderbird plane involved in 'mishap' in Ohio
Author: 0 Air Force Thunderbird plane involved in 'mishap' in Ohio

The Sheriff's Office said two occupants were reportedly still inside the aircraft on the runway. A tweet from the Thunderbirds indicated the incident occurred while the plane was landing at 12:20 p.m. The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds are the headlining act for the annual Dayton Air Show , which is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. There have been no reports of injuries or fuel leaks.

Science Overwatch loot boxes will have fewer duplicates, more game-credit rewards
Author: 0 Overwatch loot boxes will have fewer duplicates, more game-credit rewards

This will hopefully solve the super annoying problem of opening loot boxes during events, getting excited when you see a legendary-level item in there, and then being incredibly disappointed when it turns out you already have that skin. These can be bound to single button or a button per highlight slot in the Options menu under "Request Highlight". First, the game will continue to automatically generate highlights bases on the most recent gameplay session.

Author: 0 Ronaldo summoned to answer judge's questions on tax fraud

Mourinho's management team - Gestifute - and Real Madrid did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment. Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of defrauding the Spanish authorities of taxes worth excess of £13 million ($AU22m) between 2011 and 2014.

Science Feel the burn: Experts warn of more deadly heat waves for Vietnam
Author: 0 Feel the burn: Experts warn of more deadly heat waves for Vietnam

The climate is evolving at such a fast pace that humans will eventually adapt to higher temperatures more easily. So far this year, seven have done so. The young and the elderly are the most at risk when temperatures rise, as well as those in less developed nations without access to air conditioning and medical care.

Science Shipping 2017 Holiday Packages Will Cost More At UPS
Author: 0 Shipping 2017 Holiday Packages Will Cost More At UPS

The new charges are needed to help pay for additional holiday capacity in airplanes and trucks purchased at short-term premium rates, as well as to offset the cost of temporary facilities and seasonal help. There will be no additional charges for residential ground-shipped packages during the two-week period from December 3 to December 16. UPS in 2015 said it would begin levying peak surcharges for residential packages, after hiring more temporary employees than it had forecast to handle ...

Science Heat-sensitive eclipse postage stamp will change when touched
Author: 0 Heat-sensitive eclipse postage stamp will change when touched

The stamp, called Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever, was designed by Antonio Alcalá , and uses thermochromic ink . As you press your finger on the stamp, the image of a solar eclipse-based on a photograph from March 29, 2006, shot in Libya-becomes an image of the moon.

Science Tracker-Blocking Firefox Focus Browser Arrives on Android
Author: 0 Tracker-Blocking Firefox Focus Browser Arrives on Android

If the browser is running in the background on your device, the Android version will send you a notification so you have a chance to erase your browser history. There is nothing differ from the iOS Firefox app, but something is more in Android. The non-profit browser maker's Firefox Focus automatically blocks a "wide range" of online trackers and makes it easier to delete browsing history, passwords and cookies.

Author: 0 Congressman's condition 'more difficult' than first thought

Steve Scalise and four others at a Wednesday practice for the game in Alexandria, Va. Hodgkinson has been identified as the suspect in the Wednesday, June. "He clearly knows they're there and appreciates their presence", Sava said. The shooter was identified as James T. Hodgkinson , a 66-year-old home inspector from IL.

Science Details on Obamacare replacement bill shouldn't be secret
Author: 0 Details on Obamacare replacement bill shouldn't be secret

While Democrats lack the votes to stop Republicans from passing their health care bill, objecting to unanimous consent requests would mean roll-call votes are required for matters such as allowing any Senate committee of any kind to meet for more than two hours.

Author: 0 NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life

The planet candidates, announced this afternoon by the U.S. space agency, are in the final catalogue from Kepler's survey of the patch of sky in our galaxy known as the Cygnus constellation . If it is confirmed, though, it may become the most Earth-like planet in the catalogue, so far. So far, these planets, which scientists refer to as "super-Earths" and "mini-Neptunes", have not been found in Earth's solar system, though scientists are on the hunt for a potential ninth planet far ...

Science Alex Jones interview draws 3.5 million viewers
Author: 0 Alex Jones interview draws 3.5 million viewers

If this had been a " 60 Minutes " interview, Jones did enough shuffling to look plenty squirrelly, without delivering what might be called a classic Mike Wallace moment. Answered Kelly: "Of course, there is no evidence on the other side". Long-running CBS newsmagazine " 60 Minutes " easily beat out the former Fox New anchor with 5.3 million viewers, even though the story selection was hardly at attention-grabbing - the program ran stories on first responders in war-torn Syria, chess-playing ...

Science China bounced an
Author: 0 China bounced an "unhackable" quantum signal between cities

Chinese scientists on Thursday reported a major breakthrough in quantum communication: A pair of entangled photons over a distance of 1,200 km have been successfully transmitted from space to Earth. This uncertainty of the quantum is the property which enables people engaged in private communications to know if they are being spied on. "This is the first time you have a quantum channel between a satellite and the ground that you can actually use", Norbert Lütkenhaus, a professor at ...

Science Atari CEO confirms: New gaming console in development
Author: 0 Atari CEO confirms: New gaming console in development

He also added that the console would be based on PC technology and the company is still working on the design that will be revealed at a later date. However, it certainly is a real product, and the CEO of Atari has come public to confirm that.

Science Beyond Good & Evil 2 Shown Off at Ubisoft's E3 Presser
Author: 0 Beyond Good & Evil 2 Shown Off at Ubisoft's E3 Presser

Beyond Good and Evil is a "seamless online playground" that allows players to discover new worlds across a wide cosmos. "Under development at #Ubisoft Montpellier, " #Beyond Good and Evil 2 " is both a prequel and a spiritual successor to the original title released in 2003.

Author: 0 Aisha Tyler Is Saying Goodbye To 'The Talk'

Julie Chen confirmed that Tyler would be on the show until July, and said that Tyler "made the last six years of my life so solid and amusing and smart and just secure, I couldn't fly this plane with any other person to my right". In one post, Aisha wrote that life is about change and sometimes it can be both painful and attractive. Go follow your dreams, Aisha! "Life is about change", she wrote.

Science Growing frenzy outside court as Cosby deliberations wear on
Author: 0 Growing frenzy outside court as Cosby deliberations wear on

BRENDAN MCDERMIDActor and TV host Bill Cosby on his way to court for his sexual assault case deliberation. A four-hour deliberation followed after Monday's hearings, but observers have not been able to glean much from the faces of the jurors as to determine what their leanings could be.

Author: 0 This Is Apple's Insanely Powerful New iMac Pro

The iMac Pro is also equipped with a new space gray enclosure and a 27-inch Retina 5K display with support for one billion colors. The 13 inch version now boasts the same Kaby Lake processor up to 3.5 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 4.0 GHz.

Author: 0 Jeff Sessions testifies before the Senate on Russia

Comey also said he told Sessions that he did not want to be left alone with Trump, because he didn't think it was appropriate for the president and the Federal Bureau of Investigation director to have private meetings. Ranking Member Senator Mark Warner was cordial but stern. Sessions was asked about all of this under oath Tuesday by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the lead congressional committee on Russian Federation.

Author: 0 E3 2017: Xbox One Getting Cross-Play With Nintendo Switch For Minecraft

Public servers as you must be aware of, are open to everyone can contain millions of players. And finally there are the console editions, the most popular by aggregate sales and maintained by third-party 4J Studios . Microsoft's desire for convergence has its limits, though. The PS4 and Xbox 360 versions of Minecraft will retain their platform-specific names, while the Java version will formally be named Minecraft : Java Edition, which is what most players call it anyway.

Author: 0 Rocket League Coming to Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem Warriors is launching on Nintendo Switch , Fall 2017. Assuaging many fans' speculative anxiety, Nintendo dropped a big shell when it announced that Metroid 4 , the long-gestating next entry in the fan-favorite Metroid series, was in development.

Author: 0 AMD releases 'Radeon Pro 500' Series graphics for iMac

Apple also confirmed that the standard iMac lineup will ship with new 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processors , at up to 4.2 GHz with Turbo Boost or up to 4.5 GHz. All the MacBook Pro will feature Apple's Touch Bar coupled with Touch ID along with 500-nit Retina display and Thunderbolt 3 port . The new iMac Pro is touted as "an entirely new workstation-class product line designed for pro users with the most demanding workflows".

Science Became known release date of Assassin's Creed: Origins
Author: 0 Became known release date of Assassin's Creed: Origins

Here, in Siwa, Bayek's eagle can scout ahead locating enemies and primary targets - presumably the precursor to Eagle Vision, seen in the previous entries of the Assassin's Creed series. Game Informer are doing a full month of content for Assassin's Creed: Origins , and so there should be more details and developer insights coming out from them in the near future.

Science What we know so far about Microsoft's Project Scorpio
Author: 0 What we know so far about Microsoft's Project Scorpio

On one level, Sony has nothing to prove. We're expecting Sony to focus on the PS4 Pro and PSVR this year. Another game I know I'm pretty stoked for is Death Stranding , the latest Hideo Kojima title. But the big draw of Project Scorpio is how it seeks to offer native 4K support for games. Scorpio at E3 2017 , however, is a certainty. However, there are always plenty of surprise announcements as well .

Author: 0 'Madden NFL 18' will have a brand new story mode called Longshot

The game will focus around a forgotten college star named Devin Wade (played by JR Lemon), who has returns back to his hometown of Mathis, Texas and attempts to reignite the career that has flustered on him so far. So will gamers be on rails in this story mode? Madden 18 will come in two versions; the standard version of the game and the G.O.A.T Edition.

Science Senator curses in speech to show frustration with Washington
Author: 0 Senator curses in speech to show frustration with Washington

It's not often you hear a politician loosen up enough to let the f-bombs fly, but Sen Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was past caring in a speech she recently delivered to the Personal Democracy Forum at New York University. She also used the word "bitching" later during her NYU appearance. The New York Democrat, whose name has been mentioned as a possible 2020 presidential candidate, was conveying what she believed the goal of government and lawmakers.

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