Author: 0 Hamilton outpaces Rosberg to claim pole position for British GP

It wasn't as good, but I was cautious and made sure I got that lap in'. Here on Sunday he will attempt to become the first driver to win a hat-trick of Silverstone grands prix. Behind him, Felipe Massa struggled to 12th on 1m 32.002s for Williams, just ahead of Romain Grosjean on 1m 32.050s for Haas . The team said a rear-wing endplate on Button's auto became detached from the floor during the lap, causing a loss of downforce.

Author: 0 India's Modi to mark Gandhi's historic South African ride

Modi, who arrived from Mozambique, was on the second leg of a five-day trip that will also take in Tanzania and Kenya in an itinerary created to underline India's growing engagement with Africa. India is now South Africa's 6th largest trade partner. Modi in October hosted the leaders of 54 African nations, including Zuma, in the biggest India-Africa summit, promising $10 billion in credit to back a "partnership of prosperity".

IT&Software US shooting: My heart with family, says Zuckerberg
Author: 0 US shooting: My heart with family, says Zuckerberg

His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds streamed the event live on Facebook right after he was shot. The footage was taken seconds after the shooting took place. The protesters shifted to Periscope live-streaming and drew widespread online attention. "It was a citizen 911", he said. That is why your news feed might suddenly feel like it's full of video.

Author: 0 Apple's iOS 10 Public Beta Now Available; Proceed With Caution

Anyone that has been testing the developer beta will tell you that the current version of the software is anything but ideal, but if you simply can't wait to see what the next generation of iOS has in store, be sure to back up your data before you install the public beta.

IT&Software Lawmaker to launch Labour Party leadership contest in UK
Author: 0 Lawmaker to launch Labour Party leadership contest in UK

He said there was now "little to be achieved" by holding talks with unions. The final decision could come down to just 33 people on the party's ruling National Executive Committee. Following the referendum, Labour MPs failed to agree on a single candidate to challenge him for the leadership and so could not oust him them. Corbyn says that should he face a challenge he too would appear on the ballot.

IT&Software McGary suspended five games to start next season
Author: 0 McGary suspended five games to start next season

The failed drug test comes after McGary, who escaped a one-year college ban after testing positive for marijuana by leaving school for the National Basketball Association, took a leave of absence from the team for a few weeks for what the club dubbed "personal reasons".

Author: 0 Nintendo Surges On Pokemon Mobile App Success

However, Canadians should think carefully before finding a way to get Pokemon GO , as there were unconfirmed reports that Niantic banned some players yesterday for cheating the system. This feature is only able to be used in a gym. The all new Pokemon GO's main motto is to catch the Pokemon's . Common folk like Pidgey and Zubat are pretty much everywhere, but while the streets near my home are often full of Doduos and Weedles you're more likely to find an Ekans at my workplace.

IT&Software Netflix, Inc (NFLX) Comes To Comcast X1, Stock Jumps
Author: 0 Netflix, Inc (NFLX) Comes To Comcast X1, Stock Jumps

They expect growth in some markets, especially emerging markets and non-English speaking markets, will be more challenging as limited local content is available and there are language barriers. The X1 is Comcast's next-generation set-top box. Their price target for Netflix was $125 with an "Overweight" rating. It's not pay TV versus streaming anymore; it's pay TV and streaming.

IT&Software Online features revealed for Attack on Titan
Author: 0 Online features revealed for Attack on Titan

Scout Mode is a multiplayer component that allows you to form parties with as many as three other players and face off against Titans in a variety of setting. As for the new gameplay trailer below, it highlights Attack on Titan's " Decisive Battle Signal " system, with a meter filled by rescuing regiment members in danger and by toppling Titans.

IT&Software Sundar Pichai's Quora account get hacked
Author: 0 Sundar Pichai's Quora account get hacked

Because Pichai's Quora account is connected to Twitter, the hack was publicized to his more than 508,000 followers. As for Pichai's Quora and Twitter accounts , both have been cleaned and restored, but you can view one of the deleted tweets via this Google cache entry .

Author: 0 Euro 2016: Beaten Joachim Loew Keeps Germany Future Open

This time, Ronaldo could be in for a disappointment. It made victory all the sweeter for France that it came against the run of play, against the odds, against the world champions and their frequent nemesis at football tournaments. Ronaldo and his fired-up team won't make it easy for France , but the home team should be able to take this all the way. "If you see how he approached the ball, it touched his hand, but it was bad luck", he said.

Author: 0 Cavaliers gear NBA's top seller; Curry's jersey most popular

He made the NBA's All-Defensive second team when the Warriors won their first title in 40 years in 2015. "I know it's Jerry West and I know he's the 'Logo, ' and you're expecting a sexier conversation, but it was more so about the team and how I could fit in and how great the coaching staff was", Durant said.

Author: 0 Super typhoon Nepartak hits Taiwan

That compared with as many as 542,000 households without power around Taiwan Friday, when Nepartak swept through southern Taiwan and barreled into the Taiwan Strait to the west. According to the CEOC, damage was reported in the southern city of Tainan, the northeastern county of Yilan, and the eastern counties of Hualien and Taitung, as well as Lienchiang County of Fujian Province.

Author: 0 Pokemon Go Now Live In The US

Its first mobile title launched in March, Miitomo, was more of a social networking application, leaving investors and fans awaiting games based on bestselling franchises such as Super Mario Bros. I freelance for a living, so I don't often need to go into an office; as a result, I often realize I haven't seen the sun all day just before it starts to set.

IT&Software Children's Hospital Warns Staff about Pokemon GO Players
Author: 0 Children's Hospital Warns Staff about Pokemon GO Players

Pokemon Go is not just exciting kids, but also grown ups that have played Pokemon games in the past two decades. Then these players go on to post their experiences on social media with some having comical stories to share. " Pokemon Go " is expected to run a lot smoother in the next few days. While many of them are not even able to login, others get into trouble when trying to catch Pokemon .

Author: 0 Obama on Dallas: 'Vicious, despicable, calculated

Listen to his remarks below. President Obama condemned the sniper-style shootings of Dallas police officers Friday, calling the assault a "vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement". President Barack Obama pauses as he makes a statement on the fatal police shootings of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota after arriving in Warsaw, Poland, Friday, July 8, 2016.

Author: 0 Pokemon Go Suffers Server Down Times and Failed Login Issues

I suggest going to these sites on the phone that you'll install the game on, as it skips the process of transferring the file. It is the type of game the Pokemon fans could only dream of in the past, as its augmented reality gameplay uses the smartphone's camera to make it appear as if the Pokemon are in the real world.

Author: 0 How to Download Pokemon Go Early

Accept the warning/prompts and you're good to go! The app itself will be free with the expected microtransactions. So if you are kid or big kid, you'l have a lot of fun with this fantasticand interesting mobile game. If waiting for a formal announcement isn't your thing, the folks at NeoGAF uploaded the game's APK that you can check out for yourself here. This promotes exploration in the real world, through your neighborhood and parks, giving a reason to check out new areas.

Author: 0 Pokemon GO Is the Top Grossing App on the US App Store

Pokemon GO's first couple of days have been marred with frequent server outages. I would know, because I've been a fan of this series since 2003, and I downloaded Pokemon Go on Wednesday night. Some Pokemon are also quick runners, so you've got to move fast. Capturing Pokemon means simply having to swipe the Pokeball at the Pokemon , with the inner circle on it indicating its difficulty - green meaning easy, while red means hard.

Author: 0 Ramsey gutted to miss semi - but backs Wales to reach final

But now Wales fans are gearing up for a semi-final match that even the most optimistic supporters were not expecting when the tournament kicked off almost a month ago. "I think you dream about nights like this, and you never know whether you'll be lucky enough to live them", Coleman said. Their reward is a semi-final showdown with Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal in Lyon next week and Coleman urged his side to remember how far they have come in a short space of time.

Author: 0 The Minnesota Governor Just Declared The Castile Shooting An Act Of Racism

She said she hasn't watched the video that was posted by Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds - and doesn't plan to. Police say the group made their way to a nearby commercial street where they broke the storefront window of one business as well as windows of an unattended police squad vehicle.

Author: 0 Hamilton fastest as Mercedes dominate first practice

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo assumed the position as best of the rest, 0.391 seconds down on Hamilton, with his team-mate Max Verstappen one spot further back. But Hamilton said: "Honestly up until the last race, even with Barcelona, it is the best place I have been with Nico because we talk about things".

IT&Software Nissan Pathfinder Revealed With More Power, Torque, Tech
Author: 0 Nissan Pathfinder Revealed With More Power, Torque, Tech

For those who will be towing, Pathfinder has a new 6,000-lb standard towing capacity up from the 5,000 capacity for the 2016 model. "The key message is that the 2017 Pathfinder is very capable". Thanks to some tweaks in the sheet metal, Nissan claims that the 2017 Pathfinder has a lower coefficient of drag than the outgoing model, which allows it to keep the same EPA estimated fuel economy for 23 mpg combined (front-wheel-drive models) despite a bump in power.

Author: 0 Samsung profit beats forecasts on popularity of S7 smartphone

The analyst consensus from stock information provider WISEfn released a day before was 7.6 trillion won, 6.6 percent lower than the actual result. Now it's Samsung teaching Apple a lesson after the Korean Company reported a 17% increase in revenue due in part to the success of their Galaxy 7 smartphone.

Author: 0 Pokemon Go yet to be officially released in Philippines

From the same people behind Ingress, Pokemon Go's location-based gameplay means that players have to get out in the real world though. It brings the concept of this game in augmented reality. Still, if you have long dreamed of staring into your smartphone's camera view to find the Uncanny Valley gazing right back at you, your moment has come.

Author: 0 You can explore CU in Pokemon Go and it's awesome

These are Pokestops where players can acquire items and experience points for quick level-up sessions. The PokeStop is denoted by a blue square mark on the place where it is located. A notification will appear when the Egg has hatched. Only one egg can be incubated at a time, and players can only hold up to nine eggs in the inventory.

IT&Software Fallout 4 Mods are now Available on Xbox One Console
Author: 0 Fallout 4 Mods are now Available on Xbox One Console

For PS4 owners waiting for this feature, Bethesda said that mods will be coming to PS4 sometime next month, though no exact date was given. There's still the Far Harbor DLC to explore but sadly, there have been reports of poor performance for the PS4.

Author: 0 Chewbacca masks sold out because of North Texas mom's video

Her infectious laughter, and lines including, "I'm such a happy Chewbacca ", have made it the most-watched Facebook Live video of all time - to date, it has been viewed more than 140million times. Last week, the Internet shared a collective belly laugh as we watched a delighted mom don a Chewbacca mask in the parking lot of a Kohls store . Why's that, exactly? It's not the millions of views on her Facebook video.

Author: 0 New 'Call of Duty' Coming to Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games List?

Now it's possible that this 1525 and the 1525 referring to the Xbox One chip could be two separate things, but that would be one hell of a coincidence. Having said that, it's worth noting that Phil Spencer himself stated that a new Xbox console won't be arriving anytime soon, so we should definitely also keep that in mind.

Author: 0 Windows 10 insider preview build 14316: now with bash

That will mean pairing a Windows or Android smartphone or tablet with a Windows 10 computer. While many have been hinting that then Microsoft Surface Phone will launch this year it appears that sources have said it won't be happening until next year.

IT&Software Microsoft Officially Rolls Out Lumia 650 In US And Canada
Author: 0 Microsoft Officially Rolls Out Lumia 650 In US And Canada

As per the Amazon India listing , we advise Viewers to exercise caution, and it is very possible The Company may officially launch the smartphone at a different price. "Whether you're choosing a phone for work or managing an IT department, you get full integration with the Microsoft apps and services that keep you productive, connected and ready for anything", says Microsoft.

Author: 0 Microsoft wants people to have more intelligent conversations with their computers

Microsoft also announced a preview of its new Bot Framework, which enables organizations to build intelligent agents, known as Bots. The company had made Windows 10 available for public in July past year. Microsoft , the US multinational technology company, used on Wednesday the company's annual gathering for developers to unveil its grand plan of making conversation a new way to interact with computers with intelligence bots at the heart.

IT&Software Fallout 4 Survival Mode, There's A Workaround Activating Fast Travels
Author: 0 Fallout 4 Survival Mode, There's A Workaround Activating Fast Travels

Bethesda has you covered with the new Survival Mode for Fallout 4 which is now out as a beta on the PC. Unfortunately, we still don't know when the final version of the game mode will make its way to consoles. Players familiar with older Bethesda games like Morrowind will likely be very happy with this change, however, it's worth mentioning that there are no Silt Striders or boats here so there's literally no fast travel at all.

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