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Health Care LAPD set to send Chris Brown assault case to prosecutors
Author: 0 LAPD set to send Chris Brown assault case to prosecutors

The entertainer was released from custody Tuesday after posting $250,000 bail. His lawyer Mark Geragos tweeted: "Thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes". In 2009, the artist was arrested for -viciously- beating, his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. The robbery-homicide division was sent to deal with the incident and served Brown with an arrest warrant at his home.

Health Care Florida finds Zika in trapped mosquitoes, 1st in US mainland
Author: 0 Florida finds Zika in trapped mosquitoes, 1st in US mainland

The doctors are closely monitoring her health and development of the baby. "She will be referred to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for counseling and advice", the statement said . Zika is most harmful to pregnant women's developing fetus. The virus has been linked to serious birth defects, including microcephaly. "Together we can contain and eliminate all cases of Zika".

Author: 0 Half of Americans wary of travel to US Zika zones

Two weeks ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a travel advisory warning pregnant women to avoid the new South Beach zone, which stretches from Fifth Street north to 28th Street, and from Biscayne Bay east to the Atlantic Ocean.

Health Care SpaceX Rocket Explodes, Fails To Deliver Facebook's Multi-Million Dollar Satellite
Author: 0 SpaceX Rocket Explodes, Fails To Deliver Facebook's Multi-Million Dollar Satellite

The commercial space office of the Federal Aviation Administration, which oversees commercial rocket launches in the U.S., has inspectors at the launch site and were present during the explosion. The idea was for a limited number of free services, including Facebook, to educate users on how the internet might be useful - such as weather forecasts for farmers, and micro-payments.

Health Care Collateral Damage: Bees die in SC Zika spraying
Author: 0 Collateral Damage: Bees die in SC Zika spraying

The fears over mosquitoes and Zika are justified- but without bees , our ecosystem falls apart. However, last Sunday, officials made the decision to switch to an aerial spraying method instead. Local beekeepers reportedly claimed that they were not informed of this aerial spray and instead were ambushed with the discovery to discover millions of their bees were deceased.

Health Care Opioid Pain or Cough Medicines Combined With Benzodiazepines - Serious Risks and Death
Author: 0 Opioid Pain or Cough Medicines Combined With Benzodiazepines - Serious Risks and Death

In a drug safety communication , FDA urged health professionals, patients , and caregivers to be alert to overdose symptoms: unusual dizziness or lightheadedness, extreme sleepiness, slowed or hard breathing, or unresponsiveness. The move appears after an extended review of scientific proof by the FDA pointed out that doctors have been frequently prescribing these medications together.

Author: 0 UN health revises advice for 3 infections transmitted by sex

In its guidance, the World Health Organization said resistance to azithromycin has been reported in some strains of Treponema pallidum , the bacterium that causes syphilis . Syphilis, if untreated in pregnant women, could spread to the fetus, resulting in the death of the unborn. Under the new guidelines , the WHO has urged national health authorities to track the prevalence of resistance to different antibiotics in the strains of gonorrhoea circulating among their population.

Health Care Mylan launching cheaper, generic version of EpiPen
Author: 0 Mylan launching cheaper, generic version of EpiPen

At least two companies are trying to get US approval to sell a rival brand or generic version of EpiPen. The lawmakers also questioned the company's next plan to offer a generic version of the EpiPen for $300, about half of the price of the branded version.

Health Care Voters trickling to polls in Pinellas County
Author: 0 Voters trickling to polls in Pinellas County

Senate and several competitive races for Congress and the Legislature. Floridas primaries are closed, meaning that voters can only cast ballots in races affiliated with their registered party, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian. Voters are casting ballots in Arizona's primary election. A lot is at stake for some primary contests, and nothing is guaranteed. Sen. John McCain is facing a tough battle with a former state senator who is vowing to retire the five-term Republican a day after ...

Author: 0 Florida to pick a Democrat to face Rubio in November

That leaves congressional races as some of the more exciting to watch during Tuesday's primary, the first since a court-mandated redistricting that took away some advantages for incumbents and prompting one of the liveliest campaigns in years.

Health Care US, India sign military logistics agreement
Author: 0 US, India sign military logistics agreement

The move will allow both countries to use each other's bases as well as assets for replenishment of supplies and refuelling. New Delhi- Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Sunday left for a tour of the United States, where he will be meeting Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Monday, officials said.

Author: 0 Bill Clinton defends embattled family foundation

The investigative report follows on the heels of new emails turned over by the State Department that reveal numerous conversations between Bill Clinton's top aides at the foundation and Hillary Clinton's top staffers at State asking for special favors for foundation donors.

Health Care Latest Trump Ad Focuses on Economic Prospects for the Middle Class
Author: 0 Latest Trump Ad Focuses on Economic Prospects for the Middle Class

It's not like he's ever shown any deference to reality in the past. Donald Trump says he'll deliver a detailed speech Wednesday on his proposal to crack down on illegal immigration - but it's anyone's guess what he will say. Conway has signaled that Trump might soften his proposal to "round up" the approximate 11 million immigrants in the USA illegally with a "deportation force".

Health Care Orlando theme parks give free bug spray to ease Zika worries
Author: 0 Orlando theme parks give free bug spray to ease Zika worries

Pregnant women are most at risk with Zika because infections can damage the brains of unborn children, causing them to have smaller than normal heads, intellectual disability, poor motor and speech functions and seizures after birth. Universal Studios said it is already running destination-wide prevention and management program for mosquito and other environmental problems. Several Florida counties cancelled Halloween activities amid mosquito fears, yet, Central Florida theme parks once again ...

Health Care Ranieri: Drinkwater must learn to play without Kante
Author: 0 Ranieri: Drinkwater must learn to play without Kante

Record signing Borja Baston's thigh injury keeps him out. The bright display from Vardy will have boosted the confidence of fans that he will be more then a "one-season wonder". As the match approached its final stages, Leicester looked happy to take a comfortable victory while Swansea powerless to stop them - but a powerful header from Fer with just 10 minutes to play put the home side's lock on the game in jeopardy.

Health Care Atlanta Falcons S Keanu Neal to undergo knee surgery
Author: 0 Atlanta Falcons S Keanu Neal to undergo knee surgery

The 6-foot, 210-pound safety suffered the injury during the second quarter of the team's Thursday night matchup against the Miami Dolphins, but was able to walk to the locker room after being helped off the field. He was later seen on the sideline without any apparent limp and head coach Adam Gase said afterward "He's OK". The sooner the Falcons get Neal back and healthy, though, the sooner this goes from being a bit of a trouble spot to potentially a young, strong position group, given that ...

Health Care More Positive Tests For West Nile Virus In Falmouth
Author: 0 More Positive Tests For West Nile Virus In Falmouth

Jared Dever, director of communications at OCMVCD, said the first indication of the virus in the city was on July 21, and since then, three subsequent mosquito samples have tested positive in Dana Point. Residents may also contact the Department of Public Works' Vector Control Division at 631-852-4270 or by clicking here to request a vector control crew to check the area.

Author: 0 Cincinnati sees estimated 78 overdoses in 2 days

It only takes about 2 milligrams of carfentanil to completely knock out a 2,000-pound African elephant. According to Cincinnati city manager Harry Black, the cause of the overdoses could be a powerful tranquilizer used on elephants mixed in with the drug.

Author: 0 FDA Expands Zika Screening To All US Blood Centers

Peter Marks, director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said in a statement . Between July 29 and August 10, Florida health officials have reported 21 Zika cases, including at least four probable cases and one pregnant woman, which were likely acquired through local mosquito transmission in a one-square mile area of Miami-Dade County, just north of downtown Miami.

Author: 0 More Turkish tanks head across border into Syria

Turkey has vowed to eradicate ISIS from its border regions in the wake of Saturday's atrocity. It has also occasionally shelled ISIS positions in northern Syria, but its last-known airstrikes against ISIS were in November past year. One is to degrade ISIS in this area - to push the threat it poses away from the Turkish border and make infiltration harder. We know that Turkey has been involved since [the beginning of] the crisis in Syria but now it's taking another face and this is very risky, ...

Health Care Country star Jana Kramer separates from husband Mike Caussin
Author: 0 Country star Jana Kramer separates from husband Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer and husband Mike Caussin have split after being married for just over a year. Looks like Jana Kramer is back to being single. They married in May 2015 and welcomed their first child , Jolie Rae Caussin, on January 31. The last picture Kramer shared on Instagram with her husband and their baby daughter Jolie, was a sponsored post from Minute Made. Despite her initial anxieties at being a mother, Kramer told People that her maternal instinct naturally took over as soon ...

Author: 0 New case of Zika through a local mosquito in Florida county

Florida is home to popular tourist destinations like Walt Disney World. Although the current outbreak has centered in Brazil, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are now 51 countries or territories in which active transmission of Zika virus has been reported (12).

Author: 0 Families angry about big price jumps for life-saving allergy injectors

EpiPens are widely used in allergies to various foods, such as peanuts or shellfish, which could trigger anaphylaxis, a serious allergic reaction that usually occurs quickly and could result in death. Signs are up and EpiPens are ready but the cost to get them is worrying some. If more companies could make the pens, could cost consumers as little as $15.

Author: 0 Chinese ships, planes hold war games in Sea of Japan

That is why Beijing has insisted on a "dual track" approach to dealing with the South China Sea issue. Xinhua said USA "muscle-flexing" and South Korea's resolve to counter its northern neighbor will "lead to a vicious circle of violence for violence", and warned that "improper handling" of the military drills could even spark a real war.

Author: 0 US concern at drug killings in Philippines

The Senate inquiry was prompted by the escalating death tolls, homes searches, and arrests across the country as the campaign, code named "Double Barrel", gained momentum. Unsurprisingly, as a result of his outspoken public speeches, this week Duterte also delivered what is being described as "a foul-mouthed rant" about the global bodies such as United Nations and other senior world officials critical of his hard approach.

Health Care Aretha Franklin cancelling performances to rest up
Author: 0 Aretha Franklin cancelling performances to rest up

Aretha Franklin was also forced to cancel a Las Vegas show previous year due to exhaustion. One of the schedule shows in NY was for "Tony Bennett Celebrates 90" on September 15 and the other was a solo show on September 23. Franklin also pulled the plug on a pair of shows in Florida in March due to a "lack of band personnel". She added, "I am so sorry to have to disappoint my fans there, but I will reschedule".

Health Care Trump to Black Voters: You Have Nothing, So Vote For Me!
Author: 0 Trump to Black Voters: You Have Nothing, So Vote For Me!

The numbers for Clinton - who very quickly tweeted that Trump's MI comments were "so ignorant it's staggering" - were almost completely flipped. Early in the speech, Trump focused his attention on African-American voters, perhaps aware that his chances of election are slim if he can't do better with minorities.

Health Care Eat your food packaging, don't bin it - scientists
Author: 0 Eat your food packaging, don't bin it - scientists

The development has been claimed by the US Department of Agriculture , which says that it's managed to create a usable form of plastic replacement using a protein usually found in milk. The rare times I've eaten any food packaging involved those edible rice paper wrappers that come around certain Asian sweets. Most foods such as meats, breads, cheeses and snacks come wrapped in plastic packaging.

Author: 0 Death of Prince: New details about the cause of her overdose …

One of the mislabeled bottles in question contained fentanyl , an opioid which is said to be 50 times more powerful than heroin. Autopsy results released in June (16) confirmed Prince died of an accidental fentanyl overdose . Some of those pills were found to have lidocaine - a local numbing agent - as well as U-4770 - a synthetic drug eight times more powerful than morphine.

Author: 0 US sends jets to protect forces from Syrian regime strikes

However, Turkey and Iran have large Kurdish communities and both appear to be concerned about Syria's Kurds gaining more areas under their control on the border with Turkey. Thursday's government raids were the first time the regime bombarded Kurdish positions from the air. The U.S. military scrambled its fighter planes on August 19 and flew over Al-Hasakah within about 1.5 kilometers of two Syrian SU-24 fighter jets in an effort to "encourage" them to leave the area, a U.S.

Author: 0 Southern California Wildfire 73% Contained, Firefighters Transition to 'Mop-Up Phase'

The Blue Cut fire started on Tuesday in San Bernardino, off of the 15 Freeway in the Cajon Pass. San Bernardino County sheriff's officials say that around 7 a.m., they got word of some "suspicious" people at a house in the 8600 block of Swarthout Canyon, which is in the unincorporated area of San Bernardino affected by mandatory evacuation orders for the Blue Cut Fire.

Health Care Nabil Bentaleb training with Tottenham's under-21s - Pochettino
Author: 0 Nabil Bentaleb training with Tottenham's under-21s - Pochettino

We're live at White Hart Lane with all the reaction. The 24-year-old Danish global, who joined Spurs from Ajax in 2013, has been one of the club's most influential players in recent seasons. Janssen seems to have already settled into the side with a good understanding of how Pochettino wants his side to play. Will all that be enough against Crystal Palace though? Lloris, captain for both club and country, is immediately ruled of Premier League games against Crystal Palace (20 ...

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