Nintendo Wants To Know Which Switch Games Made Your Top Ten?


First Nintendo drops an announcement for a Nintendo Direct (which takes place tomorrow), then pre-orders for Nintendo Labo go live on the Nintendo UK website.

In other Nintendo news, we won't be seeing Diablo III on Nintendo's Switch anytime soon.

According to Nintendo, new details on Mario Tennis Aces will be revealed during the video, as well as other 3DS and Switch releases for the year.

Mega Man and Mario facing off in Super Smash Bros.

As always, we'll be keeping an eye out for any news about fighting games for Nintendo's latest console.

Those rumors have continued to mount since the initial report, without official word from Nintendo.

Tropical Freeze seems like a strong possibility to feature in this Nintendo Direct, given its fast-approaching release date, and Dark Souls: Remastered might get a slot in there, too. The presentation will begin at 00h00 AM, which is still technically March 8. We know there will be a focus on the upcoming Mario Tennis game, but will something much bigger be on the horizon?

Be sure to keep your eye on Nintendo Enthusiast for updates on tomorrow's Direct.