Putin: US roughly and blatantly deceived Russian Federation during Euromaidan


If Russia's involvement is proven, Glees said, we have to "give them all that we have short of weaponry", as Russia would have "moved from being our adversary to being our outright enemy".

"I am not disappointed, moreover, he made a very good impression on me on a personal level", Putin said according to the state-run Tass Russian News Agency.

He described Trump, whom he met with a year ago on the sidelines of summits in Germany and Vietnam, a "balanced" man who grasps the issues and is a good listener.

He said he told her and the wife of the Italian prime minister "about Siberia and Kamchatka, about fishing ... about bears on Kamchatka and tigers in the Far East".

Putin's comments come the same day Russia's ambassador to the U.S.

He added: "Putin has publicly said that he kills traitors wherever they are in the world".

Putin has betrayed increasing frustration over the growing standoff with the USA, which has quashed hopes that Trump raised during his presidential campaign of turning a new page in ties between the two powers.

Trump and Putin shake hands during a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, on July 7.

With nuclear tensions at a high between Russian Federation and the West, Vladimir Putin has said that he is willing to destroy the world - but only if Russian Federation is threatened. His popularity, his control over the levers of power, and what critics say have been years of steps to suppress dissent and marginalize opponents virtually ensure his victory in the presidential election set for March 18. He said he was particularly dismayed by what he described as the US role in the ouster of Ukraine's Russia-friendly president in February 2014 amid massive protests.

The 90-minute documentary, airing less that two weeks before elections in which he's expected to easily win a fourth term, portrayed Putin as a decisive actor on the world stage.

And the sanctions are working, despite the Russian propaganda that says Russia is happy now.

"Those who serve us with poison will eventually swallow it and poison themselves", he said. "There was no word, conversely, there was the complete support of those who committed the coup d'état", Putin claimed.

Some have suggested it was a poisoning in which Russian Federation may have had a hand, even though British authorities haven't revealed what the substance was and are still investigating.

Speaking to parliament, Johnson said Britain might step up sanctions against Russian Federation if it finds that Moscow was involved in the incident.

"A US-Russia Strategic Dialogue is more urgent following President Putin's public address on March 1st when he referred to several new nuclear weapons Russia is reportedly developing including a cruise missile and a nuclear underwater drone, which are not now limited by the New START treaty, and would be destabilizing if deployed", the letter to Tillerson said on Thursday.

"This is called a reciprocal, counter strike, when we have a legitimate right to respond", Putin said. He added starkly: "Yes, it will mean a global catastrophe for mankind, for the entire world".

In that case, "as the leader of Russian Federation, I have the right to ask the question, why do we need such a world if there's no Russian Federation?"