Telegram Now Supports Multiple Accounts on Android


The Day theme also allows the users to pick an accent color for the entire app, like pink or purple.Since the Android Telegram version already had support for multiple themes unlike iOS, the new update now introduces the Multiple accounts feature for the Android platform. A previous update rolled out to Telegram on Android earlier in the month, but we are most excited about the Telegram 4.7 update.

Moreover, the iOS app still can't support multiple accounts, but the company has chose to do something new for the iOS users, as well. To switch between accounts, users will have to simply tap the hamburger menu and select the particular number. What I mean by this is the fact that Telegram has finally brought Themes support for iOS. The latest 4.7 version is available for download on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users. For the users who have multiple Telegram accounts and want to access them on the same device, this feature removes the requirement of keeping extra phones. This allows users to reply to a specific message in a chat with just a swipe to the left. This is going to allow you to be more social and productive since it allows for super quick replies to the messages on your Telegram account. Notifications will keep coming from all accounts, unless you change this in the Notification settings.

Well, that's all that Telegram has included in its 4.7 update.

Another new feature is the ability to quickly respond to messages with a swipe gesture.