Final Fantasy XV PC Demo Out Today


Square Enix isn't even close to being finished with Final Fantasy XV, it seems, as the game's DLC roadmap is set to be extended into next year.

So what sort of rig will you need to get this running at Ultimate Quality? Reason being Tabata said in an interview with Famitsu that Final Fantasy XV's existing players aren't interesting in the team filling "in the gaps of the main story anymore".

The size of Final Fantasy XV is precisely with a capacity of 20GB, and all Steam users can download it via Steamdb "Free" button since the product is still missing on Steam's store.

From its Twitter account, the company commented that the demo includes 4K textures. The Windows 10 version of the game will also be able to transfer saves from the Xbox One version and will be able to play with Xbox players in the multiplayer mode Comrades.

The much awaited Final Fantasy XV PC demo is finally available today. We will continue to work on all aspects to ensure FF15 Windows Edition will be a great experience for PC gamers. The demo will feature the game's first chapter but, there will be no sidequests included.

Recommended specs for the game can be found here. Additionally, the pre-order bonuses for the game have been revealed, each different depending upon which storefront the game was purchased.

With its March 6 release date in sight, it's all go for Final Fantasy 15's PC debut. You can also unlock the entire game for $19.99.