National Defense secretary: US will sharpen 'military edge' in Asia
Author: 0 Defense secretary: US will sharpen 'military edge' in Asia

Investing in other advanced munitions to improve range and accuracy for land attack and anti-ship missiles, including new torpedoes. With the bridge of America's best-known carrier looming in the background, Defense Secretary Ash Carter defended the Navy's pivot to "the most consequential region for America's future" - the Pacific.

Author: 0 Gunman kills 1, wounds 2 officers in 'bizarre' Philly rampage

The shooting started on Friday night, according to KGO-TV. The gunman in that case reportedly told investigators that he was "following Allah". She took some rounds to the arm. Tom Wolf thanked law-enforcement officers and said in part: "Our thoughts are with the officers and other victims of this horrifying violence". Ross said two police officers and University of Pennsylvania police officer Ed Miller chased the man into an alley, where Glenn was shot and killed.

National Teen charged in school shooting; 6-year-old clings to life
Author: 0 Teen charged in school shooting; 6-year-old clings to life

Authorities say the teen shot his father at their home before driving the pickup 3 miles down a country road lined with chicken houses and pine trees to Townville Elementary School. "As we work together with law enforcement to make sure they have the support they need to investigate what happened in Townville, Michael and I ask that everyone across SC join us in praying for the entire Townville Elementary School family and those touched by today's tragedy".

National Powerful Hurricane Matthew Weakens Slightly to Category 4 Over Caribbean
Author: 0 Powerful Hurricane Matthew Weakens Slightly to Category 4 Over Caribbean

A hurricane watch is in effect for Jamaica , while a tropical storm watch is in effect for parts of Haiti. Winds of 75 miles per hour or greater are possible on Monday, and tropical storm force winds may begin late Sunday. Cuba has opened shelters and organized volunteers to clean storm drains and gather food stocks in Santiago de Cuba, the island's second city, in preparation of the hurricane.

Author: 0 "We will end Clinton corruption", says Donald Trump during Novi rally

Germany's economy ministry believes a Donald Trump presidency would severely damage the US economy, according to an internal memorandum reported by Der Spiegel magazine on Saturday. With one debate down and two to go, the election is in peak mode. But her surrogates have been crisscrossing the state - former president Bill Clinton was at a Labor Day parade and, recently, daughter Chelsea Clinton made several stops around the state.

Author: 0 Clinton visits Iowa as early voting gets underway

Republicans have conceded that early and absentee voting is not their top priority in Iowa. Mr. Trump said at his rally. The RNC said it has 63 staff members in the state. The audience at the outdoor rally in Iowa broke out into laughter. "Donald Trump has built a lot of businesses on the backs of the little guy", Clinton said, adding she's met contractors involved in his business deals who have been "victims of his refusal;; to pay in full or at all".

National Police search Connecticut home of woman lost at sea
Author: 0 Police search Connecticut home of woman lost at sea

After Chakalos' murder , investigating authorities found a shotgun and ammunition in Nathan Carman's home and discovered he had disposed of his computer and Global Positioning System unit, according to The Globe. When he escaped to the raft, he told the Coast Guard he could not find his mother. Today Carman said that while he'd done repairs on the boat before their trip, the boat was safe.

National Murder charges filed in Amber Alert deaths of siblings
Author: 0 Murder charges filed in Amber Alert deaths of siblings

The children were the subjects of a statewide Amber Alert before their bodies were discovered in a auto behind the Elkhart Police Department . "It's a senseless tragedy, there's no such thing as a good reason to kill, but my gosh, when it becomes children", prosecutor Curtis Hill said.

Author: 0 Wells Fargo illegally repossessed 413 service members' cars

Noting that Wells Fargo's actions are already under review by the U.S. Department of Justice, state Attorney General's offices, and the U.S. Department of Labor, among others, the Senators concluded, "The SEC should join in these efforts to ensure that Wells Fargo and its senior executives are held accountable for a massive, years-long fraud that hurt thousands of customers and potentially cost investors billions of dollars".

Author: 0 Some evacuation orders lifted in California wildfire areas

Hundreds of people were evacuated after the fire broke out Monday amid a heat wave, and more residents were ordered to leave as the flames spread overnight. Norman Noble, 75, left the mountain home where he's lived for a quarter-century as flames approached and fire trucks rolled in. "Everyone on the mountain has guns, and you've got to grab your guns first", she told The Mercury News in San Jose ( ).

Author: 0 1 dead, over 100 hurt in train crash at New Jersey station

Train No. 1614 crashed at about 8:45 a.m. ET after departing Spring Valley, NY, at 7:23 a.m. Nelson said there were around 250 passengers on board at the time of the crash, and that it was not known if there were still people trapped on the train.

Author: 0 Family of slain black man wants police to release full video

Officers say he ignored repeated requests to raise his hands and was shot multiple times when he pulled what turned out to be a 4-inch electronic cigarette device from his pocket and pointed it at one officer while taking a "shooting stance".

National Black cop caught beating a suspect on surveillance video pays price
Author: 0 Black cop caught beating a suspect on surveillance video pays price

While both officers participated in the beating, the video shows one of the officers in particular landing repeated vicious hits to the unarmed homeless man's head and body using what appears to be a baton. "All I remember is bracing myself and just taking the licks and I was holding my arm up". A Houston police officer has resigned after surveillance footage emerged showing him using "excessive force" against a civilian at a local train station.

National Israel PM steers clear of United States politics after NY trip
Author: 0 Israel PM steers clear of United States politics after NY trip

Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that ties between his country and the United States will remain strong whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins the upcoming election. According to the Prime Minister's Office, "Netanyahu presented Israel's positions on regional issues related to Israel's security and efforts to achieve peace and stability" and "thanked Mr.

National Showdown: Congress looks to override Obama veto of 9/11 bill
Author: 0 Showdown: Congress looks to override Obama veto of 9/11 bill

Obama for his part made good on his threat to veto JASTA , suggesting that the law would only further unnerve an already shaky alliance with Saudi Arabia. While White House staffers have reached out to certain members of Congress, President Obama has not launched an all-out lobbying push to pull members away from this bill.

National Police shoot 'active shooter' at strip mall in Houston
Author: 0 Police shoot 'active shooter' at strip mall in Houston

The police bomb squad was securing the suspect's auto, a black Porsche, which had numerous weapons in it. Police were planning to search his house. An unidentified woman, standing next to a auto with two bullet holes in the windshield, told a local television station she heard "the bullets literally whiz by my window".

National Charlotte to release body and dash camera video of shooting
Author: 0 Charlotte to release body and dash camera video of shooting

Family lawyers have said that Mr Scott suffered head trauma in a auto accident a year ago. The release of partial footage of the incident comes as Charlotte was rocked by a fifth day of protests on Saturday. The September 20 shooting of Keith Lamont Scott has caused several nights of unrest in the southern United States city where various residents have called for the police to hand over the footage.

National Streak over: Dobbs rallies Vols to win over Gators
Author: 0 Streak over: Dobbs rallies Vols to win over Gators

It was the most consecutive points the Gators have given up since Herschel Walker and Georgia beat them 44-0 in 1982 and as wrenching as UF's 31-31 tie at FSU in 1994. said . "They heard all the talk about however many straight games and they heard the boos", Jones said. "There might be a lesson in that". The Gators didn't get a first down in the second half until there were less than seven minutes left in the fourth quarter.

National Homicides, violent crimes on the rise
Author: 0 Homicides, violent crimes on the rise

The Federal Bureau of Investigation handed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump a gift-wrapped talking point on Monday morning, announcing just hours before his first debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton that America's murder rate rose by 10.8 per cent past year.

Author: 0 Key developments in the New Jersey bridge lane-closing trial

Chris Christie's agenda at the powerful bistate agency. Assistant U.S. Attorney Vikas Khanna has stated that former Port Authority official David Wildstein will testify that he had informed Christie of the plan while attending a 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York City.

Author: 0 Every Marlins player will wear No. 16 in honor of Jose Fernandez

Sunday. Divers recovered two bodies under the boat, and a third victim was found on the rocks. One was found dead in the water. Fernandez is even jumped off a boat to save his mother drowning in full during this long journey. Video boards at Marlins Park on Sunday morning showed a large "16" - Fernandez's jersey number - over his name. Fernandez successfully defected from Cuba in 2008 at 15 years old.

National Prince William, Kate arrive in Canada with 2 young children
Author: 0 Prince William, Kate arrive in Canada with 2 young children

Scroll down to the bottom for live updates from our reporters and photographers! . While she didn't wear many Canadian brands, the duchess donned symbolic accessories, including a maple leaf brooch borrowed from the Queen and a red maple leaf hat paired with a white dress for the 2011 Canada Day celebrations.

Author: 0 Lying Ted Cruz Reluctantly Endorses His Arch Enemy Donald Trump

Mr. Cruz's turnaround, which he said was after "many months of careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience", is also an indication of the thinking among many fence-sitters as election day approaches. The center-right Republican voters tried in vain to look for someone to stop both Trump and Cruz at nearly any cost. His base supported his refusal to back Trump at first, but the mood shifted recently.

National Protests expected around Charlotte Panthers game
Author: 0 Protests expected around Charlotte Panthers game

Officers say they weren't concerned about the drugs until they noticed that Scott had a gun with him, according to police. (She witnessed the shooting personally and was engaged in conversation with the responding officers before and after the event.) The media narrative and the social media maelstrom arising from claims that Scott was unarmed and "only had a book" are what largely led to the recent riots in the area and something was needed to bring order to the situation.

National Clinton postpones visit to Charlotte after mayor's request
Author: 0 Clinton postpones visit to Charlotte after mayor's request

Team Clinton announced shortly after 9:30 p.m. Friday that after "discussion with community leaders", the candidate would push back her journey from this coming Sunday to the following weekend so as not to cause any disruptions. The shooting death of Scott by police last week has sparked demonstrations in Charlotte and other U.S. cities over the use of lethal force by police, particularly against African-Americans.

National In dramatic reversal, Cruz to vote for Trump
Author: 0 In dramatic reversal, Cruz to vote for Trump

Since Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump's visit to High Point University on Tuesday, students are petitioning the university's administration to facilitate a visit by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton . In general, voters are about equally split on which candidate would better handle the economy, 39 percent for Trump to 38 percent for Clinton . But he's gotten close enough so it can make you nervous.

National Browns sign kicker Parkey after Murray injured in practice
Author: 0 Browns sign kicker Parkey after Murray injured in practice

In addition to Murray, the Brown's top cornerback, Joe Haden , is now questionable with a groin injury and missed Friday's walk-through. "Obviously, we will make sure, if that is the case, we will get somebody in here to kick for us, if that is what it is, but we will see exactly where we are.

Author: 0 'No Indication' That Washington State Mall Shooting Was 'Terrorist Act'

They say 10 minutes later video picked him up with the rifle at the Macy's doing the shooting. Authorities say a fifth person has died following a shooting at a shopping mall north of Seattle . She added, "Then I heard seven or eight more, and I just stayed quiet in the dressing room because it just didn't feel right". (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear).

National Clinton postponing visit to Charlotte
Author: 0 Clinton postponing visit to Charlotte

As things stand now, heirs who sell appreciated assets must pay income tax on sales based on the value on the date of death, not the decedent's cost. "We really appreciate their support". In the meantime her prayers are with the people of Charlotte during these hard days. Clinton has called for officials in Charlotte to make public a police video showing the shooting of Scott.

National Harvard Loses Almost $2 Billion in Endowment Value
Author: 0 Harvard Loses Almost $2 Billion in Endowment Value

Harvard University reported that its endowment fund saw a loss of 2 percent, or $1.9 billion, on its investments for fiscal 2016. Harvard, whose investment performance was once the envy of the financial world, has lagged its rivals for some years now.

Author: 0 Keith Scott's wife pleaded with police

Hours after the release of cell phone video of the shooting taken by Scott's wife, McCrory held a press conference to address the protests in Charlotte and how the state plans to act heading into the weekend. Part of the reason that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department won't release the footage is because they have turned over the investigation to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), which will run an independent probe.

National Eight Christians killed leaving church as violence escalates in Nigeria
Author: 0 Eight Christians killed leaving church as violence escalates in Nigeria

Boko Haram has kidnapped thousands of people but the mass abduction of 276 schoolgirls in April 2014 incited outrage around the world and brought worldwide condemnation of Nigeria's home-grown Islamic extremist group. His government has been criticized by parents of the abducted students, community leaders and human rights activists for failing to free the Chibok girls.

Author: 0 Donald Trump Is Losing Rich Voters to Hillary Clinton

On the campaign trail, she frequently invokes her role in the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden, describing to voters the tense atmosphere in the White House alongside President Barack Obama at that moment. Asked which candidate would better handle the jobs and economy, Clinton ekes out a razor-thin lead over Trump (49 to 47 percent). His gut instinct to call the Saturday bombings what they were, combined with his demand that refugees and immigrants from countries with a history of ...

Author: 0 NY bomb suspect 'received instructions to attack'

It wasn't immediately clear whether Rahami had a lawyer who could comment on the charges. She said the charges reflect the Justice Department's "unwavering determination to finding, capturing and prosecuting all those who attempt to commit or commit acts of terror against our nation".

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