Author: 0 Can CT scanners reduce airport security lines by a third?

A belt will automatically draw bags into the X-ray machines and divert those requiring extra inspection to a separate area so other bags can continue uninterrupted. Bins would also be equipped with Radio Frequency Identification tags to help with additional tracking of the items. The organization has teamed up with American Airlines for the trials.

National NYPD officers ordered to work in pairs following Dallas shootings
Author: 0 NYPD officers ordered to work in pairs following Dallas shootings

Officer Brown said Johnson also said he was upset about the two police killings that prompted the recent Black Lives Matter protests all across America. "He said he was upset about the recent police shootings", said Mr Brown, who is black. Groups that he "liked" include the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) and the Nation of Islam, both known for expressing virulently anti-Semitic and anti-white views, the SPLC said in a statement .

National Gun-rights activist says he was defamed by Dallas police
Author: 0 Gun-rights activist says he was defamed by Dallas police

Two of the injured are women. Two marches wound through Philadelphia Friday , reported , converging at Philadelphia City Hall where the crowd reached about 200. Baton Rouge is where Alton Sterling was shot and killed by a police officer this week. That sparked a shootout in which both the officer and suspect were wounded but expected to survive.

Author: 0 Golfer Dustin Johnson Pulls Out of Olympics Over Zika Concerns

Johnson said one week ago that his intention was to play in the Rio Games, but he released a statement late Friday giving his reasons. "I believe I am making the right decision for me and most importantly, my family". "That being said, those who choose to compete in Rio certainly have my respect and best wishes for an unforgettable and safe experience". South Africans Branden Grace and Louis Oosthuizen along with Japan's Hideki Matsuyama have also declined to make the trip.

National Dallas Police Identify a Gunman in Dallas Protest Shootings
Author: 0 Dallas Police Identify a Gunman in Dallas Protest Shootings

The U.S. Army said Johnson, 25, had served as a private first class in the Army Reserve and was deployed to Afghanistan from November 2013 to July 2014. Reacting to the latest shootings, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said: "There is too much violence, too much hate, too much senseless killing, too many people dead who shouldn't be".

Author: 0 Toronto police concerned by Dallas shootings

Kimberly Smith, a neighbour, said her son went to high school with Johnson. Police identified the man as Micah Xavier Johnson , 25, Mesquite, Texas, according to CNN , citing law enforcement sources. Video footage from the scene showed that protesters were marching along a street in downtown, about half a mile from City Hall, when the shots erupted and the crowd scattered, seeking cover.

Author: 0 Dallas shooter apparently backed black militant groups

Police killed the gunman, identified by authorities as 25-year-old Micah Johnson, with a bomb-carrying robot after cornering him in a parking garage, ending an hourslong standoff. "One of the things it can do is put our police officers in harm's way, and we have to be very careful about doing that". Thompson worked as a contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he worked with American officers training Iraqi police, according to his LinkedIn account .

National Minnesota Governor: Black driver wouldn't be dead if he were white
Author: 0 Minnesota Governor: Black driver wouldn't be dead if he were white

Choi declined to provide details about the incident. Dayton said he thinks a police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile in Falcon Heights this week never would have fired if the driver had been white. The officer told him not to move; Castile tried to raise his hands; and then the officer killed him. "He was just getting his license and registration, sir", Reynolds calmly responds .

Author: 0 Kevin Durant Leaving Oklahoma City Thunder; Heading to Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors finally became official on Thursday, with the press conference to introduce him. The Warriors, per team policy, did not release terms of the deal but its widely reported to be a two-year maximum contract worth $54.3 million that includes a player option after the first year that would allow Durant to boost his salary further.

Author: 0 Names of Dallas officers killed in attack

For more on the police ambush in Dallas, CCTV America's Asieh Namdar spoke with Hilary Shelton , Washington Bureau Director and senior vice president for advocacy with the NAACP. "We have to speak against this senseless killing, most recently in Louisiana and Minnesota ", said Bishop Darryl Starnes Sr., speaking above the din of piano music.

National Clinton, Trump say America has become too divided after Dallas shootings
Author: 0 Clinton, Trump say America has become too divided after Dallas shootings

Speaking in a video released early Friday evening, Trump said the shootings of the 12 officers, five of whom were killed, had "shaken the soul of our nation". Hundreds of people gathered in Dallas to protest the killings Thursday night when a gunman opened fire, killing five police officers and injuring seven others.

Author: 0 Trump, Clinton respond to Dallas shooting with restraint, calls for unity

He called the shootings by police of African-American men in Louisiana and Minnesota "senseless" and said they remind "us how much more needs to be done". "We need to do more to look into implicit bias and do more to protect our police", she told Blitzer. Just one month ago, Clinton and Trump also scrambled their schedules following mass killings at an Orlando gay nightclub.

Author: 0 Police officers shot, wounded in Missouri & Georgia the morning after Dallas attack

Police officers in three different states have been ambushed around the time-frame of the Dallas shooting that left five officers dead and many others injured. The officer works for the Ballwin Police Department and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Officer Beck was shot in the abdomen, beneath his protective vest.

National Clinton courts Sanders with college plan
Author: 0 Clinton courts Sanders with college plan

Flake spokesman Jason Samuels confirmed that the Post's story was accurate, but did not comment further on the exchange. "When he attacks the other senator from Arizona, John McCain , and attacks his war record, by saying that, you know, 'I don't respect people who get captured, ' that's an very bad, terrible thing to say about a war hero, a true war hero, I don't think that we can be dismissive of that kind of statement", Flake said.

Author: 0 Korea reports 6th confirmed case of Zika virus

Zika virus is primarily spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito but also can be transmitted by blood transfusions and by men to their sexual partners. So for us, the west Nile, Zika and dengue are all mosquito related. Experts confirmed in April that Zika is linked to an often-fatal condition called microcephaly in newborn babies.

Author: 0 Arrest made in crash that killed top NBA draft pick's cousin

Nicholas is a Jamaican-born US citizen who lives in Brooklyn. Authorities announced details Friday at Hoboken (N.J.) Police Headquarters. The victim's mother told WCBS-TV that her son had gone with Simmons to watch him be drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers the week he was killed.

Author: 0 Kristen Bell Blasts Donald Trump for His Frozen Tweet

Donald Trump can't let it go. " CNN started this dialogue, going: 'It is the Star of David, and because it is the Star of David, Donald Trump has racist ...' These people are sick". "The intent was different and the outcome was certainly different", said Jonathan Greenblatt , CEO of the Anti-Defamation League. "Reporters, particularly on the political side, hate being reminded of the newspaper's direct ties to Donald Trump ".

National Trump on six-pointed star: Can't let it go
Author: 0 Trump on six-pointed star: Can't let it go

On Wednesday, Trump brought it up again. On a day when Clinton's controversies dominated the airwaves, Trump resurrected his own. A representative for Mr Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment. They're racially profiling. Not us. As reported by , Trump said in defense of his tweet that he is not anti-Semitic, as his daughter Ivanka and his stepson and grandchildren are Jewish.

National Police Officer
Author: 0 Police Officer "Ambushed" During Traffic Stop In Missouri, Authorites Say

Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar. And just outside St. Louis, police say an officer was ambushed during a traffic stop. A black Army veteran accused of shooting indiscriminately at passing cars and police on a Tennessee highway told investigators he was troubled by police violence against African-Americans, authorities said Friday.

Author: 0 Kris Straub's comic on All Lives Matter

At least five Dallas police officers were killed and seven others wounded Thursday evening as a protest over recent police shootings was interrupted by chaos. What happened last night was the worst attack since September 11. "We're getting to a point where our black brothers and sisters are getting murdered, and no one is being held accountable for it", she said.

National Philando Castile investigation top priority
Author: 0 Philando Castile investigation top priority

Dayton stated, "Would this have happened if those passengers, the driver were white?" "I don't think it would have...." The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) is conducting an independent investigation into the incident.

National Soglin: Dallas Shooting A 'Horrible Stain On Our Country'
Author: 0 Soglin: Dallas Shooting A 'Horrible Stain On Our Country'

Rocha earned an associates degree in criminal justice at Madison College. Brown had said three officers were killed, and police issued a tweet later saying a fourth officer had died. Joel DeSpain, Madison Police Department spokesman, said: "I recall her as being a very dedicated, composed young woman who is also billingual. That must've been horrific for her", explains Bayer.

National First United sets vacation Bible school
Author: 0 First United sets vacation Bible school

It will feature Bible learning experiences that kids will see, hear, touch and taste. Grace Community Bible Church, 25th Lane and County Farm Road, will hold a free movie night at 6 p.m. Kirby, and Alexander Stepp will give the topic. Youth groups meet at 3 p.m. 823-5451 or Come and join us on the voyage of the Alpha and Omega Vacation Bible School .

Author: 0 Bangladeshi attackers from country's elite

However, investigations are underway to seek possible links with worldwide extremist groups . The hostage siege was the worst of recent militant attacks in Bangladesh , after previous killings were carried out by young men wielding cleavers and machetes and targeting atheists and other individuals accused of being enemies of Islam.

Author: 0 Why Hillary Clinton can't dump Donald Trump

Comey was grilled by House Republicans following his recommendation that no charges should be filed against Clinton. In his opening statement, the ranking Democrat on the committee, Representative Elijah Cummings, said the point of the hearing was for Comey to "fill the gap".

National Kirk calls Trump
Author: 0 Kirk calls Trump "Eastern, privileged, wealthy bully".

Flake declined to comment about his terse exchange with Trump . By most accounts - and contrary to his tweet above - presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump had a pretty rough time meeting with Republican lawmakers in Washington on Thursday.

Author: 0 Wendy's restaurants hit by hacker

The company said transactions at the Prescott Valley location made between January 13 and June 8 were potentially affected. In a statement by CEO Todd Penegor, the Frosty maker has promised customers who paid with credit cards at the listed locations "one year of complimentary fraud consultation and identity restoration services".

National Trump and Congressional Republicans Talk Unity
Author: 0 Trump and Congressional Republicans Talk Unity

If the delegates became unbound, it is uncertain as to the final result, but party activists fear a rupture that could hand the election to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton . "The Cuban electorate is not immune to the Trump backlash", Amandi said. Still, there's a chance - no matter how small - that Republican delegates opposed to Trump could spark an uprising that might jeopardize his nomination.

Author: 0 Massive Hoverboard Recalls Means Thousands of People Will Be Forced to Walk

This affects 10 different sellers, and totals about 501,000 hoverboards. There have been 99 reports to the Consumer Product Safety Commission of hoverboard battery packs that exploded or caught fire, the USA regulator said Wednesday. "...all of the hoverboard models included in this recall were made with fundamental design flaws that put people at real risk". The regulator now requires hoverboard companies to go through two certification processes before it can sell the devices legally.

Author: 0 Man exchanges gunfire with Georgia police officer

Hancock was able to shoot back and wound Beck during the exchange in Roswell, which is just north of Atlanta. Two of the shots hit the officer's protective vest, but a third wounded him in the abdomen, officials said. In the shootout that followed, Beck was also wounded. He remains in the hospital in serious but stable condition. Meanwhile, on Friday morning, police in Orlando, Florida received a "vague threat" that is being thoroughly investigated.

Author: 0 Two Region Wendy's affected in data breach

Hackers may have targeted the Paso Robles restaurant between January 13 and June 8. Almost every Wendy's location Downriver was included in the hack. The company also announced a website link, , which will give updated information about the data breach and where customers can turn to for help.

Author: 0 President Obama on Dallas attacks: America is 'horrified'

He says, "That hurts". The shootings - which left nine injured, seven of them police officers - sparked chaotic scenes of people running for their lives during a march by several hundred demonstrators in the city of 1.2 million, not far from the site where president John F.

Author: 0 Clinton, Trump cancel events after attack

She had originally planned to campaign with President Obama in Wisconsin in June, but that was canceled following the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. Trump has canceled a trip to Miami for the same reason. Clinton first took to Twitter . "I'm talking about courageous, honorable police officers just a few days after officer-involved killings in Louisiana and Minnesota".

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