Lawyers for Powerball victor to claim $559M prize


The announcement was made during a press conference today at the New Hampshire Lottery headquarters in Concord.

Meanwhile this week, U.S. news outlets reported on "Jane Doe", the victor of the largest Powerball jackpot in history.

New Hampshire Judge Charles Temple ruled last month that the woman may transfer the prize money into a trust she has set up, the Good Karma Family Trust of 2018, while he decides whether to allow her to remain anonymous.

The Powerball prize was the second-largest for a single victor in Powerball history and the seventh-largest in US lottery history.

A woman who sued the New Hampshire state lottery commission asking it to allow her to collect the $559.7 million prize she had won without making her name public collected her winnings on Wednesday, lottery officials said, and kept her privacy for now.

The woman, who is fighting to remain anonymous through an ongoing lawsuit, is collecting a lump-sum cash prize of $352 million - which will get whittled down to $264 million after Uncle Sam takes his share.

The Powerball drawing has rolled over 16 times since the last victor on January 6th, and now stands at an estimated $348 million.

A second-prize $1 million victor in Wednesday night's Powerball drawing purchased the ticket at a Seaford convenience store, according to the New York Lottery website.

She wants a judge to order her name withheld from public records requests, or let her replace her name on the ticket with a trust that she's since created. The winning ticket was sold in Merrimack for the drawing on January 6.

Over the years there have been many cases where a lottery winner's luck goes bad.

"She knows there are so many charities that do good work and need money, but we want to start with these two", Shaheen said.