National Police seek tips on dark-colored SUV seen where woman killed
Author: 0 Police seek tips on dark-colored SUV seen where woman killed

Officials believe it had been parked when the murder occurred, according to a statement released by the Massachusetts State Police. About a hundred days after police found 27-year-old Vanessa Marcotte's body in the woods near her mother's Princeton home, investigators announced they have a lead.

National No. 22 Creighton pulls away from No. 9 Badgers 79-67
Author: 0 No. 22 Creighton pulls away from No. 9 Badgers 79-67

Creighton jumped back out to a 14-18 lead and that was the time FS1 switched over to the game after the thriller in Washington D.C. The Badgers' glut of turnovers and impatience on offense, especially in the first half, will provide plenty of fodder for film study.

National Community invited to share Thanksgiving Dinner
Author: 0 Community invited to share Thanksgiving Dinner

Please note that the Last Saturday Lunch will NOT be given this month at Saint Joseph's. The Viroqua Ministerial Association will once again be hosting the annual community Thanksgiving dinner, held at St. At the Grace Jones Community Center in Marathon, parents will be welcomed for a Thanksgiving lunch on Friday at 11:30 a.m. Children will also be sent home with backpacks filled with nutritious food through the Backpack 4 Kids program.

National Trump Now Says He Likes Parts of Obamacare 'Very Much'
Author: 0 Trump Now Says He Likes Parts of Obamacare 'Very Much'

Jackie Elledge told USA Today that she suffers from Stage-4 cancer. U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Sacramento, California, U.S.A., June 1, 2016. Meanwhile, in an interview to be aired on Sunday, Trump showed a rare softer side, speaking warmly of the election night call he received from Hillary Clinton conceding that he had won.

National 2 arrested in assault of 'Deadliest Catch' star Jake Harris
Author: 0 2 arrested in assault of 'Deadliest Catch' star Jake Harris

The two suspects who were arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail were 29-year-old Jorel Fultz and 30-year-old Amanda Ritter. Jake declined to be taken to the hospital and was instead taken home by police. Jake blacked out and woke up along Highway 526 and discovered his walled and $2,400 (£2,000) cash was missing, authorities said. The police are still investigating the case , and according to E! Though Jake is still hospitalized, he helped detectives identify the assailants, ...

Author: 0 Cubs fan Steve Bartman says he does not 'intend to crash' parade

As you can see, fans have been ready all morning. Clinton noted that it had been 108 years since the Cubs won the World Series, and said she wished her late father could have seen it. Despite having lost, LeBron made sure to acknowledge the Cubs, saying he knows the win was just as important to their fans as it would have been for ours.

National Trump Considering Gov. Nikki Haley for Secretary of State
Author: 0 Trump Considering Gov. Nikki Haley for Secretary of State

During her response to President Barack Obama's state of the union address, Haley urged fellow Republicans not to follow the "siren call of the angriest voices", a phrase many interpreted to be a reference to Trump. "The idea that now we can start to really govern - I have never known what it's like to have a Republican president". "At a certain point, you need someone in the room who knows what's going on, who knows other people around the world and so on".

Author: 0 Southern wildfires burn 80000 acres across five states

According to WLOS , the Party Rock Fire near Lake Lure has already burned almost 3,500 acres and remains just 15 percent contained. One is located near Table Rock State Park in Pickens County, South Carolina, and the other named Party Rock fire is burning near Lake Lure , North Carolina.

National Rauner calls for budget meeting, only Republicans attending
Author: 0 Rauner calls for budget meeting, only Republicans attending

Rauner used his vast wealth to reduce the Democrats' numbers on Election Day, but they still control the Legislature and have resisted Rauner's demands for union-weakening, business-friendly legislation as part of any budget deal. Both Democrats and Republicans campaigned on redistricting reform. The almost 2-year-old budget standoff between Illinois Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan has not abated, even with the election results.

National Georgia St fires coach Trent Miles after 2-8 record
Author: 0 Georgia St fires coach Trent Miles after 2-8 record

Despite some rough seasons, Miles led Georgia State to its first bowl appearance in 2015, which was the school's third year as an FBS program. He continued he felt the time was right to make a change and said the national search for a new head coach will begin immediately.

National House Speaker addresses Trump's immigration policy
Author: 0 House Speaker addresses Trump's immigration policy

House Speaker Paul Ryan is telling his GOP colleagues it's time to "hit the ground running as we join forces with the new Trump administration". We believe and border security enforcement bill is the priority. "I think people should. rest assured". Responding to a question on illegal immigrants, Ryan said the focus is on securing the border and not deporting people.

National Texan allegedly allowed exotic animals near daughter, 14,
Author: 0 Texan allegedly allowed exotic animals near daughter, 14,

The Houston Chronicle reported that an officer with the Houston Police Major Offenders Animal Cruelty Squad showed up at Meyer's house with a Texas Game Warden. Officials told the Associated Press that Meyer had tiger permits , and the other animals were taken to a shelter. "I don't know how someone can put that much damage in three weeks".

National Mike Pence Is Fighting In Court To Keep An Email Secret
Author: 0 Mike Pence Is Fighting In Court To Keep An Email Secret

Christie will now serve as a vice chairman to the transition effort alongside other Trump confidantes, like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. After meeting Monday morning with members of his cabinet, Pence told reporters he plans to "finish strong" and work to the "very last hour" before Governor-elect Eric Holcomb takes over.

Author: 0 Texans beat Jaguars 24-21 for 1st road victory of season

Situation: Trailing 24-13 with 2:25 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Jaguars had second-and-10 from the Texans' 14-yard line. The Texans' pass defense entered the game ranked second in the league, allowing an average of 191 yards per game.

Author: 0 No. 5 Louisville gearing up for ACC finale vs. Wake Forest

A little different style than we've been winning. But the Cardinals came alive in the second half, and it wasn't Jackson taking over, per usual, but rather Radcliff. "I wish I knew why we came out and played so poorly". On the first play of that drive however, Lamar Jackson ripped off an explosive 55-yard run which flipped field position and ignited the home crowd.

Author: 0 President Obama speaks on Trump win, Clinton loss

Clinton told her fellow Democrats that they owe Trump "an open mind and a chance to lead", and she wished him a successful administration. Clinton led most state and national polls for 11,922 hours, yet she still lost . Hundreds of staffers and supporters had gathered at the New Yorker Hotel in midtown Manhattan to hear Clinton speak publicly for the first time after her bruising loss to NY real estate magnate Donald Trump in the early hours of the morning.

National Regulation Comes Next as Most Legalization Measures Passed
Author: 0 Regulation Comes Next as Most Legalization Measures Passed

Seibo Shen, at right, provides marijuana to smoke for supporters of Prop 64 during a rally at Sparc Dispensary Tuesday , Nov. 8, 2016, in San Francisco. "Look, a President Trump could shut down the legal cannabis industry everywhere in the country with the stroke of a pen", said Kleiman, who's now a professor of public policy at New York University's Marron Institute of Urban Management.

Author: 0 UFC 205: Stephen Thompson stands out in workouts

The company behind the "EA Sports UFC 2" video game ran simulations for the big card's title fights to see who might come out on top. "They love to fuel my fire and I prove them wrong every single time". He is a five time world champion kickboxer with an nearly unbelievable unbeaten record of 57-0 with over 40 KOs. Thompson has only won one fight on the ground, compared to Woodley's five, which in part is down to the champion's wrestling background.

Author: 0 Wade a winner again in Miami, Bulls top Heat 98-95

The night was obviously about Wade and his return, but it was telling that Wade still made the decision to defer to Butler at the end. It sounded so natural, as it had for so many spectacular moments during Dwyane Wade's career, that you could nearly forget the past few months when a relationship that seemed likely to last forever was irrevocably changed, when the thin veneer of commitment and loyalty were peeled back to expose the harsh reality of the business we all try so hard to ignore ...

Author: 0 Undocumented Immigrants Show Resilience With #HeretoStay Hashtag

Others want legal immigrants to apply for citizenship so they can eventually obtain legal status for relatives. Illegal immigration has formed a critical part of Trump's campaign since he announced his candidacy in June 2015, saying, "when Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best..." Trump said Thursday that border security would be one of his top priorities, and has said he will quickly do away with President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ...

Author: 0 Election brings unceratinty to Undocumented people in country

He said the center will also work to "keep the community informed about policies as they evolve" and will work to "debunk myths and probably exaggerated fears that may circulate" in the run-up to Trump taking office. Jose Antonio Vargas, one of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in America, refuses to believe that mass deportations are within the realm of possibility.

National FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Pretty nice weekend with seasonable temperatures
Author: 0 FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Pretty nice weekend with seasonable temperatures

Ironically, that temperature has been the coolest high so far this month given normal highs are suppose to be in the lower 50s! However, this cold shot will be short-lived because temperatures will rebound nicely into the 50s for your Sunday so it will feel much warmer with a lighter wind as well.

Author: 0 Trump wins as exit poll preliminary data shows economy key

According to CNN , so far, Trump has Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Republican Donald Trump won the Kentucky and IN, the home state of his running mate Mike Pence, TV networks projected on Tuesday. The first polls in IN and Kentucky are scheduled to close at 6 p.m. The Republican swept to victory over Hillary Clinton in the ultimate triumph for a campaign that repeatedly shattered the conventions of politics to pull off a remarkable upset.

National Clinton casts her ballot: 'It is the most humbling feeling'
Author: 0 Clinton casts her ballot: 'It is the most humbling feeling'

The victor will inherit an anxious nation, angry and distrustful of leaders in Washington. She or he will preside over an improving economy that is nevertheless leaving many behind and a military battling new terror threats. Comey announced the inquiry late last month, diminishing Clinton's surging momentum and threatening Democrats in Senate and House races. The former secretary of state and NY senator dashed through battleground states, encouraged get-out-the-vote efforts and campaigned ...

Author: 0 California, Nevada and MA legalize recreational marijuana

In fact, one of these stocks is already up almost 40% this year, partly from its latest acquisition of two firms that will profit substantially from the growing marijuana industry. The government lists it as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. UPDATE 2016/11/08 10:37 pm ET: The results of the USA presidential race are up in the air at the moment, but marijuana legalization ballots are doing well across the board.

National Clinton: 'We Must Accept This Result And Look To The Future'
Author: 0 Clinton: 'We Must Accept This Result And Look To The Future'

The Associated Press declared Clinton the NY victor just after polls closed at 9 p.m., with various swing states that will decide the election still too close to call. If politics is a story of action and reaction, the age of Obama was punched in the face on Election Day by the age of Trump. In the run-up to the main day of voting on 8 November, it was not clear whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump was going to win.

National Durham Co. seeks to extend voting by 90 minutes
Author: 0 Durham Co. seeks to extend voting by 90 minutes

They say a weakened Voting Rights Act , incendiary campaign rhetoric and confusion over controversial state laws that restrict voting opportunities have created a flawless storm for Election Day problems. During the meeting, officials said there were 8 locations affected. A federal appeals court struck down the law, accusing the GOP of targeting African-American voters with "surgical precision" and concluding that "the North Carolina General Assembly enacted the challenged provisions of the ...

National Portman wins re-election to Senate seat
Author: 0 Portman wins re-election to Senate seat

Portman didn't campaign with Trump and withdrew his endorsement when a 2005 tape of Trump making lewd comments about kissing and groping women surfaced last month. Ohio's next Senate election is in 2018 with Sen. Portman's campaign built a strong effort on the ground and with a tech-savvy digital campaign, besides enjoying a deep reservoir of money for advertising.

National Florida voting already surpasses entire 2000 election total
Author: 0 Florida voting already surpasses entire 2000 election total

Several congressional and senate seats will be up for election across Chicagoland. A last-minute surge in Latino voters boosted the numbers in Florida, which saw more than 1.5 million early votes more than it did in 2012, according to United States Elections Project , run by University of Florida professor Michael McDonald.

National California mom cited for selling ceviche
Author: 0 California mom cited for selling ceviche

For those wondering if the cops in San Joaquin County have nothing better to do than nark on single mothers sharing food photos, according to AreaVibes , a website dedicated to determining the "livability" of an area, San Joaquin County has a crime rate 11 percent higher than the national average.

National Woman Dies After Being Pushed in Front of NYC Subway Train
Author: 0 Woman Dies After Being Pushed in Front of NYC Subway Train

One person died after allegedly being shoved into the path of an oncoming subway train at New York City's busy Times Square subway station, emergency authorities said Monday. Many of those who saw the attack were visibly shaken. "It's a frightful incident, and your heart goes out to this family and this victim", NYPD chief of detectives William Aubry told reporters.

Author: 0 Tim Kaine touts his and Hillary Clinton's support for NASA space exploration

According to , Kaine will address the people of Wilmington to discuss he and Hillary Clinton's plans to create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. "I've only known one vice president and it's Joe Biden, and I just think he is a great role model because I have talked to him about the role". And when Kaine made a brief return to his home state for the vice presidential debate, Kaine told his fellow Virginia Democrats they should be proud of ...

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