Super Mario Odyssey Balloon World Update Out Now


To start Balloon World, seek out the green-clad bro and have a nice chat with him.

As for the big Super Mario Odyssey update, on February 22 the new game mode Balloon World allows players to hide or find balloons in any of the kingdoms of the critically acclaimed title. "If you get good at hiding and finding balloons, you'll also move up the online rankings!", Nintendo explains. Today marks the launch of update 1.2.0, which heralds in new snapshot filters, a slight change for the jump rope minigame (which reset its World and Friend rankings), bug fixes, new outfits, and most importantly, Luigi's Balloon World. It's worth noting these locations usually have a hidden Moon to find - so don't leave until you find it. Fast forward and a month and Nintendo has delivered on its promise, with Balloon World DLC now available to download. Luigi will show up in each world, whom you can find by using your map as well.

After completing the game, a number of special outfits will be added to the shop.

Luigi will react differently based on which cooky Mario outfit you're wearing in the game.

Finally, Coin and Neon filters have been added to Snapshot Mode, so you can see your screenshots through a totally different lens.

The Nintendo eShop has been updated with plenty of new games and updates for existing games including a new Pac-Man title for the Switch and a massive addition to Super Mario Odyssey. If you haven't played Super Mario Odyssey in a bit, you might consider going back to it to check it out.