Cowboys owner Jones to pay NFL $2 million after disputes


On Wednesday, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported Jones reimbursed the NFL for more than $2 million in legal fees stemming from Elliott's suspension case and commissioner Roger Goodell's contract-extension talks. For a billionaire like Jones it won't hurt the bottom line, but it still sends the message of a power play between two of the most powerful men in the NFL.

The latest chapter in the Jerry Jones vs. the National Football League saga was written on Monday.

"After a hearing with the Commissioner and the Finance Committee, the matter of the reimbursement of legal fees has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties", the league said in a statement.

Elliott eventually served his suspension, and with Jones clearly unhappy with how it turned out for Dallas, he then went on to oppose the proposed contract extension of Roger Goodell as NFL's commissioner.

Jones met with Goodell and the NFL's finance committee Monday to argue that he shouldn't pay because he wasn't an official party to Elliott's lawsuit and that he hadn't unduly interfered with league business as league owners negotiated Goodell's new contract last fall.

Why is the league making Jones pay up?

ESPN was the first to report the league's decision.

Jones is one of the NFL's wealthiest owners and Forbes valued the Cowboys as the No. 1 franchise in all of sports at $4.8 billion.

Jones and the Cowboys stated that they were merely "observers" throughout despite Jones' outspokenness. Rather, it was really just a reimbursement of legal fees that Jones cost the league.

Jones' attempt to derail Goodell's extension, which came after Elliott was suspended over domestic violence allegations, led to a volley of threatening letters from lawyers for both sides.