The new anti-Trump book is really popular


Though this was the first time Trump responded to the mental fitness question, he, the White House, and the GOP have already been attacking the book.

Wolff, however, asserted that he had spoken with the President while working on the book. "I think more and more people are starting to see that his facts just simply don't add up". The book also quotes former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who was earlier fired by Trump. In the book, Trump's advisor, Steve Bannon, describes a betrayal and the president's approach to a group of Russians, questioning his readiness for the post, and revealing how his wife cried during the election night. He told BBC radio that his conclusion that Trump was not fit to do the job was becoming a widespread view. I never spoke to him for book.

Trump believes Wolff used Bannon as a main source for his book that says, among other things, that the US President is unfit for office and likely has mental health issues. "That's the background to the perception and the understanding that will finally end. this presidency".

Donald Trump sicced his lawyers on Steve Bannon and author Michael Wolff with "cease and desist" threats.

Mr Wolff has defended his work and people have queued up in bookshops across the USA to buy copies of it, after its release was brought forward following the threat of legal action by the Trump administration.