Author: 0 Documents: After shooting, Roof went toward 2nd black church

In a September court filing released on Tuesday, federal prosecutors said that after the mass shooting, Roof fled the church with his gun and drove about 20 miles to Branch AME Church in Summerville. During a lengthy confession the day after the shootings, Roof told Federal Bureau of Investigation agents he was too exhausted after the Emanuel killings to carry out any other violence.

Author: 0 Alt-right leader kicked out of CPAC

The exclusion of Yiannopoulos will make what was already a pretty thin lineup of speakers even more so. But a newly surfaced video, in which he appears to excuse pedophilia, caused an outcry. White House Counselor Stephen Bannon, who led the right-wing Breitbart website prior to joining Trump's campaign, will participate in a conversation with White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and the chairman of CPAC, Matt Schlapp, in which the Trump aides are expected to explain the ...

National Powerball ticket sold in Kansas now worth $1 million
Author: 0 Powerball ticket sold in Kansas now worth $1 million

The identities of the winners are not known as they have yet to claim their prizes. Because someone won Wednesday night's drawing, the current jackpot is now back down to $40 million. The winning $453 million Powerball ticket may have been sold in IN, but two people who purchased tickets in MA have reason to celebrate. The Powerball jackpot may not have been in the Bay State, but a pair of MA residents are going to receive a pretty good consolation prize.

National Harrison Ford's close call at California airport was caught on video
Author: 0 Harrison Ford's close call at California airport was caught on video

Earlier last week, Harrison Ford nearly caused a serious airport accident after mistakenly landing his plane on the wrong runway. The FAA has since launched an investigation into the matter, and if Ford is deemed exclusively at fault, he could potentially have his pilot's license suspended.

Author: 0 Thousands remain evacuated as flood ravages San Jose

Meanwhile, evacuations were ordered in Northern California and flash-flood warnings were issued elsewhere as downpours swelled creeks and rivers to potentially unsafe levels in the already sodden region. As of 9 p.m., more than 220 residents had been rescued by boat, Liccardo said on Twitter. Last week, storms damaged two spillways on the Lake Oroville Dam around 100 miles (160 kilometers) northeast of San Francisco.

National Deadline Looms for Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters
Author: 0 Deadline Looms for Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

ABC News reports that Energy Transfer Partners - the Texas-based company tasked with building the pipeline, which the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe opposes on the grounds that it bisects sacred lands an - said in a court filing that the project could be completed "anywhere between the week of March 6, 2017, and April 1, 2017".

Author: 0 Most Democrats Not Paying Attention to DNC Chair Race

Richard "Terry" McAuliffe and Colorado Gov. John Wright Hickenlooper among others. The former committee chair, Rep. If the perpetuation of compromising centrism among Democrats is a concern of yours, and if you think appointing Ellison to head the DNC would be the beginning of the end of that long-lived trend, share your thoughts with the DNC's comments line: 202-863-8000.

Author: 0 McAuliffe vetoes bill legalizing concealed switchblade knife

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would have slashed funding to Planned Parenthood, while lawmakers in MI are pushing similar legislation forward. McAuliffe went on to say the legislation would do nothing to protect the safety of Virginians. Pursuant to Article V, Section 6, of the Constitution of Virginia, I veto House Bill 1432, which legalizes the carrying of a concealed switchblade knife when it is carried for the objective of engaging in a lawful profession or ...

National American unveils prices, routes for new cheapest fare
Author: 0 American unveils prices, routes for new cheapest fare

Charlotte to Orlando; Dallas Fort Worth to Baltimore; Dallas Fort Worth to Tampa; Miami to Tampa; Miami to New Orleans; Philadelphia to Dallas/Fort Worth; Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale; Philadelphia to Miami; Philadelphia to New Orleans; and Philadelphia to Charlotte.

Author: 0 Advocates gearing up to challenge tough new DHS rules on deportation

Kelly is also looking to turn-back illegal aliens who try to cross the US border while they await a ruling on their deportation hearings-saving resources that would normally be used for detention centers. Counties statewide have for several years strictly limited local law enforcement's ability to work with federal immigration authorities, because of legal liabilities associated with doing so as well as to encourage undocumented residents to report crimes.

Author: 0 ABQ Jewish Community Center again part of wave of bomb threats

After Buffalo police investigated, the all clear was given and the facility was back open by 1:30 p.m., according to witnesses on the scene. Jewish centers in five USA states were targeted Monday in a fourth wave of coordinated bomb threats called into the centers.

Author: 0 Police Search For Suspects In Grisly Peabody Murder

She told the driver about a murder inside the home, and the driver took her to the nearest State Police barracks. Police first discovered the gruesome scene Saturday night, when a woman ran from the house and flagged down a auto. Police said they believe at least two people are responsible for the gruesome killings. "We're doing our best to sift through this". Another suspect is still at large.

National Is This Mid-April? Temperatures Will Make You Think So This Weekend
Author: 0 Is This Mid-April? Temperatures Will Make You Think So This Weekend

Although temperatures were much higher than average, they fell short of setting a record. Cleveland has set a record high temperature for February 18. Winds could gust as high as 25 miles per hour. A weak cold front with slide through the Delaware Valley later today, bringing a cooler air mass back in for President's Day.

National Phillies Phire Back at Chris Christie
Author: 0 Phillies Phire Back at Chris Christie

Christie and wife Mary Pat had a Valentine's Day's lunch with the commander in chief the day after Trump ousted his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and amid chatter among Trump allies that more shakeups are coming. ambassador to Italy, reported Trump looks to be a fan of the iconic American dish of the same name, though. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie revealed an interesting tidbit while filling in as guest host on WFAN's Boomer & Carton morning sports radio ...

National Oakland Active Shooter: Man Armed With Rifle Detained; Interstate Reopens
Author: 0 Oakland Active Shooter: Man Armed With Rifle Detained; Interstate Reopens

CBS San Francisco reported that Oakland police said "Enjaian lives at 9512 Las Vegas Ave in Oakland, the location where the standoff took place". Video shot from a helicopter then showed the gunman exiting the home, still carrying the rifle, and spray painting graffiti on a neighboring garage and a vehicle parked on the street.

National Mexican Mother Of Four Hiding Out In Colorado Church To Avoid Deportation
Author: 0 Mexican Mother Of Four Hiding Out In Colorado Church To Avoid Deportation

Vizguerra took refuge in the church , a common tactic to avoid deportation because authorities generally don't enter places of worship, as immigrant advocates called for the release of 23-year-old in Washington state who was detained despite participating in a federal program to protect those brought to the US illegally as children.

National Anti-environment Zealot Confirmed to Run Environmental Protection Agency
Author: 0 Anti-environment Zealot Confirmed to Run Environmental Protection Agency

He's previously expressed doubt regarding the science behind climate change and has sued the EPA 14 times in his tenure as AG of Oklahoma (a state which has, incidentally, suffered a string of earthquakes thanks to the oil industry). Opponents of his nomination to lead the EPA allege that Pruitt has very close ties with fossil fuel interests. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., pushed back on the accusations from Republicans that Democrats are purposely trying to stall the vote to get back at Trump.

Author: 0 Officer Uses Car to Push Flaming Truck Out of Drive-Thru

On Saturday night, Glenn Heights officer Chris Womack was dispatched to a Jack in the Box on South Beckley Road, where a Ford F-150 sat in the drive-thru, smoking heavily and engulfed in flames. Thanks for being a local hero, Officer Womack! Glenn Heights Police Officer Chris Womack says he was just in the right place at the right time as the first-year officer was forced to tackle a situation most officers don't see in their entire careers.

National ICE: Immigration raids not carried out in Plant City
Author: 0 ICE: Immigration raids not carried out in Plant City

However, there are apparently undocumented immigrants with no criminal records were also arrested and could possibly be deported. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly commended U.S. In one case, the ICE agency charged one immigrant as a "gang member" because of old speeding tickets and tattoos. While insisting the focus remained on those with criminal convictions, or foreigners who posed national security threats, the Obama administration routinely rounded up and deported what the Times ...

Author: 0 Mexico authorities dismantle drug catapult near Arizona border town

They searched the area and found the drugs nearby. Agents contacted law enforcement authorities in Mexico who responded to investigate. U.S. Border Patrol agents say they witnesses a group catapulting drugs over the U.S. "An air compressor, a gasoline engine, an air storage tank and a metal tube about 3 meters long (homemade bazooka) were located inside". As of Wednesday morning, Paco said no arrests had yet been made in connection with the catapult and the launching of the marijuana ...

National Immigration agents illegally detain Obama program 'dreamer', lawsuit says
Author: 0 Immigration agents illegally detain Obama program 'dreamer', lawsuit says

A young immigrant protected from deportation under an executive order issued by President Barack Obama because he'd been brought into the country as a child faces deportation following sweeping raids launched by the Trump administration. A hearing in the case has been scheduled for Friday. He described the raids as routine and not a stepped-up effort to find and deport migrants in the country illegally, as critics have charged.

Author: 0 Joey + Rory Win Best Roots Gospel Album at 2017 Grammy Awards

It's been nearly a year since country singer-songwriter Joey Feek died of cancer, but when her husband and onstage partner, Rory, speaks about her now, he often does so in the present tense . During a Tuesday morning visit to TODAY , the recent Grammy victor explained the simple reason for that: "I think it's because she's so present in my life".

Author: 0 Pedro Hernandez found guilty of murder, kidnapping in Etan Patz case

Pedro was a former stock clerk in a Manhattan bodega at the time of Etan's disappearance, and during the trial he confessed to luring Etan into the store's basement and attacking him. But detectives obtained a confession only after interrogating him for hours without a lawyer, which Hernandez's defense claimed was questionable because of his mental health issues, which include schizophrenia.

Author: 0 Plane Incident Sparks FAA Investigation With Harrison Ford

Ford then landed on a taxiway that runs parallel to the runway and flew over a Boeing 737. Air traffic controllers cleared Ford, who was piloting a single-engine Aviat Husky, to land on runway 20-L at the airport and Ford correctly read back the clearance, the source said.

National Two girls shot in head in Chicago
Author: 0 Two girls shot in head in Chicago

Takiya's mother heard gunshots and told everyone to get down, but the young girl didn't have time to react and was hit in the head by a bullet, the Chicago Sun Times reported.No arrests have been made in relation to either incident. Then, in another part of town, 11-year-old Takiya Holmes was sitting in the backseat of a minivan when she was hit by a stray bullet. "She's in dark water right now", an uncle said.

Author: 0 Later Today: Alabama's new Attorney General to share priorities for new office

Strange's chief deputy Alice Martin, who Bentley interviewed for the position, served as acting attorney general for one day. Marshall said he did not know yet if the attorney general's office is investigating Bentley. Marshall has been a Marshall County district attorney since 2001. Previously, he formed the law firm McLaughlin & Marshall in 1995 with Jeffrey McLaughlin.

Author: 0 KKK imperial wizard found dead after being shot in head

Officials first learned of the 51-year-old's disappearance on Friday , a day after a United States Federal Forest Service employee discovered Ancona's auto on Federal Forest Service Property, Jacobsen said in a Facebook post . The body of a Ku Klux Klan leader who was reported missing last week was found Saturday near a Missouri river, according to multiple media outlets.

National At least 10 killed in bomb blast at Mall Road in Lahore
Author: 0 At least 10 killed in bomb blast at Mall Road in Lahore

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast, which appeared to come from a parked auto. A Taliban faction claimed the attack , Al Jazeera reported . Jamaat-ur-Ahrar also claimed responsibility for an Easter Day bombing in Lahore past year that killed more than 70 people in a public park. Policemen and people gather at the blast site in eastern Pakistan's Lahore , Feb.

National Kansas State coach Bill Snyder diagnosed with cancer
Author: 0 Kansas State coach Bill Snyder diagnosed with cancer

K-State returns starting quarterback Jesse Ertz next season, and has depth with Alex Delton and Skylar Thompson on the bench. "The doctors and staffs at both KU Med and M.D. Ertz was one of three quarterbacks in school history to rush for 1,000 yards and pass for 1,500 yards, while he was one of only four in the nation to accomplish the feat during the 2016 season.

Author: 0 Our New Department of Education Can't Spell Good

Hours later, the department issued an apology that featured yet another misspelling. One commenter tweeted: "I love that your initial apology for a typo included a typo". It wasn't the first embarrassing spelling error of the young Trump administration. Newly minted Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos took no small share of heat, and #DeptofEdTypos began trending.

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