Author: 0 Trump takes credit for Pence's debate win

Maybe we'll have a disgusting relationship. In an interview on CNN, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine accused Pence of dodging instead of defending when confronted with Trump's comments, insults or policy proposals. "Not only do more voters think he won the debate, his favorability now sits 10 points higher than Kaine's". The post-debate polling was less conclusive.

Author: 0 NJ set to hike gas tax by 23 cents a gallon

The tax will more than double, from 14.5 to 37.5 cents per gallon, making it the seventh highest gasoline tax in the country. It would be the first increase in the tax since 1988. "Now, hopefully voters in November will agree to my proposal to permanently dedicate all fuel tax revenue for transportation purposes". Republican Senator Michael Doherty, 53, from Warren County, called the package of bills a "bait-and-switch".

National One dead, 8 others hurt in Grand Rapids shooting
Author: 0 One dead, 8 others hurt in Grand Rapids shooting

Terry Dixon. The shooting happened at around 4 the 1800 block of 28th Street SE. Grand Rapids residents responded to the news with prayers for the victims and outrage against the violence. "We have one confirmed dead inside, the others are being treated at various hospitals". Sgt. Terry Dixon said police are working with witnesses and victims to find who is responsible for the shooting, which occurred at 3:45 a.m.

Author: 0 Jackley on Backpage CEO arrest: "Sex trafficking will not be tolerated"

Carl Ferrer, 55, was arrested in Houston Thursday on a California arrest warrant as he returned from an global flight, according to a press release by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Lacey and Larkin founded the website in 2004, and Ferrer was brought on to manage the site's operation, according to California court records. It wasn't immediately clear Friday whether the men had been taken into custody.

Author: 0 LA County sheriff: Sergeant killing a calculated execution

After shooting Owen, Lovell unsuccessfully searched his body for his weapon "with the intent to use it to murder the first responding deputy", McDonnell said . Sources told KTLA that Owen was initially shot in the face. Lovell is accused of shooting Owen, then standing over him and firing four more bullets into his body.

National Ted Cruz calls his decision to back Trump 'agonizing'
Author: 0 Ted Cruz calls his decision to back Trump 'agonizing'

Cruz went on to explain his reasoning : "Between the two choices of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump , I believe that Hillary Clinton will do a great deal of damage to this country". However, that argument was a tough sell for numerous voters who backed his presidential bid, with a few saying his endorsement of Trump vindicated Cruz's sharpest critics-several of whom accused him of opportunism.

Author: 0 Russia 'ready' to cooperate with US on Syria truce

Rebel groups, President Bashar Assad's government and the government's global backers have committed thousands of fighters to the battle for Aleppo , Syria's largest city. "As for the laymen's illusions about the existence of 'invisible planes, ' they may confront a disappointing reality", he said in an apparent reference to US stealth aircraft.

National US presidential debate: All you need to know
Author: 0 US presidential debate: All you need to know

There will be those who look at Clinton and see an avalanche of ruinous leftism headed our way and others who will look at Trump and see an natural disaster of stupidities. Lazio infamously walked over to Clinton's podium during the debate, demanding she sign a pledge to forgo a form of donations known as soft money. The lesson, said Dan Gerstein, a veteran Democratic political strategist, is that Clinton should quickly try to present herself as the true change agent.

Author: 0 President Obama adds Cleveland rally to OH campaign swing

Obama's speech was all about turning that excitement into votes for Hillary Clinton. "And I think that Hillary Clinton should apologize for pursuing ObamaCare, and she wants to make it even worse than she does right now", he continued. Said Atkinson: "You don't have to have been down, but you have to have compassion for others who have been down". "We don't speak to them enough", he said.

National 15-year-old asks Clinton about Trump comments
Author: 0 15-year-old asks Clinton about Trump comments

Asked by Carr whether he wanted to be told when his two minutes allotted for answering each question were up, Trump quipped: "If I'm doing well, don't call me". The authors make clear that this denouncement of Trump is not a show of support for Hillary Clinton . "I did hold back", Trump said, arguing that the debates are for policy matters, not personal attacks.

National Business leaders call Trump bad for economy in new letter
Author: 0 Business leaders call Trump bad for economy in new letter

Tim Kaine , D-Virginia, said in the debate. "And I think that's who Governor Pence's running mate is", Kaine said. It was a contrast to last Monday's presidential debate when Hillary Clinton emerged the victor in the polls , following Donald Trump's under-prepared performance.

National Donald Trump Still Believes The Central Park 5 are Guilty
Author: 0 Donald Trump Still Believes The Central Park 5 are Guilty

Bring Back The Police!" But what followed was hardly an apology. In a statement to CNN (which ThinkProgress notes he offered up because CNN was doing a retrospective on the case) he said, "They admitted they were guilty". The case exemplified the ways America's criminal justice system unfairly targets people of color. "I thought for a moment: What would this country look like with Donald Trump as president?" These men didn't commit the crime, and the city of NY paid them an ...

National Superheroes honor school shooting victim dressed as Batman
Author: 0 Superheroes honor school shooting victim dressed as Batman

One speaker during the service talked about superhero stories being about good versus evil, saying, "We live in a dark world", but "the good" will prevail. "We want to honor Jacob, celebrate Jacob, in a way he would love." The child was laid to rest wearing a tiny batman costume at his superhero-themed funeral.

National Former aide takes back Christie 'flat out lied' comments
Author: 0 Former aide takes back Christie 'flat out lied' comments

Renna testified that Kelly, who had been questioned by Christie's chief of staff about whether she had been involved in the lane closures, also told her: "You know, Christina, if someone tells me something is OK, who am I to question them?" "And I've made it very clear to everybody on my senior staff that if anyone had knowledge about this that they needed to come forward to me and tell me about it, and they've all assured me that they don't".

National Minnesota mall attacker newly interested in Islam
Author: 0 Minnesota mall attacker newly interested in Islam

The FBI and Minnesota law enforcement officials for the first time on Thursday released surveillance video footage that show the mall attack by Dahir Adan, a 20-year-old from St. The FBI continues to review Dahir Adan's electronic devices, however his iphone is locked and they haven't gotten access to his cell phone yet. The video also shows Falconer confronting and shooting Adan: The suspect initially gets on the ground but then gets up and runs at the officer before he is shot.

National Odell Beckham Jr.|
Author: 0 Odell Beckham Jr.| "I'm Not Having Fun Anymore".

He had to be helped off the field and was taken by cart to the locker room. And the Vikings are perhaps the league's best defense. The Giants had two turnovers, punted six times (five in the first half), and committed eight penalties. This was a statement game on a national stage. "I thought our team did a lot of good things past year, but I didn't know if we were ready". His talent is undeniable and his production is top notch - Beckham already has more receptions, yards receiving ...

National Gov. Nikki Haley addresses concerns, gives updates on Hurricane Matthew
Author: 0 Gov. Nikki Haley addresses concerns, gives updates on Hurricane Matthew

There was particular concern about Haiti as tens of thousands of people are still living in tents and makeshift dwellings due to the 2010 quake, which killed more than 200,000 people. By 8 a.m. on Monday, the storm will be centered directly east of SC. That's about 55 miles north-northeast of Cabo Lucrecia, Cuba . The storm has been downgraded to a Category 3 storm with maximum winds reaching 115 miles per hour, according to a Wednesday morning advisory.

Author: 0 Ex-Title IX officer says Baylor failed to protect rape victims

In her televised interview, Crawford said Baylor officials marginalized her by leaving her out of meetings, undermining her authority and making decisions that should be left to a Title IX coordinator. The Jane Doe 8 case would have come under Crawford's watch, but on Wednesday, Crawford said that she did not know about that particular case. Tucker served the Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator in the university's Title IX office.

National Former UF QB Leak subject of sexual assault investigation
Author: 0 Former UF QB Leak subject of sexual assault investigation

He has not been charged with a crime, but is merely under investigation. The incident allegedly took place on September 5 near Edgewater's football field in the athletic trainer's office, where Leak was taking a shower. Police said the girl was "very upset" when recounting the incident. Per the report, after Leak became aware that the victim told a friend about the incident, he allegedly gave the friend $100.

National Are you just like Gary Johnson, too?
Author: 0 Are you just like Gary Johnson, too?

Each Senator would get a vote and would choose between the two candidates with the most electoral votes. Johnson doesn't have the name recognition of Nader, the well-known consumer champion. "But I would doubt that analysis, to tell you the truth". "Anywhere in the continents", Matthews said. To such people, Clinton isn't any kind of solution to what ails us, and neither is Trump (if nothing else, both are talking about spending more money than our now historically high levels during ...

National Gov. Nikki Haley: Coastal evacuations, school closings start Wednesday
Author: 0 Gov. Nikki Haley: Coastal evacuations, school closings start Wednesday

The Category 4 hurricane already has caused extensive flooding and damage in Haiti, where Matthew made initial landfall Tuesday morning with sustained winds near 145 miles per hour. 13, 2014, in Columbia, South Carolina. It is the strongest storm to strike the Caribbean nation in more than 50 years. Former Courthouse News reporter Ashley Harrell happens to be in the Dominican Republic at the moment, and said, via email this morning, that the country had gotten some rain Monday, "but Haiti is ...

National Jeb Bush Hints At Voting For Gary Johnson
Author: 0 Jeb Bush Hints At Voting For Gary Johnson

It appears that former Republican Presidential nominee, Jeb Bush , may be more than just talk in his potential support for Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson. Johnson was asked about Aleppo , the Syrian city ravaged by the country's civil war, to which he replied, " What is Aleppo? ". MSNBC host Chris Matthews asked the Libertarian nominee to name a foreign leader he respected.

National Amber Alert sent out for Sheridan teen
Author: 0 Amber Alert sent out for Sheridan teen

Gissentaner who goes by the nickname of China", Mills said. Because of his status as a sex offender and that he was with a minor, state police declared an Amber Alert . Police say they have spoken by phone with Gissentaner who told them she was at the site of the medical emergency and has the child with her. The exact relationship between Gissentaner and Wilson was not disclosed, but some media outlets noted that Gissentaner had looked after for the girl in the past.

Author: 0 Colombian government, FARC scramble to save peace deal

For now, a return to the battlefield in a war that has already killed 220,000 people and displaced 8 million seems unlikely. Mr Santos made the statement after meeting. Santos, they recalled, won the presidential election with this promise to bring the "whole" Colombian society to peace. "Had the "yes" vote triumphed, the FARC would have had six months to gather its 5,800 foot soldiers in special zones around Colombia, where they were to turn in their weapons to United Nations inspectors".

Author: 0 Kaine, Pence prepare for undercard debate

After a blockbuster first round of debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it's now the vice presidential candidates' turn in the spotlight. Mike Pence (R) is the governor of IN (2013-present). "He's doing a super job", Walker said of Pence. "So he's done a lot of this and he is extremely tough", Kaine said on his campaign plane.

Author: 0 Houston student, 14, charged with making clown terror threat

Philly Public Schools Director of Safety Brendan Lee says the district is actively working with the police and homeland security to track down the people behind the posts. The unsettling and creepy clown posts surfaced on several different Instagram accounts over the weekend and named Philadelphia schools specifically, threatening violence, including shootings and kidnappings, at the schools at certain times throughout the week.

Author: 0 Hurts, No. 1 Alabama rout Kentucky 34-6 after rough week

The total, meanwhile, sits at 57.5 points after opening at that same number. Serving as the gunner on a punt, Brown had a chance to help pin the Wildcats at the 1-yard line. For the remainder of the game , he was a consistent presence in the Kentucky backfield, finishing with one sack, three tackles for loss, a forced fumble and two quarterback hurries.

Author: 0 California governor approves gender-neutral restrooms

He also stated that access to restrooms are a "biological need" and he feels the safety, fairness and convenience that this law promotes will benefit everyone. "For my whole life, public restrooms have been places of fear, anxiety, and danger for me - just because I don't fit people's expectations of what a woman should look like", said Sara Rosenfeld, a 44-year-old Berkeley resident.

National Teen accused of tossing newborn from window charged
Author: 0 Teen accused of tossing newborn from window charged

The Police department says officers responded to the Kellom Knolls Apartment Complex near 25th and Cuming Streets Friday morning at 4:12 a.m. Police say that when paramedics arrived, the baby's grandmother was holding the child and administering CPR in the parking lot of the apartment complex.

National Now, Trump's own porn video out as campaign gets dirty
Author: 0 Now, Trump's own porn video out as campaign gets dirty

Referring to Eric Trump's comments earlier in the week that Donald Trump showed "courage" in not bringing up the issue at the debate , Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon tweeted Friday night, "Assume (Eric Trump) now believes he's a coward".

National NC university students shot, killed at party
Author: 0 NC university students shot, killed at party

The fight and shooting occurred just after 2 a.m. Police located Dieudonne and Campbell shot inside the residence sometime after 2 a.m. Sunday. The students were identified as Alisia Dieudonne , a sophomore computer science major from Homewood, Illinois, and Ahmad Campbell , a junior agriculture and environmental systems major from Kittrell, North Carolina.

Author: 0 March planned in memory of man shot by police in California

In. Both videos show two officers confronting Olango in the restaurant's parking lot before opening fire, one with a gun and the other with a Taser. Police said they responded to a report of a mentally unstable man walking in traffic. The incident is the latest in a series of fatal shootings of black men in communities across the USA, including in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Author: 0 Locals fight with migrants in 3 German towns

Hungarians headed to the polls Sunday to vote on a referendum over establishing migrant quotas for the country. Orban's Fidesz party claimed victory immediately after voting stations closed, saying its own projections based on exit polls showed that 95 percent of voters supported the government position despite an expected turnout of only 45 percent.

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