Love on ice: Olympic skating and dating


For Team USA skaters Chris and Alexa Knierim, they fulfilled this dream at the 2018 Winter Games.

In 2016, Alexa was diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal gastrointestinal illness after suffering repeated vomiting episodes.

These lovebirds were the first married couple from the USA to compete at the Winter Olympics in 20 years. Two surgeries cured the worst of the problem, but left her with a long scar on her abdomen and cost the pair months of training. She lost a significant amount of weight, dropping down to 80 pounds.

Valentine's Day short program coming up soon!

However, with the couple's unique backstory and the fact that they are, a couple, their Valentine's Day competition promises to be something special.

During figure skating's team event they sat cuddled together in the bullpen, cheering on the rest of the United States squad, having already played a major role in helping the Americans to bronze with two strong skates. "This journey is really between Chris and's not about our score and it's not about the other teams being better than us".

But by February 2017, the Knierim were back on the ice, competing at an worldwide level. Chris is competing for a gold medal in South Korea, and he still managed to give his wife the ideal Valentine's Day. The two take part in a group prayer before competitions and meet regularly with other Christian athletes in Colorado, where they now live, according to People. "I am disappointed with the way we performed today, but so many people at home are hurting because their children have died".

While we're all celebrating our love today, the Olympians celebrated it last night in PyeongChang (They're 14 hours ahead of us on the east coast).

"I have some insecurities now that I didn't have before, but I'm able to work on it and move forward because I've shifted my focus and my attention to my faith instead of myself".