National Cleveland planning to start rookie Merritt in Game 4 or 5
Author: 0 Cleveland planning to start rookie Merritt in Game 4 or 5

Please visit our SB Nation Blue Jays site Bluebird Banter and Indians site Let's Go Tribe. Francona said if there was a "malfunction" with Bauer's finger in Game 3, then Corey Kluber could come back on short rest for Game 4 on Tuesday and also be available for a potential Game 7.

National High School Graduation Rate Hits New High
Author: 0 High School Graduation Rate Hits New High

Black students and people learning English showed the greatest increase in graduation rates over the last five years, with the former group increasing from 67 percent to 74.6 percent, and the latter going from 57 percent to 65.1 percent. President Obama planned to visit a school in the nation's capital Monday to tout the increases there and nationally. In 2008, the Bush administration ordered states to begin using a formula that is considered a more accurate count of how many actually finish ...

National Best and Worst Cities for LGBTQ Equality
Author: 0 Best and Worst Cities for LGBTQ Equality

Knoxville scored reasonably well in the Human Rights Campaign's fifth annual city-by-city measure of equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. "This builds on a trend we have long observed: that local governments are at the forefront of our fight for equality". The index looked at 506 cities, including the 50 state capitals, 200 largest USA cities, five largest cities in each state and cities home to a state's two largest public universities.

Author: 0 Rayquan Borum indicted in fatal shooting at uptown protest

The majority of the video released Tuesday occurs after the shooting, with officers tending to wounds on Scott's back left shoulder and side. Around 10 minutes into the video, officers remove handcuffs from Scott's wrists and medics begin administering aid.

National Trump campaign severs ties with Ohio GOP chief
Author: 0 Trump campaign severs ties with Ohio GOP chief

The Trump campaign has officially severed ties with Ohio's Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges just weeks before the presidential election in the must-win battleground, according to a letter sent by Trump's OH state director. The opposition is real and it's coming from Kasich loyalists who dominate the state party leadership. Angering party officials could damage the campaign as the November 8 vote nears.

National Deadline passed, state tallying up new voter registrations
Author: 0 Deadline passed, state tallying up new voter registrations

Smaller counties that do not maintain voter records electronically must offer election day registration at the county's main election office or at polling places in the county's larger municipalities. "I will say this year's race is getting even more attention". But the experience in other states that have successfully implemented Election Day registration tells us that these objections are overblown.

National 18 homes destroyed in northern Nevada wildfire
Author: 0 18 homes destroyed in northern Nevada wildfire

Winds in the area are remaining strong, with gusts reaching about 50 miles per hour. More than 5,000 people were without power at 10:30 a.m. Friday, mostly in southwest Reno, according to NV Energy. A wildfire that has already scorched 200 acres broke out overnight in the area of Camp Richardson, near Cascade Lake and Emerald Bay in South Lake Tahoe.

National Strickland Ads Attack Portman's Stance On Trump
Author: 0 Strickland Ads Attack Portman's Stance On Trump

Strickland, a former OH governor, said Portman is guilty of "cowardice" for not acting sooner. "We have a big trade deficit with countries we don't have a trade agreement with". "He negotiated these job killing trade deals", Strickland said. "I was constitutionally required to balance the budget and I balanced the budget", Strickland said.

Author: 0 North Carolina governor: Flooded historic town will get help

Power outages are down to 75,000 customers from a high of 861,000 the day after the storm. Almost half Chatham County residents lost power during the storm. While some people may argue that these animals would've died either way, it becomes harder to argue this point considering that usually these animals at least become food (albeit unhealthy food) for someone to eat.

National Judge dismisses Newtown families' lawsuit against gun maker
Author: 0 Judge dismisses Newtown families' lawsuit against gun maker

NEWTOWN - A Tennessee man who admitted to stealing almost $30,000 from a Sandy Hook charity he had set up shortly after the shooting could receive more than year in prison when he is sentenced in federal court this afternoon. Make it your business. The AR-15 was developed from the USA military's M-16 rifle, used in the Vietnam War in the 1960s. But Bellis ruled to toss the lawsuit.

Author: 0 'Come on, man!' Obama appeals to working-class Trump supporters

Obama was the featured speaker at an Ohio Democratic Party dinner in Columbus Oct. 13, with upward of 2,000 people in attendance. While he has been touring battleground states for Clinton in the final stretch of the campaign, he told the crowd it was likely the last time he'd be in Cleveland during his presidency.

Author: 0 Obama hits 'crazy' Republicans as Trump falters

Trump and previous Republican presidential opponents, saying while he thought he would be a better president than them, he was not afraid of them becoming president. "I can tell you the men in my life do not talk about women like this, and I know my family is not unusual", the First Lady said. "I notice this has been happening everywhere", Obama said.

Author: 0 Obama: Republicans deserve no credit for disavowing Trump

Republicans have controlled both houses of Congress for the entirety of Mr Obama's second term, thwarting many of his policy goals. "I have to give him credit", Obama said. Zach Mason, of Westerville, said at the Clinton event that he believes DE may no longer be a Republican safe zone. The president said America is better than Trump's remarks about women, minorities and other groups.

Author: 0 Email: Clinton campaign tried to move back Illinois primary

Podesta wrote to Cheryl Mills, Clinton's former chief of staff, on March 4, 2015 . While the Clinton campaign is not confirming the authenticity of the emails, it maintains the hack was done by the Russians to aide Donald Trump . LifeNews Note: Bill Donohue is the president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. Their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals.

National Judge orders Wisconsin to explain voting credentials process
Author: 0 Judge orders Wisconsin to explain voting credentials process

But because the US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Wisconsin's Voter ID law previously, Judge Peterson questioned whether he could block the law as One Wisconsin Institute requested. He also ordered weekly updates on how the process is running through the election, and for the state to provide a way for people to report problems.

Author: 0 Breast Cancer Awareness: What you need to know

The American Cancer Society recommends that starting at age 40 women at average risk should have the choice to begin yearly mammograms. A new Breast Cancer Study is out questioning the value of mammograms for breast cancer screenings, but the headline is being met with criticism.

National Rains, wind kick off stormy few days in the Northwest
Author: 0 Rains, wind kick off stormy few days in the Northwest

Mercer said the weather service is anxious about the Washington coast, too. Though the system is still near Asia, forecasters are having a hard time predicting where and how hard it will hit the Pacific Coast. The National Weather Service (NWS) warns of two potentially damaging storms headed into Western Washington, the worst of which could be Saturday .

Author: 0 United States could retaliate for strike on ship off Yemeni coast

Navy said Monday. Neither missile hit the ship. "Anybody who puts U.S. Navy ships at risk does so at their own peril". Three commanders of the elite republican guard brigades, loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh who is allied with Shiite Huthi rebels, were said to be among those killed.

National Nurses Come to a Contract Agreement with Allina Health
Author: 0 Nurses Come to a Contract Agreement with Allina Health

The negotiating session was sparked by an invitation by Governor Mark Dayton, who invited the two side and mediators to a closed door session at the Governor's mansion in St. "Our goal all along has been to reach an agreement that is fair to our nurses and sustainable for our organization", said Dr. Penney Wheeler, Allina's chief executive, in a letter to Allina staff.

National 'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: Savitar and Dr. Alchemy is Coming
Author: 0 'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: Savitar and Dr. Alchemy is Coming

Barry Allen really messed up this time. He and Barry haven't gotten along since Dante died because Barry never considered going back in time to save Dante. "We're not gods, we're men". The scene where Barry comes clean about what he's done, to the point where he's crying in front of everyone, is extremely well-done.

National Speaker Ryan distances himself from Trump campaign
Author: 0 Speaker Ryan distances himself from Trump campaign

Governor Gary Herbert pulled his support on Friday night in the form of a tweet saying he would not vote for the candidate. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump passed one of his most important tests of the second presidential debate Monday by getting full-throated support from running mate Mike Pence, who shut down talk of quitting the ticket despite his disapproval of Trump's remarks about women.

National Rain and storms Wednesday and a cool down on the way
Author: 0 Rain and storms Wednesday and a cool down on the way

Temperatures stay decent on Tuesday with highs in the 70's and 80's ahead of a cold front that will drop those temperatures for the middle of the week. FRIDAY: A chilly morning. Mostly sunny skies are expected today , with a high near 66. This is when we'll really feel the cool air. overnight lows will fall into the mid 30s by Thursday morning! High temperatures on Thursday will be similar in the upper 60s.

National SUNY leader, adviser to Cuomo, resigns after charges
Author: 0 SUNY leader, adviser to Cuomo, resigns after charges

Alain Kaloyeros, who was suspended late last month after being arrested on federal and state corruption charges, has resigned as president of SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly), which has campuses in Albany and Marcy. Kaloyeros remains a SUNY Poly professor, but he is now on unpaid leave from the position. "Dr. Kaloyeros is innocent of the charges filed against him and looks forward to being exonerated when the cases have run their course".

Author: 0 McDonald's: Ronald McDonald keeps lower profile

A video showing a man dressed as a creepy clown clinging to the back of a Detroit Department of Transportation bus in motion garnered a lot of attention online Tuesday. Ronald McDonald houses provide mobile house care, scholarships, housing for families whose loved ones suffer from serious illness, and other services in more than 63 countries and regions.

National General Election Registration and Absentee Deadlines
Author: 0 General Election Registration and Absentee Deadlines

Registration can also be completed in person when residents receive a driver's license. County residents can register to vote at the Banks County Board of Elections and Voter Registration office, located at 226 Candler Street in Homer. Some counties now offer day-of registration through midnight if done online . Regardless of whether a voter wants to take advantage of early voting , vote absentee or vote on Election Day, the first step is making sure you are registered.

Author: 0 Arpaio in court 1 day before early voting

Arpaio, " America's Toughest Sheriff " is running for a seventh consecutive term as the Phoenix area's chief law enforcer. Prosecutor John Keller said in court that the government will bring charges, with the next step being a court filing possibly in the next day that's akin to a criminal complaint.

National Wisconsin police investigate video in girl's disappearance
Author: 0 Wisconsin police investigate video in girl's disappearance

YouTube took down the video Tuesday. The video showed a man introducing a person he calls his new girlfriend, kept locked up in a small basement bathroom and screaming and sobbing when the man opens the door to the room. "To me that's a major red flag", said Hope Sprenger . ( NCMEC ) The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has released this edited rendering of what Berg would have looked like when she was 20 years old.

National Putin, Erdogan to meet at energy summit in Istanbul
Author: 0 Putin, Erdogan to meet at energy summit in Istanbul

Your current subscription does not provide access to this content. Visit for more information on this news. You have now viewed your allowance of free articles. Russian Federation is building Turkey's first nuclear power plant, and Erdogan said the sides agreed to accelerate the project. The meeting in Istanbul between the two post-imperial strongmen will be their third encounter since their governments agreed in June to normalise ties.

National Matthew's punch still delivers pain to North Carolina
Author: 0 Matthew's punch still delivers pain to North Carolina

Emergency planners are now using models that can pinpoint exactly how high the rivers can get and which buildings will be flooded days in advance. "This is not much compared to those two", he said . As with Floyd, Matthew followed a prolonged period of rain in eastern and central North Carolina. Most of downtown Charleston's hospital district was surrounded by floodwaters, with the prominent Calhoun Street knee- to hip-deep in some spots, The Post and Courier reports .

Author: 0 Philippines tells US no joint patrols in South China Sea

Earlier, Vice President Leni Robredo expressed her concern that the president's tirades against his critics could affect the Philippines' receipt of the worldwide aid. The administration has repeatedly said that it maintains an "independent foreign policy". It also appeared that the former Philippine President Benigno Aquino III sealed alliances with USA and Japan, and is also mending ties with China.

Author: 0 Laborers union applauds Dakota Access pipeline ruling

Construction on federal land near Lake Oahe remains on hold, however; the federal government has not yet granted Dakota Access's developers the easement necessary for constriction to move forward there. "We will continue to explore all lawful options to protect our people, our water, our land, and our sacred places". "The court's decision reaffirms what we've said all along", says Laborers International Union of North America Local 563 Business Agent Cory Bryson who manages the union's ...

Author: 0 Russian government using hacks to influence US presidential election, officials say

It came amidst growing pressures within the Federal institutions to publicly hold Moscow accountable for actions apparently aimed at disrupting USA presidential elections. The statement said the United States intelligence community "is confident that the Russian government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from U.S.

Author: 0 Tens of Millions Watched First Presidential Debate

Still, Trump's numbers on the question of honesty have plunged 8 points since the last survey , while Clinton's have stayed steady. Some supporters of Trump want him to him to use future debates to bring up former president Clinton's history with women, including Lewinsky.

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