Trump gets a national anthem moment at football title game


President Donald Trump was in attendance at the national championship game, and some claim that footage of him during the Anthem proves that he does not know all of the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner".

Barack Obama has done both, and said in 2016 that "respecting and honouring our flag and our anthem is part of what binds us together as a nation".

The Trump administration has made national anthem protests in the NFL an intense focus point in the first year in office, with Vice President Mike Pence attending a Colts game in October only to leave as players protested during the national anthem.

It is also pertinent to mention Trump pushed the national anthem as a partisan issue shortly before the game during a speech to the American Farm Bureau Federation in Tennessee, tweeting, "We want our flag respected - and we want our NATIONAL ANTHEM respected also!"

He certainly didn't sing all of them. But, technically, the president didn't break any rules by not singing the anthem.

The president has attacked players who kneel for the anthem a movement started by Colin Kaepernick
The president has attacked players who kneel for the anthem a movement started by Colin Kaepernick Mike

A reporter near Trump was unable to determine whether he was singing or saying, Daily News said in a report.

The majority of Americans - 61 percent - do not know all the words to the "The Star-Spangled Banner", according to a Harris Interactive survey.

Donald Trump arrived at a college football game in Atlanta and was met with a mixture of cheers and jeers. The protest was meant to mock those conservatives who often call liberals "snowflakes". Many took to kneeling during the song in protest against what they consider systemic racism in the US. The majority of black voters disagree with Trump's condemnation of the National Football League protests.

Reports say the president will be examined next week at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre, the country's largest military hospital, by the same doctor as his predecessor Barack Obama.

Earlier Monday, the president repeated his call for the anthem to be respected.