IT&Software Hearthstone's newest adventure takes us back to Karazhan
Author: 0 Hearthstone's newest adventure takes us back to Karazhan

While you were sleeping last night, Blizzard was on stage in China revealing new Hearthstone content. I'm super stoked for this adventure , as Karazhan was not only prominently featured in the Warcraft movie, but it's also the raid I look back on most fondly when I was playing World of Warcraft.

Author: 0 Gal Gadot says Princess Diana inspired her for Wonder Woman

Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. The film features Batman ( Ben Affleck ), Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), The Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher).

IT&Software Customer Additions Boost T-Mobile Q2 Revenue By 12.8%
Author: 0 Customer Additions Boost T-Mobile Q2 Revenue By 12.8%

T-Mobile's postpaid phone additions managed to beat Wall Street estimates while both service and total revenues rose annually. T-Mobile's second quarter earnings indicate that the company continues to lead the industry in wireless subscriber additions, and continues to lure valuable postpaid subscribers from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Author: 0 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Character Details Revealed At San Diego Comic-Con

That's an interesting casting decision since Revolori doesn't exactly have an intimidating presence has played a bit of a nerdy kid himself in Dope , but I'm looking forward to seeing him in the role. Don't forget to read Den of Geek's SDCC special edition magazine. But in the Ultimate Spider Man, the mechanical suit was never worn by Vulture . Marvel also released the synopsis and cast for Spider-Man: Homecomingas well.

IT&Software Home Prices Gain 5 Percent Year-Over-Year, Says S&P Dow Jones
Author: 0 Home Prices Gain 5 Percent Year-Over-Year, Says S&P Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average on Tuesday fell 19.31 points, or 0.10 per cent, to 18,473.75. The Nasdaq Composite Index was down 2.53 points, or 0.05 per cent, to 5,097.63. "Earnings have provided an extension to the rally over the past week but we're a bit frothy", said David Schiegoleit, managing director of investments for the Private Client Reserve of U.S.

IT&Software The real Windows 10 starts with Anniversary Update
Author: 0 The real Windows 10 starts with Anniversary Update

The Anniversary Update of Windows 10 raised a lot of questions, users of our planet is divided in their opinion regarding the most popular OS. Will there be new features? With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new way of logging into your laptop - your face.

Author: 0 Multiplayer element confirmed for Telltale's Batman

While an interesting and exciting feature, we have so many questions about Crowd Play and how it will impact Telltale games. Upon activating Crowd Play, players generate a URL where budding viewers can cast their votes. The new feature will be called Crowd Play. "We really started thinking, you know, it'd be great if, instead of just shouting at the screen and at each other, maybe the audience watching the player could weigh in on the decisions and the roleplaying".

Author: 0 Nice Attack Premeditated, Assailant Attracted to Radical Islam

Searches of Bouhlel's computer and phone showed his online searches relating to IS, other jihadi groups and violent images, Molins said. IS said the attacker was acting in response to its calls to target civilians in countries that are part of the coalition ranged against it.

IT&Software Gas prices continue to drop in Rhode Island, to $2.21
Author: 0 Gas prices continue to drop in Rhode Island, to $2.21

According to the AAA research, crude oil supplies in the US are about 13 percent higher than past year. That's music to the ears of American drivers. The lowest price is around $1.97. And gasoline supplies have also been building here and globally, partly because China began exporting fuel and partly because refineries, in a race to make money, took advantage of the cheap oil to turn out increasing amounts of fuel.

IT&Software The latest iOS and Mac Updates will save your device from bugs
Author: 0 The latest iOS and Mac Updates will save your device from bugs

The flaw, discovered by Cisco security researcher Tyler Bohan , affects all devices that run on iOS - including iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches - as well as the OS X software that runs on Mac computers. The problem is not entirely unlike the Stagefright bug that hit the world's Android users previous year. Apple TV owners have to update to tvOS 9.2.2 to plug the vulnerability.

IT&Software AAP's Bhagwant Mann says sorry after meeting Speaker over Parliament video
Author: 0 AAP's Bhagwant Mann says sorry after meeting Speaker over Parliament video

I never wanted to put the security at risk. I met Speaker Madam, I told her that I must be given an opportunity to explain. "My intention was not to compromise the security of Parliament". They came from gate number 12, but lost their way. He says that he only meant to show the working of a Parliament House and believes that in a democracy if the people are showed how the "Lok Sabha" functions, there is nothing wrong in it.

Author: 0 Man in custody after standoff with NYC police over hoax bomb

Police did not initially remove the man who was wearing a red, plastic hat from the vehicle because they didn't know what might be inside or what he wanted. A sergeant in the NYPD van, assigned to the Times Square Unit, immediately drove out of Times Square. Once in a safer spot, they stopped the van, put the device on the ground and called the bomb squad.

IT&Software Square Enix's Newest RPG Is for Apple Watch
Author: 0 Square Enix's Newest RPG Is for Apple Watch

But it sounds like it hopes to capitalize on the Apple Watch's pedometer functionality, thus you'll receive game-related messages based on the number of steps you've taken. Takehiro Ando, who created Chaos Rings will be the producer, Yusuke Naora , art director for the Final Fantasy series will oversee key visuals, while many more Square Enix staff are set to be involved in the production.

Author: 0 SolarCity Raises $345 Million Amid Tesla Buyout Controversy

At least two federal agencies are investigating the system as a result of the fatal crash as well as a U.S. Senate committee requesting a briefing from Tesla about the automated driving feature. According to Musk, the most informed investors are supportive of the transaction. He added , "Most just didn't understand how bringing together a auto and a solar company made sense from a product standpoint".

Author: 0 Musk Sees Tesla SolarCity Bid Approval; Finishing 'Master Plan'

Tesla is trying to acquire the Musk-founded SolarCity , and is expected to begin testing on driverless electric trucks that can drive hundreds of miles at a time. Tesla on June 22 filed applications to use the Tesla name for solar energy systems and services, such as monitoring solar panels. First, as Reuters pointed out , the company has changed its URL from to simply

IT&Software Preview and Predictions for the 2016 RBC Canadian Open
Author: 0 Preview and Predictions for the 2016 RBC Canadian Open

Discover an Easy Way to Make Big $$$$! "I've got Canada now". The course measures 7,253 yards, par 72. "I would've been so disappointed if none of them stopped to speak to me". There will also be exciting games and giveaways throughout the championship, with prizes including free rounds of golf , stays at a resort, swag bags and chances to win the Axon 7 smartphone.

Author: 0 Christmas in July? Amazon's 'Prime Day' is back

It's easy to see how, for Amazon , it may not be so much about the size of the deals, but about drawing attention to the company's current offerings and building up (or retaining) Prime subscriptions. The all-day online sales event is Amazon's largest , trumping even Black Friday when it comes to the savings. Again, if you are an all-Amazon person, today is for you.

Author: 0 Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney end engagement

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney's separation has everyone in the celebrity world asking a reasonable question: What went wrong? The " Born This Way " singer seems to be adjusting well, as she was spotted in Malibu last week, sans her giant sparkler.

Author: 0 British PM May set to reassure Germany, France over Brexit

The meetings in Germany and France mark May's first foreign trip since her appointment as prime minister in the wake of Britain's referendum vote on 23 June. Today Mrs May is visiting Wales, which joined England in voting for Brexit, to underline her commitment to withdrawal, and the embattled steel industry.

Author: 0 Pokemon Go players back up straight into Quebec City cops

It utilizes a cell phone's Global Positioning System and the camera of compatible devices to replicate the game's map that reflects the real world surroundings as the players travel along. The Pokeballs could be purchased from Pokestops often found in local landmarks such as parks of statues. You'll find the same Pokemon pop up time and time again, especially common creatures such as Pidgey and Rattata .

Author: 0 Pokemon Go crashes and hackers claim responsibility

We have been working to fix the #PokemonGO server issues. As it turns out, this is indeed the case, as Pokemon GO's servers seem to have crashed, causing players everywhere to think twice about actually going outside. "We'll post an update soon". One devastated user tweeted: "I could definitely leave the house but what's the point if Pokemon go servers are down? ".

IT&Software Al Franken is anxious about Pokemon Go players' privacy
Author: 0 Al Franken is anxious about Pokemon Go players' privacy

If the growth continues, the game will have more users than Snapchat and even Google Maps on Android devices. As for "Pokemon Go" itself, former Google unit Niantic of the USA led development and is distributing the game. This can be apparently done by the Pokemon Go Plus accessory which was released in some markets for $34.99. Using your phone's Global Positioning System functionality and camera, players will be able to catch Pokemon in real-world locations.

IT&Software Consumer Reports says Tesla should drop Autopilot name
Author: 0 Consumer Reports says Tesla should drop Autopilot name

Tesla later acknowledged that the auto was in Autopilot mode at the time. Tesla for its part has said that it will try to re-educate customers on what Autopilot is, and arguably of more importance, what it isn't. Consumers should never be guinea pigs for vehicle safety "beta' programs". Tesla has yet to do so, and its role in last month's fatal crash of an OH man has raised new questions about the safety of its technology.

IT&Software 'Pokemon Go' players walk dogs as they hunt digital monsters
Author: 0 'Pokemon Go' players walk dogs as they hunt digital monsters

Tuesday afternoon, the shelter posted a photo to their Facebook , asking for volunteers to help them walk their dogs while playing the new mobile app. Peckinpaugh said Muncie has heard of a few other shelters that have started to use the same idea. "We have a line of people here right now", he said Wednesday morning.

IT&Software The best browser for watching Netflix isn't Chrome or Firefox
Author: 0 The best browser for watching Netflix isn't Chrome or Firefox

The Surface Pro 5 is expected to feature a ton of new features and will be the flawless device to use the Windows 10 Continuum feature. The program, renamed Windows 10 Enterprise, has already been launched in collaboration with ALSO, a European cloud solutions provider, and it will be introduced globally as the company secures similar partnerships.

IT&Software Tesla ends its resale value guarantee in North America
Author: 0 Tesla ends its resale value guarantee in North America

Edmunds says: Tesla lures auto shoppers who value affordability into its stores with lower-priced versions of the Model X and Model S. The program, begun in 2013, was meant to help Tesla control its secondary market and reassure buyers purchasing vehicles using its novel technology that resale values wouldn't drop substantially.

Author: 0 'Pokemon Go' Will Get Sponsered PokeStops, McDonalds To Be First Promotion?

Ninatic Labs, the company that built Pokemon Go (and Ingress, which we should now consider a "proof of concept" for Pokemon if nothing else) has previously said there would be sponsored locations in the app. If you happen upon a Pokemon , then you try to flick a white and red ball at it to capture it. Sometimes you miss, sometimes you snare it and then it escapes, and sometimes you get to keep it.

IT&Software Pokemon Go: 7 tips to keep you safe from hackers
Author: 0 Pokemon Go: 7 tips to keep you safe from hackers

The update note simply reads, "Fixed Google account scope". And ultimately the point is: whether they're going to do it or not, we don't really want companies to have complete access to our email records, do we? That being said, I can still fully enjoy a game like this while still being critical of its abilities and what it can see.

Author: 0 Pokemon Go mania drives players into wild outdoors

Many people who didn't grow up watching the Pokémon cartoon are now asking what the Pokémon Go game is all about. At the time of this writing, Pokemon Go revolves exclusively upon encountering Pokemon , throwing Pokeballs at them and then capturing them in an uninteresting mini-game.

Author: 0 Pokémon Go players warned against robbers

New Zealand media reported that local gamers visited the headquarters of Hells Angels in Whanganui after the building became a "PokeStop", where users could collect supplies used in the game. Warner on charges of first-degree robbery and armed criminal action on Sunday, July 10, 2016. "We are aware that some incidents have occurred involving fans playing Pokémon GO".

Author: 0 Armed teens used Pokemon Go to rob 9 people

Pokemon Go mania has quickly swept the USA as players armed with smartphones hunt streets, parks, rivers and elsewhere to capture monsters and gather supplies in the hit game . Users who access the game using their Google credentials are apparently handing over the ability to see and modify almost everything in their Google Account.

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