Author: 0 Douglas says ready to improve ahead of Rio

Douglas wasn't having a lights-out effort anyway at SAP Center when she got to the balance beam, her last routine of the night. Still, Raisman persevered after her fifth-place finish in the all-around. Uncertainty hit early on in San Jose, with questions about her decision to make a coaching switch at competition on Friday. "Just leading up to the Olympic games and heading into trials, everything gets so intense", Douglas said.

National Rangers promote Lohse from Triple-A, starts vs Twins
Author: 0 Rangers promote Lohse from Triple-A, starts vs Twins

But they're also baseball's highest scoring team over the past three weeks, and closed out Texas with five wins in seven games, outscoring the Rangers 62-30. Minnesota has hit 29 homers the last 15 games, and the Twins' 140 runs since June 18 are the most in the majors. The Twins scored six straight runs after trailing 3-2 on a night they had 12 hits and drew six walks in a game that was delayed 1 hour, 10 minutes because of rain.

Author: 0 Will an RNC Revolt Go Down in Ohio?

Unfortunately, Republican primary voters weren't in any mood to listen to intelligent, well thought-out positions on the pressing issues of the day. Unfortunately, nearly everyone else hates the presumptive GOP nominee. "I don't like attacks on the basis of religion". All that pressure could be excellent practice for her days in the White House if she gets elected, I suppose.

National Police arrest reporters covering Black Lives Matter protests
Author: 0 Police arrest reporters covering Black Lives Matter protests

As mourners for the five police officers killed in Thursday night's shooting in Dallas ambush concluded their vigils, Black Lives Matter protests engulfed the country with renewed fervor. "I think that Philando Castile in particular - it was so personal in a way that people who were in the middle, specifically white people, could feel and empathize in a way that I had never seen before", Jones said, citing reports that Castile was in the vehicle with his girlfriend and her daughter, and ...

Author: 0 US Supreme Court Overturns Former Governor's Corruption Conviction

You have now viewed your allowance of free articles. "Setting up a meeting, talking to another official, or organizing an event (or agreeing to do so) — without more —does not fit that definition of official act", Roberts wrote. An attorney for Skelos declined to comment. Mr McDonnell told the court that he began working later than necessary to avoid his wife's wrath. He worries the ruling will increase public cynicism of elected officials who will now try to push the envelope with ...

Author: 0 Did Hillary Clinton do enough to win over Sanders' backers?

But before Sanders offers a full-hearted, unqualified and unequivocal embrace of Clinton, there are still concessions he's trying to win. Aside from agreeing to support a $15 federal hourly minimum wage, Benjamin Crump, the attorney for the family of Trayvon Martin, and former NAACP president Ben Jealous united the party to support a police-reform amendment that calls for the use of body cameras, the end of racial profiling and stopping "the use of weapons of war that have no place in our ...

Author: 0 Russia, France, Germany Concerned About Fighting In Ukraine

He restated NATO's political support for Ukraine and said the alliance would help Kiev tackle risks from improvised explosive devices on top of other assistance aimed at improving Ukraine's military capabilities that had been agreed before.

National Court ruling could make sharing Netflix and Spotify passwords a federal crime
Author: 0 Court ruling could make sharing Netflix and Spotify passwords a federal crime

Nosal's case has bounced all over the USA legal system, with both the government, and Nosal's attorneys, appealing whenever a ruling goes against them. (NASDAQ:NFLX) are not anxious about passwords sharing activity. Well, sharing Netflix password is already in crime in Tennessee from 2011. "Without authorization [is] an unambiguous, non-technical term that, given its plain and ordinary meaning, means accessing a protected computer without permission." People frequently share their ...

National OH gas prices still falling; remain below national average
Author: 0 OH gas prices still falling; remain below national average

Gas prices fell even in the face of a record number of motorists traveling during the holiday vacation week, which typically pushes fuel costs higher. The national average has decreased 15.7 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 53.2 cents per gallon lower than this day one year ago. Gas prices are still up in Chattanooga by 44 cents per gallon from the low reached in February, however.

Author: 0 Clinton, Sanders in healthcare compromise

Sanders' camp has pressed for language that would call for the 12-country trade deal to never receive a vote in Congress - after a new president is sworn in or in a lame-duck session beforehand. Trump, who has the support of just 77 percent of his GOP primary opponents' voters, according to the survey. Sanders called the plan a "bold initiative".

Author: 0 Senate Passes GMO Labeling Bill With Heavy GOP Support

The GMO labeling legislation passed by the Senate last night falls short of what consumers rightly expect - a simple at-a-glance GMO disclosure on the package. Alternately, House members could try to iron out differences between their version of the bill , approved past year, and the Senate bill . If companies choose the online option, there would be no requirement to use the term "GMO" anywhere on the food label.

National Texas governor burned in accident; could miss GOP convention
Author: 0 Texas governor burned in accident; could miss GOP convention

Hirsch said doctors had advised Abbott not to travel because his wounds need to be regularly dressed and present a serious risk of infection, but he insisted. It remained unknown Sunday whether Abbott would go to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, where he was to chair the state delegation.

National Black Lives Matter's DeRay Mckesson Released from Jail After Protest
Author: 0 Black Lives Matter's DeRay Mckesson Released from Jail After Protest

According to ABC News , McKesson was being held at the East Baton Rouge Parish jail. One person, who may have been a police officer, can be heard saying to McKesson, "You with them loud shoes, I see you in the road". One of those killed was Alton Sterling, shot dead by a police officer in Baton Rouge, in the southern state of Louisiana. "We don't want any of the protesters hurt".

Author: 0 Phoenix Fire wants you to celebrate the Fourth of July safely

If those sparks get down into dry grass, Holland said they could potentially start a fire. Light fireworks one at a time, then move back quickly. That year, there were also 11 non-occupational fireworks-related deaths in the USA, several of which involved people who were not using fireworks but were trapped in house fires that were caused by them.

Author: 0 Rep. Corrine Brown steps down from committee

Corrine Brown , left, and attorney Elizabeth L. White arrive at the Federal Courthouse in Jacksonville, Fla ., on Friday, July 8, 2016 . Thefederal indictment against Brown was released Friday afternoon. "Then the Gators don't take no jive", Brown added before yielding back the balance of her time. The 24-count indictment comes as a related ongoing federal investigation of Brown's so-called nonprofit organization moves forward.

Author: 0 Dallas attack sidelines Clinton-Biden event

But, in light of the attack in Dallas , her campaign made a decision to postpone her appearance there. "This morning I offer my thoughts and prayers for all of the victims' families, and we pray for our fearless police officers and first responders who risk their lives to protect us every single day".

Author: 0 National BLM activist released from prison following arrest at BR protest

Gov. John Bel Edwards said he's "very proud" of the Louisiana law enforcement response to protests over the fatal shooting of a black man by white police officers in the city. Saturday night, police could be seen detaining at least three people after confiscating some weapons earlier in the day. Protests also took place Saturday in Nashville, where protesters briefly blocked a road, and in Indianapolis.

Author: 0 Black Lives Matter Activist Among Scores Arrested At Weekend Protests

More than a thousand demonstrators left a Black Lives Matter rally in Memphis, Tennessee, and occupied a Mississippi River bridge Sunday night, temporarily halting traffic on Interstate 40. Mr Obama will meet privately with relatives of the police officers, at an event that will also be attended by Vice President Joe Biden, and by George W Bush and his wife Laura.

National The State Department Reopens The Investigation Into Clinton's Private Email Server
Author: 0 The State Department Reopens The Investigation Into Clinton's Private Email Server

In April, the State Department halted its review of potential mishandling of classified materials to allow the Federal Bureau of Investigation to complete its probe that began in March. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, had been dogged for the past year by a Justice Department inquiry, which was settled this week without charges against Clinton or her aides.

Author: 0 Israel to shut Al-Aqsa mosque site to Jewish visitors

For Muslims, Al-Aqsa represents the world's third holiest site. Locals who were at the mosque said that Israeli Forces broke into the mosque and opened teargas and sound grendades at the people, then violently arrested one Palestinian and severely assaulted another .

Author: 0 Tenn. Rep. Cooper defends FBI Director during GOP grilling

Comey said Clinton and her State Department staff did not intend to mishandle classified information , and it was possible she didn't realize certain emails were marked classified. He was referring to the charitable non-profit organization run by Bill and Hillary Clinton that has been rumored to be under FBI investigation for improper ties to Clinton's Secretary of State office.

National 2 dead, 200 homes burned in Central California wildfire
Author: 0 2 dead, 200 homes burned in Central California wildfire

The Erskine Fire had grown from 37,000 acres to 43,360 acres during the day, racing through rural communities and wiping out entire blocks. The Erskine fire has been responsible for killing two people and destroying more than 250 structures since it began last Thursday afternoon.

Author: 0 Iran urges U.S. to meet its JCPOA obligations

During this past year, Iran's missile program has been a focus of controversy, with the United States slapping new sanctions on Iran over Iran's multiple test-firing its conventional missiles, which it insists are purely conventional and fore deterrent purposes, although both sides have been careful not to let this spoil the agreement, which went into effect in mid-January, 2016.

Author: 0 Ellsbury's home run key hit for Yankees in 11-7 win

As for the Indians, they're 4-1 in their last five Sunday games, and 4-1 in their last five game fours of a series. "Not a fun day", Cleveland manager Terry Francona said. Dan Otero relieved Salazar and allowed a bases-clearing triple to Brett Gardner that gave NY its first lead at 6-5. Starlin Castro sits on 83 hits with 31 runs, 10 homers and 31 RBI.

Author: 0 You could cut the tension with a knife at Trump's Senate meeting

He was introduced by conservative CNBC commentator Larry Kudlow. But now the presumptive Republican nominee is seemingly joking about the latest political speculation that a victory in November doesn't necessarily mean he'll take the oath of office to become president of the United States.

Author: 0 Inspiring interviews with Abdul Sattar Edhi, Pakistan's legendary philanthropist

Many others took to social media to grieve over the loss of a man they called a "living saint" and "Pakistan's Mother Teresa". "He will be laid to rest, as per his wishes, at the Edhi village", he said. He built up his charity exclusively through donations, focusing on addicts, battered women, orphans and the disabled. Motivated by a spiritual quest for justice, over the years Edhi and his team created maternity wards, morgues, orphanages, shelters and homes for the elderly, picking up ...

National Donald Trump praises Saddam Hussein for killing terrorists 'so good'
Author: 0 Donald Trump praises Saddam Hussein for killing terrorists 'so good'

But you know what? Joining host Wolf Blitzer was top campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson , who was in the position of defending Trump's praise of Hussein . In a statement, Moulton said he takes Trump's "latest piece of bile personally". Jake Sullivan, a Hillary Clinton senior policy adviser, told The Associated Press that such comments "demonstrate how unsafe he would be as commander-in-chief and how unworthy he is of the office he seeks".

National Mostly cloudy today with scattered showers
Author: 0 Mostly cloudy today with scattered showers

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and turning very warm. Highs will stay in the low to mid 90s (closer to normal) with a heat index around 100. We're enjoying another nice day in Central Indiana of sunshine and scattered clouds. Friday could be quite unsettled. A weak front over the state will help fire-off late afternoon showers and thunderstorms today . Saturday will be increasingly dry and increasingly sunny.

Author: 0 Despite UN rebuke Iran says it will continue missile program

An Iranian official told Reuters some officials in Tehran are concerned about the legislation, arguing that they could endanger implementation of the nuclear pact by intensifying pressure on Iran President Hassan Rouhani to take a tougher approach in his dealings with the United States and its allies.

National Watch Gretchen Carlson React to Repeated Comments About Her Appearance
Author: 0 Watch Gretchen Carlson React to Repeated Comments About Her Appearance

Ailes , 76, immediately issued a statement denying the charges and asserting that Carlson filed the lawsuit as retaliation because her contract was not renewed last month. She further alleged that Ailes made suggestive comments about her legs and encouraged her to wear outfits that accentuated her figure. But, when Carlson did return, she went "scorched earth", the insider said in describing yesterday's surprising activity.

National Email investigations will go on
Author: 0 Email investigations will go on

On Tuesday, in a stinging assessment of her email practices as secretary of state, Comey rebuked Clinton and her aides for being "extremely careless" in their handling of classified information and contradicted numerous defenses and explanations she's put forward for months.

Author: 0 USA | FBI head strongly defends outcome of Clinton email probe

Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, suggested in his opening statement that Ms Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, had escaped prosecution exclusively because she was "part of the powerful elite".

National Trevor Noah: We Should All Be
Author: 0 Trevor Noah: We Should All Be "Pro-Cop and Pro-Black"

And yet, for some odd reason, when it comes to videos of police shootings , seeing isn't believing, " he said. "If you're pro-police, then you surely hate black people". Why is the video never enough? Eric Garner , there was a video. He joked, "Which, I guess technically that means you could also be anti-cop and anti-black, which, I don't know, would make you Mel Gibson".

Author: 0 Trump's Meeting on Thursday With Republican Congress Members Encouraging

Tim Scott, R-S.C. "I think what a number of us have been concerned about is a pattern of laxity with regard to details", Sanford told CNN in an interview , explaining that details are critical to good governance, one day after he was part of a group meeting with the presumptive Republican presidential candidate.

National Reasons Kevin Durant Ruined the NBA Next Season
Author: 0 Reasons Kevin Durant Ruined the NBA Next Season

But his roots are in Prince George's County, near Washington D.C. That's where he was raised in part by his grandmother, Barbara, who dutifully made Durant peanut butter sandwiches and picked him up from school. "I said, 'Let's go if that's what you want to do!' I said, 'You understand the backlash that's going to happen?' He said , 'I'm ready for it.' I was just happy that my son at 27 years old made a man decision".

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