Sarah Sanders gives press briefing


Press secretary Sarah Sanders said: "There has been no directive on staff departures and any suggestion otherwise is ridiculous fake news".

According to The Wall Street Journal, turnover of staff in the Trump White House has been higher in its first year than in any previous administration.

After more than 90 minutes passed, Trump posted a second tweet voicing support for reauthorizing FISA's Section 702, which allows the monitor communications from foreign targets.

President Trump began Thursday by tweeting out two very different takes on a sweeping surveillance law, all but ensuring an eventful day for his press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sanders would then answer Acosta's question, Sanders said the president has a "great deal of understanding" when it comes to FISA and that's why he issued a presidential memo on it.

The White House has rejected the claims.

CNN reported that "no one" was happy with the originally proposed ban, some people wondering how they would be able to stay in contact with their families while working 12-plus-hour workdays.

For all those on the far left, let me remind you that Donald Trump is more mentally fit to lead the USA than many career politicians who are in the running to line their pockets and to have an easy life.

Trump's concerns on the legislation, though, appeared unrelated to the argument made by civil libertarians in the lead-up to the vote.

Acosta, who was just promoted by CNN, said of the network's ratings: "They're actually better than they've been in a long time".

Kelly wants to do so by the end of January, but President Donald Trump is having difficulty recruiting staff to fill vacancies, and the hiring process is lengthy.