Spurs announce they're shutting down Kawhi Leonard indefinitely


Therefore, do not expect the organization to rush Leonard back in any circumstance during the regular season.

In short, the Spurs changed their approach with Aldridge, hoping that that would fix the relationship and improve his production. The Spurs shouldn't rush the two-time Defensive Player of the Year to return quickly.

Ariza and Gerald Green will both be suspended for Houston's next two games, with the National Basketball Association coming down hard on both players Wednesday for what the league said was their "hostile, verbal altercation" in the Los Angeles Clippers' locker room earlier this week. ". The pain wasn't dissipating, it wasn't going in the right direction, it was going the other way".

PLAYER ALTERCATIONS: "NBA fights are the silliest, namby-pambiest things I've ever seen in my life". But on offense, I was going to move him everywhere. Much like San Antonio, just over half of Nets games have finished under the O/U total. "We kind of took their punch, but we let it snowball a little too much before we did it", Zeller said.

They were fine without him Wednesday, thanks also to Patty Mills' seven 3-pointers and 25 points, and Pau Gasol's 13 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists.

The Spurs have needed every bit of that production. The fact that the team consistently manages to win games without their stars in the lineup undoubtedly factored into their decision to sit Leonard once again to make sure he's 100 percent healthy as San Antonio attempts to make a run at another championship once the postseason begins.

So what has changed for Aldridge? The Brooklyn Nets aren't winning games outright, but they've been one of the better money makers against the number this season, especially at home.

Heading into this season, the general expectation was that Leonard would continue his rise and potentially emerge as an MVP-favorite, since Westbrook was joined by both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony and Harden now had Chris Paul beside him after a very busy offseason.

"He was having pain, like not right after games, but maybe the next day or two", Popovich told reporters outside the Spurs locker room in the Barclays Center.

In his nine games, Leonard averaged 16.2 points, 4.7 rebounds and 2.0 steals in 23.3 minutes.