National Four people held hostage inside Baltimore Burger King
Author: 0 Four people held hostage inside Baltimore Burger King

Police did not provide any more details about the people inside the restaurant. The alleged rape the unnamed man is wanted for happened within the last two days, per NBC. Sunday morning and the person took off in a auto. Officers had apparently spotted him at around 11am and tried to pull him over but he drover off leading them on a chase.

Author: 0 FBI Director Comey: Petraeus case worse than Clinton's emails

On Thursday, in an appearance before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, he defended that decision and dismissed the Petraeus comparisons. But he also said it was possible Clinton didn't even understand what the classification markings were, saying the investigation suggested she was not " particularly sophisticated with respect to classified information".

Author: 0 Chief: Seems everyone coming to Cleveland to rally, protest

It's a speech that traditionally touches on both the personal and the visionary, though Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort says the speech will be "a more personal message". Wisconsin was the last primary state where Trump lost, to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. Hundreds of people have gathered at a peaceful rally along a major bridge near downtown Cleveland the day before the Republican National Convention gets underway.

Author: 0 OH governor lacks power to suspend open carry law: spokeswoman

The atmosphere in the United States is tense at the moment following on from the killing of police officers in Dallas last week and Baton Rouge on Sunday. Update 2:59pm CT, July 17: Kasich's office has issued a statement to the New York Times indicating that he legally can not suspend open-carry laws.

Author: 0 GOP rejects call to back off gay marriage opposition

Unfortunately, this year it seems that the GOP is once again taking an archaic view on social issues. Since then, the Supreme Court backed the right of same-sex couples to Wednesday. "But were also alienating young voters". Despite the presence of the first openly gay delegate on the platform committee, delegates rejected attempts to moderate the party's stances on gay marriage and the LGBT community.

National White ex-officer charged in death of black Atlanta man
Author: 0 White ex-officer charged in death of black Atlanta man

Burns told investigators he shot at a auto that was "trying to run me over and kill me". Burns said Rogers drove toward him and that he fired into the vehicle because he thought he was in danger. When Burns arrived at the scene, he saw a 2011 silver Ford Fusion turn on its lights and start to drive away. Officers attempted to stop Rogers, but he continued driving, Maj.

National 'Dallas shooter had planned a larger attack'
Author: 0 'Dallas shooter had planned a larger attack'

The Army veteran who served in Afghanistan "obviously had some delusion", Brown said, giving new details about how he scrawled the letters "RB" on a wall with his blood before he was killed with a robot bomb. He was deployed to Afghanistan between November 2013 and July 2014. Breaking down in tears, he said: "I don't know what to say to anybody to make anything better".

Author: 0 Based Turkish cleric denies involvement in coup

Whether the coup was ultimately fact or fiction, the world has been fundamentally changed by the horror descended on the streets of Istanbul and Ankara on Friday with the advantage clearly going to the coup's survivor. The military did not appear unified, as top commanders went on television to condemn the action and order troops back to their barracks. He also addressed the country on CNN-Turk from an undisclosed location through the iPhone application FaceTime, saying the uprising was by ...

National Niantic wants to roll out Pokemon GO in 200 markets soon
Author: 0 Niantic wants to roll out Pokemon GO in 200 markets soon

However, the success of Pokemon Go has not been without controversy. As the mapping system is powered by Google, it is unclear if the game would even be allowed to launch in the region as Chinese Google services are blocked by the Great Firewall.

National Lauren Graham Calls 'Gilmore Girls' Revival 'Incredibly Satisfying'
Author: 0 Lauren Graham Calls 'Gilmore Girls' Revival 'Incredibly Satisfying'

During the 2016 Emmy Awards Night, " Gilmore Girls " star Lauren Graham was asked about the Netflix revival on her previous show. In an exclusive report by Entertainment Tonight , Graham praised McCarthy for the latter's performance in the show and said that to have her back on the revival "was handsome".

Author: 0 Hillary Clinton meets with potential VP picks

Organizers of the Democratic National Convention being held in Philadelphia at the end of July released a speakers list on Friday with a few surprising omissions, including Massachusetts Sen. But Warren, along with Virginia Sen. The spot is a coveted one, but not typically reserved for the vice presidential nominee, likely signaling that the MA U.S.

Author: 0 Obama meets with Black Lives Matter activists

That's what Venetta-Solena Gordon said it was like, hearing the news of another black man killed by police in the United States. "There's no reason to hate each other when we can all just uplift each other", said Britny Morrison, of Black Lives Matter.

National Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton for President
Author: 0 Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

I think there's a lot of risks in there to us as a country". Clinton is expected to officially be named the Democrat nominee next month. While new polling shows only 29 percent of young people have a positive view of Clinton , Steirer said most will vote for her even if they don't love her.

Author: 0 Tim Duncan and his Place in NBA Statistical History

Croix-born Duncan on Monday, July 11, 2016. The Spurs have made the playoffs every year Duncan has been with the team. Duncan's glittering career saw him become a five-time NBA champion, a three-time NBA Finals MVP, a two-time league MVP and a 15-time All-Star.

Author: 0 Fox News Cuts Ties With Newt Gingrich Amid Trump Veep Speculation

On Trump's shortlist: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich , according to people familiar with the candidate's thinking. If Pence - who has had his policy difference with Trump and is less well known on the national stage - gets the nod as running mate, he would have to quit his re-election race under IN law.

National Frontier Communications to Launch Pac-12 Network in Southern California
Author: 0 Frontier Communications to Launch Pac-12 Network in Southern California

The events, which will be produced by the individual universities, will also be streamed on university official athletic sites and Brands will be able to buy pre-roll ads before clips (provided they aren't live) using Twitter's Amplify platform, and there will also be the potential for in-stream ads.

Author: 0 Funeral for Philando Castile begins in Minnesota

Castile was killed by a St. Anthony police office. TV Judge Glenda Hatchett, right, speaks as Valerie Castile, the mother of Philando Castile, listens during a news conference on the State Capitol grounds Tuesday, July 12, 2016, in St. Castile was in a vehicle with his girlfriend and a young child when they were pulled over for a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota last Wednesday.

Author: 0 Thousands gather to mourn, honor 3 slain officers in Dallas

Unlike yesterday's joint memorial service, the funerals were individual and took place in three different churches. "Lorne was passionate about police work", Officer Eddie Coffey said. A lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, he moved to Dallas in 2002 and became a member of the Dallas Police Department that year. The shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson, threatened to kill more police officers with explosives, and law enforcement found bomb-making material in his home.

National Dallas police chief defends use of bomb robot
Author: 0 Dallas police chief defends use of bomb robot

Dallas police officers searched for hours for a suspicious person in the parking garage at their headquarters Saturday, the department tweeted. While they couldn't point to any particular warning sign, Johnson's parents said that his behavior changed and he became disenchanted with America after leaving the army.

National CMS Opens Door to Possible Delay of MACRA Implementation
Author: 0 CMS Opens Door to Possible Delay of MACRA Implementation

The Medical Group Management Association, in a June letter to Slavitt , argued that the MIPS and APMs proposed rule strays from the terms and themes laid out in MACRA, and that "the framework of these programs would not achieve CMS' overarching goal of promoting high-value healthcare through patient-centric, flexible and streamlined payment incentives".

Author: 0 David Samson to plead guilty

David Samson, a mentor to Republican Gov. Chris Christie, faces up to two years in prison for the so-called Chairman's Flight. During a September 2011 dinner with United executives including Smisek, Samson had referred to nonstop service between Newark and Columbia once operated by United subsidiary Continental Airlines, and how it had made travel to his home in Columbia "more convenient".

Author: 0 Justice Ginsburg apologizes for criticizing Trump

Sure. Should she be doing so? No. While it's understandable that judges must be required to remain impartial on a personal basis when it comes to adjudicating cases brought before them, there's something unusual about requiring human beings who (for the most part) will live and work in Washington , DC at the same job for decades to not have any political identities.

National Robot used to kill Dallas suspect is still functional
Author: 0 Robot used to kill Dallas suspect is still functional

Micah served as a reservist in the U.S. Army for approximately six years, including a seven-month deployment to Afghanistan. He said Johnson's relatives have been cooperative and have not been detained. Officials are working to determine the meaning of the message "RB," which they say Johnson scrawled in blood at two locations inside the downtown building.

National House Republicans Request One Billionth Investigation Into Hillary Email
Author: 0 House Republicans Request One Billionth Investigation Into Hillary Email

Attorney General Loretta Lynch frustrated House Republicans Tuesday when she repeatedly said that when it came to the decision about prosecuting Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information on a private email server, she deferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and career Justice Department prosecutors and wouldn't share her own opinion on whether Clinton broke the law.

National Possible Trump VP Michael Flynn flips on abortion
Author: 0 Possible Trump VP Michael Flynn flips on abortion

He assailed President Barack Obama and Clinton. Like Trump, Flynn voices an unapologetic need to strike back at radical Islam and kick out anyone living in the US illegally. "She has to admit that NAFTA hurt people here tremendously", said Ed Bruley, Democratic chairman in Macomb County, a largely white, working-class suburban area stretching northeast from Detroit.

National Triple shooting caught on Facebook live stream
Author: 0 Triple shooting caught on Facebook live stream

Around five minutes into the video, Williams gets shot, and at least 20 gun shots could be heard in the background. The video continues to stream on Facebook for an hour and 10 minutes until the battery appears to die. "Call 911", a man can be heard saying. The video has been viewed more than 50,000 times. According to The Norfolk Police Department, two of the men are doing better , but one is still listed in critical condition.

National Clinton's lead on Trump shrinks in new Marquette University Law School poll
Author: 0 Clinton's lead on Trump shrinks in new Marquette University Law School poll

She owned a nine-percent lead in June (46% to 37%). No candidate has won the White House without winning at least two of these three states since 1960, according to Quinnipiac University. "We know the battlegrounds are going to be close till the end". But in Ohio , Trump and Clinton are tied at 39 percent, with 21 percent saying neither, other or undecided.

Author: 0 Brady's appeal rejected by court

If Brady chooses to continue his fight, the next step is the US Supreme Court, which is now operating with eight justices. However, the stubbornness of Tom Brady and the National Football League is continuing this fight to the bitter end.

Author: 0 Sheriff says inmate who killed 2 was handcuffed

Although being held on several felony charges, Gordon "gave no indication of violence while in jail", Bailey said Monday. Bailey said the inmate wounded the deputy before shooting and killing Zangaro and Kienzle. The injured deputy is James Atterbury, 41, WXMI said. Police say Gordon made it to a third floor hallway where he shot a woman. The courthouse will be closed on Tuesday while the crime scene is processed.

Author: 0 Arizona GOP chairman scolds delegate who won't vote for Trump

Mitch Daniels. Party affiliation isn't the only place where Trump and his possible running mate diverge. Like Trump, Flynn voices an unapologetic need to strike back at radical Islam and kick out anyone living in the US illegally. Flynn's more than 30-year-long Army record included leading military intelligence efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq and helping to oversee Special Operations Forces.

Author: 0 President George. W. Bush Calls for Unity of Hope

While Democrats in the House of Representatives, along with some Republicans, have been clamoring for legislation, deep divisions among Republicans who control the chamber have prevented any legislation from even reaching the House floor. The city is still in mourning from Thursday's ambush, when a lone gunman opened fire on police officers who were patrolling a nearbypeaceful demonstration against the deaths of Sterling and Castile.

Author: 0 Eid marks the end of Ramadan around the world

Heard many times over today at the Hampton Convention Center as hundreds of Muslims from around Hampton Roads join together today to celebrate the end of the ritual month of fasting. Many Muslims have put on their best clothes to celebrate and eat their first daylight meal in a month and give thanks to Allah for giving them strength and self-control.

Author: 0 Pokemon Go craze crashes Aussie servers, draws police warnings

Additionally, it was reported earlier by VentureBeat that Pokémon GO is now the fastest mobile game ever in revenues on Android and iOS according to app tracking firm App Annie. "I never really walked around, but a couple of days ago, I walked across the island. and I hatched two five-kilometer (three-mile) eggs". Since the app was launched, Pokemon Go has added $7.5bn to Nintendo's value.

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