Amazon Alexa's 'bone chillingly creepy' unprompted laugh is terrifying some


Recent reports detail a quirky bug that has Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa laughing for no apparent reason, scaring the daylights out of unsuspecting users.

Amazon responded to requests for comment by saying that the company was aware of the issue and is now "working to fix it". Fellow Twitterer Gavin Hightower tweeted that he was "lying in bed about to fall asleep when Alexa on my Amazon Echo Dot [let] out a very loud and creepy laugh".

Other users have since come forward with their own instances of random Alexa laughter. As noted in media reports and a trending Twitter moment, Alexa laughs without being prompted to wake.

It's worth noting those who have paid for Deezer HiFi will not be able to experience high-fidelity sound quality through Alexa, and will get regular Premium+ users quality.

"I was trying to turn off some lights and they kept turning back on", Purplociraptor reported.

Although third-party devices like some HP Inc.

If you want more great stories of Alexa coming to life to scare you, you can check out the subreddit on the issue. The software is randomly laughing at users.

Amazon did not reply to requests for comment about Alexa's "evil laugh," according to Metro.

It's also not unheard of to have people talk to users through their Echo devices. No time table was provided, but I think I'm just going to unplug my Echo for the time being.