Terrorists Attack Coptic Church in Cairo, at Least Eight Killed


Ten people have been killed in an attack outside a Coptic Christian church in southern Cairo, including a gunman, Egypt's Health Ministry spokesman says.

He then proceeded to attack the Mar Mina church, leaving nine dead, "before security forces wounded and arrested him, confiscating his weapon", the ministry statement said.

Five security guards were also wounded in the rampage outside the church south of the capital Cairo before a gunman was shot dead as he tried to storm the building.

Egypt's beleaguered Christian minority make up around 10% of the population.

According to the BBC, Egyptian police patrolling near the church approached two men who were behaving suspiciously.

Two police officers are thought to be among the dead.

Ahead of the January 6 Christmas celebrations, Egypt's security apparatus has been on high alert, deploying security personnel at churches across the country.

A video posted on social media purports to show Ismail roaming a deserted street before being struck by gunfire.

Egypt imposed a state of emergency following the church attacks and shootings, and President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi demanded the army quell the jihadists with "brutal force" following the mosque massacre. Authorities closed off the area around the church.

The assailant had earlier opened fire at the nearby store owned by a Christian, the Interior Ministry said. One of the a tackers had been killed and the other captured by Egyptian security. It is centered in the turbulent northern part of Sinai but has also carried out attacks in the mainland.