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Health Care Drake and Jennifer Lopez: Is It Official?!
Author: 0 Drake and Jennifer Lopez: Is It Official?!

Jennifer shared an intimate photo of the two cuddling on her Instagram account . The photo fuels growing buzz about the nature of the could-be-couple's relationship. On top of the pictures, there is also a source who has said that they are in fact dating each other, although that is not to say that they are exclusive.

Health Care Tata Sons gives Cyrus Mistry two days to return confidential documents
Author: 0 Tata Sons gives Cyrus Mistry two days to return confidential documents

The letter, sent by Tata Sons' lawyers, demanded that Mistry sign a letter pledging not to disclose any confidential information regarding the company, including to affiliates, relatives and family members. Mistry, who still remains a Director on the board of the holding arm of the the $100 billion-plus group, was asked to desist from such alleged actions.

Health Care An extra second to see out 2016
Author: 0 An extra second to see out 2016

If you want to look on the bright side, the leap second actually gives you more time to get ready for whatever NYE plans you've cooked up. These extra seconds are added either at the stroke of midnight on June 30th or December 31st of any given year, depending on whether or not the adjustment is needed.

Health Care Doug Martin suspended four games for violating drug policy, entering treatment
Author: 0 Doug Martin suspended four games for violating drug policy, entering treatment

Whether Martin will be back in Tampa next season may be up in the air as his suspension voids the $7 million in guaranteed money he was set to make next season. Jameis Winston was entering his second season, the defense showed signs of being disruptive, and Doug Martin was coming off a career year. They have a losing record, going 6-9 on the year.

Health Care Australia: Woolworths sells fuel business to BP for $1.3b
Author: 0 Australia: Woolworths sells fuel business to BP for $1.3b

BP also owns the Kwinana oil refinery in Western Australia. "The release of $1.785 billion from the sale will be used to strengthen our balance sheet and reinvest in our core businesses", Woolworths chief executive Brad Banducci said in a statement to the stock exchange.

Health Care Compost your Christmas tree for free in the Grand Valley
Author: 0 Compost your Christmas tree for free in the Grand Valley

The Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Department is collecting live Christmas trees for recycling at Rotary Park. For more information about tree removal, contact your local city, village or township offices. 145th Ave., also takes real trees, but a fee is required for non-residents. There are other options to get rid of your tree sooner. On top of Calgary's three landfill locations, Christmas trees can be dropped off at 13 other locations for recycling.

Author: 0 Gas prices starting to level off

As 2016 ends, New Yorkers will see the highest gas prices of the year. Gas prices are rising faster locally than in other CT cities, and for the nation as a whole, a petroleum analyst said Tuesday. An estimated 93.6 million Americans are expected to take a road trip from December 23 through January 2. Even with the increase, AAA estimates prices moving into New Year's Day will be the second-cheapest since 2009.

Author: 0 Buccaneers making a mess of things agiants Saints

In an absolute shocker, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made star running back Doug Martin a healthy scratch. About an hour and a half before the game, Martin's name was a surprising addition to the inactive list . With Martin out, Charles Sims will likely get the start, while Peyton Barber and Jacquizz Rodgers may also see some snaps and touches in the offense.

Author: 0 Heartwarming video shows girl with autism singing 'Hallelujah'

From Leonard Cohen's original to the more recent cover from Pentatonix. Down would have thought Kaylee Rogers' handsome take on the song would soon be watched and shared by people worldwide. For many, Kaylee's rendition was perhaps the best tribute to Cohen, the multi-talented Canadian artiste who passed away last month at the age of 82. The video of the choirs's version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" - recorded at the school's Christmas show - has gained nearly 170,000 views in three days.

Author: 0 Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov dies after being shot in Ankara

An investigation has been launched into why Turkish police did not capture the Russian ambassador to Turkey's assassin alive . Mevlut Mert Altintas, 22, walked into the Cagdas Sanat Merkezi art gallery as Andrei Karlov delivered a speech, firing nine shots at Russia's ambassador to Turkey and killing him in front of onlookers.

Author: 0 Meyers Leonard on DeMarcus Cousins: 'I Can't Respect Someone Like That'

He spoke to CSN California sideline reporter Kayte Christensen after the final buzzer and did not hold back during a WWE-style promo on the referees, the Blazers' physical approach to defending him, and Plumlee's abilities (or maybe continuing a long-running feud with backup Meyers Leonard instead).

Health Care IIT-Kharagpur students go on hunger strike against fee hike
Author: 0 IIT-Kharagpur students go on hunger strike against fee hike

On Tuesday, after taking out processions, a group of 20 students started a hunger strike and others sat on a dharna blocking all gates of the main administrative building. The faculty member at the IIT also allegedly said that if students were unhappy with the fees they shouldn't have even come to study at the IIT, said the student.

Author: 0 WINTER STORM: It's going to be a White Christmas in east Idaho

On Friday , there will be areas of drizzle, snow , freezing drizzle and sleet before 8 a.m., according to the weather service, then areas of drizzle, snow and sleet between 8 a.m. Christmas Eve: temperatures will be on a gradual decline from about 38 degrees at 5 p.m. down to 32 degrees by midnight. Temperatures on Friday are forecast at a high of 51 in Oakhurst, 39 in Fish Camp, and 43 in Bass Lake.

Author: 0 Missing Abington teen found dead

Grace's mother, Sara Packer, reported her daughter missing from their Tennis Avenue home on July 11. Dental records connected through the national missing persons database helped identify Grace, said Salavantis. Abington Township and Montgomery County detectives alleged that Sara Packer withheld critical information and gave misleading statements to police after reporting her daughter missing, inhibiting efforts to locate her.

Author: 0 YouTube star says he was kicked off Delta flight for speaking Arabic

Adam Saleh , a 22-year-old YouTube star from NY, posted multiple videos to Twitter and Periscope showing himself being escorted from a Delta plane by flight attendants. A visibly upset Saleh can be heard saying, "this is 2016". The flight was scheduled for NY to London on Wednesday morning, when it was delayed due to an unspecified "disturbance".

Author: 0 VPT therapy shows ray of hope for prostate cancer patients

The technique involves injecting a light-sensitive drug, called WST11, into the bloodstream and then activating it with a laser, via optical fibers inserted directly into the prostate. According to Emberton, it is remarkable that the treatment has been successfully performed by non-specialists working different health systems. The drug used in the procedure, WST11, is derived from bacteria at the bottom of the ocean.

Author: 0 17-year-old girl shot dead in Merc near her house

The accused, who was in the vehicle with her, fled from the scene. Her daughter informed her mother that she was with one of her friend, Nitin. Shubham and his family are absconding, according to the police. At 6.30 pm, the girl's mother started calling incessantly. The boy who was with ran away. A local police officer said that the victim and her two friends made a few stops on their way back from Rajouri Garden as they went shopping.

Author: 0 Texas officially kicking Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid

The notice cited controversial undercover videos which purported to show Planned Parenthood officials discussing selling fetal tissue. In November, Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas to protect itself (and its patients) from defunding, but the court was unable to move forward with the suit since Texas officials had not acted on the notice.

Author: 0 Scientists amazed by iron 'jet stream' in Earth's molten core

Lead researcher Dr Phil Livermore , from the University of Leeds, said: "The European Space Agency's Swarm satellites are providing our sharpest x-ray image yet of the core". Between 2000 and 2016, its amplitude - the height of its waves - has mysteriously increased in length by about 40 kilometers (25 miles) per year. ESA Swarm satellites function as an X-ray machine that for the first time revealed the accelerated molten iron river and why it is there.

Author: 0 Earth's Molten Core Has Its Own Jet Stream

Thus, the discovery of an accelerating jet stream beneath Russian Federation and Canada is crucial data to understand better how our planet's core functions. It is basically a fast moving belt of molten iron going round the North Pole. The Earth's core might not be as static as once believed. But new data from the Swarm satellites has revealed these changes are actually caused by a jet stream moving at more than 25 miles (40km) per year.

Author: 0 This Is Waymo and Fiat Chrysler's New Self-Driving Minivan

These include changes to the electrical and structural systems as well as powertrain and chassis updates. "Before starting production in October", Krafick says, the company has put these early vehicles through their paces at our own test track in California, and FCA's [Fiat Chrysler Automobiles] Chelsea Proving Grounds in Chelsea, MI and their Arizona Proving Grounds in Yucca, AZ".

Author: 0 Trump's Pick for Ambassador to Israel Could Kill the Two-State Solution

Trump's recent nomination for ambassador to Israel, right-wing lawyer David Friedman , said he would work from "the USA embassy in Israel's eternal capital, Jerusalem", even though the embassy is in Tel Aviv. "He has been a long-time friend and trusted advisor to me". Friedman added that, "the Trump administration is not looking to cut back on foreign aid and will, in all likelihood, increase it significantly".

Author: 0 Women Kill Fewer Medicare Patients Than Men

They looked at 30-day mortality, readmission rates, then they adjusted to effectively compare female and male physicians with the same hospital. Elderly patients who are cared for by a female physician when hospitalized are less likely to die or to be readmitted than similar patients whose physicians are men, Harvard researchers have found.

Author: 0 Playing With Power: Best Buy Will Have NES Classic Editions This Week

Now, thanks to a new report, we have an idea just how many consoles Nintendo has sold: almost 200,000 Classic NES systems thus far in America alone. What you make of the situation, will the console see a restock? NPD's analyst Sam Naji shared that during its debut month, the NES Classic Edition tops other retro consoles in the market.

Author: 0 Evernote backtracks on privacy policy change after user revolt

According to a new blog post on the subject, Evernote has revised its upcoming changes. Reacting to the swift changes, Chris O'Neill, Evernote's chief executive said: "Trust is at the heart of our service". Of course, because the service offers the ability to synchronize your notes, the company must maintain servers to store your data. The new privacy policy was supposed to go into effect on January 23, but it's no longer the case.

Health Care Winter weather advisory posted for Lincoln and surrounding area
Author: 0 Winter weather advisory posted for Lincoln and surrounding area

The cold weather is expected to last into early Friday morning. Temperatures will be at, or just below, freezing in many areas, so the rain will freeze on exposed surfaces creating icing late tonight to around daybreak tomorrow. Chance of precipitation is 70%. 27 Storm Track meteorologist Star Derry said light snow should taper to afternoon flurries on Saturday , possibly adding up to another inch on top of the Friday storm.

Health Care President-elect Donald Trump's victory in Wisconsin is secured following recount
Author: 0 President-elect Donald Trump's victory in Wisconsin is secured following recount

She and several advisors on the call said a tangle of laws and regulatory obstacles in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania made it far too hard to verify the integrity of the vote count. Stein said the names of groups getting the money will be made public "in the coming weeks". The most, almost $3.5 million, went to Wisconsin to pay for its recount.

Health Care Wells Fargo fails living wills test; slapped with even more sanctions
Author: 0 Wells Fargo fails living wills test; slapped with even more sanctions

In another blow to the leadership of Wells Fargo , regulators on Wednesday rejected the San Francisco bank's "living will" plan for the second time and placed growth restrictions on the firm until the problems are cleared up. Wells Fargo , Bank of America , Bank of New York Mellon , JP Morgan Chase and State Street were told in April to fix their plans by October 1.

Health Care Man killed by officer in driveway didn't have gun
Author: 0 Man killed by officer in driveway didn't have gun

It was not immediately clear why a responding officers then fired several rounds, fatally striking Serna who was pronounced dead at the scene. Rogelio confirmed that his father was experiencing early stages of dementia and delusions that caused sleep disorders that make his father take long solitary walks during the late night; an attempt to get exhausted so as to get some sleep.

Health Care Social support tied to better breast cancer outcomes
Author: 0 Social support tied to better breast cancer outcomes

Research Corridor has published a new research study titled "HER-2 Positive Breast Cancer Market - Growth, Share, Opportunities, Competitive Analysis and Forecast, 2015 - 2022". "Having social binds may give access to genuine help, such as having somebody to take you to the specialist or having somebody to converse with about your worries or interfacing you with assets that can help you adapt to the malignancy", she said.

Author: 0 Giants alerted NFL that Steelers used deflated balls

We have absolutely nothing to hide. Ben Roethlisberger had a more lighthearted approach to the situation. Although the Giants coach did answer plenty of questions about the Cowboys, he was also asked about the elephant in the room: The Deflategate II allegations that surfaced on Sunday morning.

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