Labour suspends party members over 'anti-Semitic' Facebook group


Among the comments exchanged are claims about Israeli involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and as well as links to neo-Nazi groups postings.

The UK Labour Party confirmed this week it is investigating as many as six party members for their involvement in a secret Facebook group that trafficked in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial, and other ideologies promoted by racist sources such as the Daily Stormer. "Had I seen it, of course, I would have challenged it straight away but I actually don't spend all my time reading social media", he said during a visit to Derbyshire.

"I have never trawled through the whole group - I have never read all the messages on it".

"I removed myself from the group in 2015".

"Obviously any anti-Semitic comment is wrong. Any antisemitism in any form is wrong".

It also supports the findings of Britain's largest-ever survey of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attitudes, published a year ago by CST and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, which found that the more anti-Israel a person is, the more likely they are to also hold anti-Jewish attitudes.

He is said to have been added to the group, as opposed to joining it himself, but did post on the page.

Members are said to have included Labour MPs Clive Lewis and Chris Williamson and former Channel 4 reporter and Corbynite Paul Mason.

This doesn't mean that most of the members of this group are anti-Semitic, any more than most people who sympathise with the Palestinians are anti-Semitic.

The Labour logo is also displayed in the group, alongside appeals to join the party.

Britain should not favour financial services over other sectors of the economy as it negotiates its future trading relationship with the European Union after Brexit, Labour Party finance spokesman John McDonnell said on Thursday.

"So, I tell you, if we find any of those in that Facebook group were expressing anti-Semitic views, we will take action against them in the party". Upon being informed that I was a member I have left the group.

"As anyone knows, in social media all sorts of things are posted which often others participating aren't even aware of", the spokesperson, who was not named, was quoted as saying.

"It is repugnant if there are antisemitic posts - and I gather there are".

SNP MSP Clare Haughey said: "Nothing we heard today from Jeremy Corbyn can disguise the fact that he and Labour are backing the Tories' plans to take Scotland out of the single market against our will".

However, the reason why this particular Facebook group is in the news is because David Collier, an independent blogger who devotes his time to cataloguing the wilder excesses of the anti-Israel movement, spent several weeks researching and analysing what goes on in the group: and the anti-Semitism he found should worry everyone, whether they support Israel, Palestine, both or neither.

Before last June's general election, Labour said it would seek to bring train operators and water and energy utilities back into public ownership, and since then has said it wants to reduce the role of private contractors in providing public services.

"Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard are the Tories' willing helpers for an extreme Brexit that will destroy Scottish jobs, hit investment and exports, and damage living standards for communities the length and breadth of the country - and they should be ashamed of that".