Outrage over Kenyatta Hospital surgery mix up


"[The hospital] deeply regrets this event and has done all it can to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient in question", Koros said, according to the paper.

The Kenyatta National Hospital, which admitted the horrific error has suspended the doctor, as well as two nurses and an anaesthetist, according to a statement on Friday.

The wrong patient needed treatment for a swelling on the head but ended up on the table for an open brain surgery meant to remove a blood clot from the brain of another patient.

Doctors did not realise the mistake until hours into the surgery, when they discovered there was no blood clot in the brain of the man sprawled on the operating table.

To make it worse, it was only after two hours into the operation that the surgeons had realised they'd got the wrong person.

The CEO of the Kenya Medical Practitioners Union said the mix up laid bare the dangers to patients of an "overwhelmed" system and staff.

The patient who underwent surgery is recovering, officials said.

He said once the documents have been received, they will convene a preliminary inquiry committee which will look at the allegations raised two weeks from the day they receive the report.

Medical staff at one of Kenya's biggest hospitals have been suspended after sending the wrong patient in for brain surgery.

After consulting a senior neurosurgeon on call, the operating doctor was instructed to proceed no further, clean up the area and close the head. They say the nurses who prepared the patient for surgery are the ones at fault because they wrongly labeled the two patients.

Both showed that there, indeed, was a blood clot in his head.

Both patients were said to be in good condition.

She also announced the interdiction of the staff involved in the surgery pending the outcome of investigations into how the mix-up came about.