Author: 0 US prosecutors told to push for more, harsher punishments

The law, passed with bipartisan majorities in both houses of the General Assembly and signed by Republican Gov. It's push back to mandatory sentences and away from Obama-era policies. He pointed to heavily conservative Utah and Texas, which are among the states veering toward treating offenders, not placing them in prison. Sessions said drugs and violence go hand-in-hand.

National Mexico says called Trump's bluff when he eyed NAFTA exit
Author: 0 Mexico says called Trump's bluff when he eyed NAFTA exit

Thursday's confirmation finalises Trump's cabinet-level appointments almost four months after he entered the White House. The vote was 82-14 to confirm Robert Lighthizer. The minister said expanding bilateral commerce, not restricting it, was key to rebalancing the U.S. -Mexico trade deficit. Lighthizer could play hardball towards China too.

Author: 0 Engineer charged in deadly Amtrak crash

A short time later, the District Attorney's Office announced that it would refer the charges to Shapiro's office, arguing that it had a conflict of interest because it had already decided not to charge Bostian. "Bostian was an experienced engineer who was aware of the route and the fact that there were speed limits throughout the route", reads the police criminal complaint filed by Shapiro's office.

National Aetna exits Obamacare exchanges in remaining two states
Author: 0 Aetna exits Obamacare exchanges in remaining two states

The moves mean Aetna has completely removed itself from every Obamacare exchange for now. Aetna said it had 964,000 individual commercial plan members as of the end of 2016, but that number dropped to 255,000 at the end of March. "We have a bill that's been passed and quite frankly the current legislature, the House can but not the Senate, cannot repeal it", Bertolini said. United States medical insurer Aetna has chose to leave the Obamacare market and consequently will not take part ...

Author: 0 Trump administration delays Paris climate agreement decision

White House advisers have postponed a crucial meeting on the Paris climate agreement as the Trump White House has yet to confirm where they stand on the accord. Most of the world's largest emitters of greenhouse gases, including China, the United States, India and the European Union, have ratified the agreement, seen as a turning point for global climate policy.

Author: 0 Emergency declared at Hanford nuclear site in Washington state

Hanford is located near Richland, about 200 miles southeast of Seattle. "Collapse of the earth covering the tunnels could lead to a considerable radiological release". It might seem like this sort of thing would be noticed immediately, the worker said, but the tunnel may have actually collapsed days or weeks ago, and since there was no radiation release, it was only noticed during a regular site walk-around.

National Feds won't charge Baton Rouge officers
Author: 0 Feds won't charge Baton Rouge officers

The U.S. Justice Department has decided not to charge two. Lake, who didn't fire his weapon, recovered a loaded.38-caliber revolver from Sterling's pocket moments after the shooting. According to the Justice Department, Sterling's right hand is not visible to the cameras when Salamoni again yells that Sterling is "going for the gun!" She cried as she described learning from federal officials that Salamoni pointed a gun at Sterling's head and said he would "kill you".

National Teen's plea for free Wendy's nuggets sets retweet record
Author: 0 Teen's plea for free Wendy's nuggets sets retweet record

Ellen filmed a short PSA with Bradley Cooper to help boost her numbers, but the publicity Wilkerson got from the appearance was enough to push him over the top. Last week Wilkerson explained to us his love of Wendy's chicken nuggets. But getting that kind of traction is extremely hard for the non-celebrities among us.

Author: 0 House repeal of 'Obamacare' hands hot potato to wary Senate

Ryan argued that "we would spell disaster for ourselves, politically ... if we go back on our word". He suggested changing the rules to allow a 51 percent threshold for passing legislation or electing more Republicans in 2018. Polling shows that the public disagrees with Republican health-care plans. Obama defended his signature achievement in Boston Sunday night while accepting the John F.

National Tennessee teacher planned to take 15-year-old girl to Mexico
Author: 0 Tennessee teacher planned to take 15-year-old girl to Mexico

Four of the children are underage, including Elizabeth Thomas. She looked like she was very worn out, very thin. "It's kind of like a death because the Tad I knew is gone", she said. "Immediately you get ticked off because some perverted old man has absconded with a member of your family". We can't just go grabbing people as a mob, because then we're not civilized anymore.

Author: 0 Philippine justice writes online book on China's sea claims

US officials told CNN that the decision to hold off on freedom-of-navigation operations stems from the Trump administration's desire to see China rein in North Korea. If Republicans had a consistent line of criticism against Barack Obama's foreign policy, it was that he had abdicated America's traditional leadership role-military, political, and moral-in the world.

National Far-right to rally in Berkeley after Coulter talk canceled
Author: 0 Far-right to rally in Berkeley after Coulter talk canceled

But there were no major confrontations between Coulter's supporters and opponents, largely because of a significant police presence and the fact that members of an extremist left-wing group did not show up to provoke clashes. Efforts by the university to cancel or delay the event dealt a blow to Berkeley's image as a bastion of tolerance and free speech. That came after the university said it didn't have a venue that could be secured from threats made by off-campus groups.

National Prosecutors drop charges against 1 teen in school rape case
Author: 0 Prosecutors drop charges against 1 teen in school rape case

According to CNN , the prosecutors will instead charge Milian, a Guatemala native, with possession of child pornography. The prosecutors in the case did not share what kind of images they were or what the exchange was of those images. Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee, who was standing in for Spicer, said, "Sean was speaking about what he knew at the time". Sanders said she will not retract anything without further information.

Author: 0 Trump's Offshore Energy Order Could Impact Gulf of Mexico

Those include areas along the Florida coast and southeast U.S. coast where oil and gas drilling are now banned, under a moratorium that Democratic U.S. Weeks before leaving office, Obama banned new oil and gas drilling in federal waters in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, protecting 115 million acres (46.5 million hectares) of waters off Alaska and 3.8 million acres in the Atlantic from New England to the Chesapeake Bay.

National Budget not a down-payment on new border wall
Author: 0 Budget not a down-payment on new border wall

Mulvaney did not point to specific instances of Democrats wanting a shutdown, beyond highlighting that some lawmakers said they would not vote for a funding proposal that included money for new portions of a wall on the southern border. McConnell said in April, "Who would be the biggest beneficiary of that right now? ". "There is an overwhelming majority on a bipartisan basis that is not interested in changing the way the Senate operates on the legislative calendar", he said.

Author: 0 Deaths, multiple victims in United States vehicle auction crash

Several ambulances were on the scene, and medics wheeled people out of the building on gurneys. The vehicle then went through the wall of the building, Tuttle said. Earlier Wednesday, Massachusetts State Police said there was no evidence the incident was intentional. Officials have not yet confirmed the number of fatalities or injuries at the scene.

Author: 0 Coulter's Berkeley speech canceled, police prep for violence

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Coulter said free speech had been "crushed by thugs" and called the canceled speech "a dark day for free speech in America". The free speech rally was mostly peaceful, with protesters and hecklers only sparsely populated in the surrounding area. And he says that even though this story is being portrayed as a free speech issue, it's also about external forces using the campus as a stage.

National What to know as Texas nears passing 'sanctuary city' law
Author: 0 What to know as Texas nears passing 'sanctuary city' law

Sen. Charles Perry , who wrote the bill, said the legislation was meant to provide "uniform application of the law without prejudice" to everyone in Texas . Advocates predicted Texas could be targeted with boycotts and lawsuits, just as North Carolina was after passing its controversial bathroom bill.

Author: 0 Hundreds rally at Capitol against President Trump's immigration policies

Similar rallies are gearing up in other Southern California cities including San Diego. Earlier Monday, about500 people rallied outside of Wells Fargo and Demonstrators participate in a May Day rally in Union Park before marching to downtown on May 1, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.

National Funeral set for Iowa deputy killed in jail break
Author: 0 Funeral set for Iowa deputy killed in jail break

Wesley Correa, 22, was taken into custody following a carjacking and pursuit that crossed state lines into Nebraska. Brittain was transported to an Omaha hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Stop sticks were deployed at 40th and Cuming streets, 36th and Cuming streets and 30th and Cuming streets. Correa-Carmenaty drove into a nearby neighborhood, where officials said he tried to force other drivers to give him their vehicles.

Author: 0 Seoul: THAAD can defend against North Korean missiles

The United States and South Korea say THAAD is crucial to counter North Korea's weapons advances. The deployment has triggered anger from Seongju residents who fear North Korea may target their town and who worry about rumored health hazards linked to THAAD's powerful radar.

National Year later, charge dropped against Flint water official
Author: 0 Year later, charge dropped against Flint water official

The letters arrived just weeks after the city put an end to a program that helped 65 percent of resident's pay their water bills, even though Flint's water has yet to be declared safe to drink without a filter. "We are not out of the woods yet", Mayor Karen Weaver said in a statement . More than 8,000 people are also on the same notice. " Flint families should not have to pay for water that they still can not drink, and they certainly should not lose their homes over this ongoing water ...

National Cop Who Killed Jordan Edwards Fired, Family Calls for Criminal Charges
Author: 0 Cop Who Killed Jordan Edwards Fired, Family Calls for Criminal Charges

The slain teen's family said that they are anticipating Oliver's arrest and revealed that Edwards' two brothers were also in the vehicle at the time of the shooting. He added that the officer's behavior "did not meet our core values". Oliver and other officers were responding to a 911 call over "underage kids drunk walking around", and wrongly assumed those were the kids in the vehicle.

National Officers shot may have been targeted
Author: 0 Officers shot may have been targeted

One was shot in the arm and hip, the second officer was shot in the back. A manhunt had been launched for the shooter or shooters, Guglielmi said. Witnesses tell CBS Chicago they heard several rounds fired, and a rifle reportedly was recovered as police searched for suspects.

National Marchers Use Trump's 100th Day to Protest Climate Policies
Author: 0 Marchers Use Trump's 100th Day to Protest Climate Policies

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has expressed doubt about the reasons for climate change, saying in a CNBC interview in March that he was skeptical of the role carbon dioxide plays. Of all the flinging of facts and "alternative facts" in the conversation around climate change, one thing is for certain: the People's Climate March protest art is on point! California, New York, Massachusetts and many other states played host to countless people marching, but the chapter that garnered the ...

National Wizards vs Hawks: Keys To Game 5
Author: 0 Wizards vs Hawks: Keys To Game 5

Atlanta hosts Game 6 on Friday, and the series would move back to Washington for Game 7 on Sunday if necessary. "We tried to put pressure on him", Porter said. John Wall and Bradley Beal combined for 54 points on a solid 18-of-42 shooting, but that wasn't enough to give Washington a 3-1 series lead . Wall leads also in assists with 10.0 while Marcin Gortat tops in rebounds wit 11.8 per game.

Author: 0 Seven Wounded, One Killed in Mass Shooting at La Jolla Crossroads

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman speaks to reporters outside the apartment complex. Of the eight victims transported to area hospitals, four black females, one of whom is now deceased, two black males and one Latino received treatment for gunshot wounds.

National Mark Zuckerberg's dinner hosts say he's not running for president
Author: 0 Mark Zuckerberg's dinner hosts say he's not running for president

The first family to feed him were the Moores of Newton Falls, Ohio , who learned only 20 minutes beforehand who their dinner guest would be. One student told me, 'My parents are very conservative, but I've become outspoken because I have this community to fall back on where I'm accepted, not just for my faith, but for my immigrant roots.

National Arkansas carries out first execution since 2005
Author: 0 Arkansas carries out first execution since 2005

The state executed Ledell Lee last week in the state's first use of capital punishment since 2005. Arkansas originally wanted to execute eight inmates in 11 days by the end of April when its supply of midazolam expires. The company argued that the Arkansas Department of Correction was gathering their product through a medically-licensed physician in the state, and asserting that they were using the drug for "a legitimate medical goal".

Author: 0 Sebastian Vettel takes pole position for Russian Grand Prix

Still, there were questions over whether that success was more about smart tactics and Mercedes' slip-ups than Ferrari's raw pace. If Kimi Raikkonen can play a good rear-gunner, then this should be Vettel's for the taking. Bottas led virtually every lap at the Sochi Autodrom after passing pole-sitter Sebastian Vettel at the start before holding off a late charge from the Ferrari driver in the closing stages.

Author: 0 Ann Coulter a no-show at raucous but peaceful Berkeley rally

YAF, one of Coulter's sponsors, canceled Coulter's speech, saying earlier this week that they had no confidence that the UC Berkeley Police Department could protect her or her audience. The conservative pundit has hinted she might cancel her planned appearance Thursday amid growing concerns of violence. Campus police had arrested two people as of 1 p.m.

National House passes bill to temporarily avert shutdown
Author: 0 House passes bill to temporarily avert shutdown

Leaving a 90-minute meeting in the office of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., late Thursday night, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said there would be no health-care vote Friday and that the main focus of the impromptu huddle was to ensure that the leadership had the votes to pass the one-week funding bill.

Author: 0 Conservatives back revised health bill, GOP moderates balk

A new report from Vox revealed that language in the proposal exempts Congress from the biggest change in the proposal, which allows states to "opt-out" of some of Obamacare's most fundamental rules such as providing mental health coverage and banning the practice of charging higher rates or denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions.

National House Republicans reveal health care amendment details
Author: 0 House Republicans reveal health care amendment details

If Congress fails to pass the stop gap measure, the government will shut down Friday at midnight. One Republican aide who has worked closely on the health care bill said "this probably is not the silver bullet everyone's been looking for".