Records show Federal Bureau of Investigation knew of Vegas gunman's gear


Three months before killing 58 people and wounding more than 500 in Las Vegas last October, the gunman behind the deadliest mass shooting in US history sent emails discussing buying bump stocks, which can make semiautomatic rifles fire hundreds of rounds a minute, media reports on unsealed search warrants showed.

But why the 64-year-old Paddock shot up the Route 91 Harvest festival on October 1 remains a mystery, and the search warrants - despite revealing his large cache of weaponry - raise more questions than answers about his actions and motive.

"The release of these documents is a good start toward complete transparency for records related to the October 1 shooting", Review-Journal Managing Editor Glenn Cook said.

The girlfriend of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock deleted her Facebook account less than an hour before police released Paddock's name, according to reports.

The FBI document, filed six days after the shooting, says authorities had no evidence suggesting Danley had any criminal involvement in the massacre. Agents said their initial search found "a large quantity of ammunition and multiple firearms" on the property.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo says he anticipates having a news conference in about a week regarding the investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in recent US history but that he doesn't expect the update to include shooter Stephen Paddock's motive.

In the court documents, she told investigators she occasionally participated in the loading of the magazines.

Not much is known about Danley's and Paddock's relationship, though workers at a Starbucks in a Mesquite casino recalled that he had a habit of berating her in public.

The affidavit was part of more than 300 pages that federal prosecutors released Friday following an order by U.S. District Judge Jennifer Dorsey. We have a huge selection.

The emails also mentioned trying out an AR-style rifle before purchasing one.

The document says Danley also provided a DNA sample to authorities. "Located in the las vegas area", read one message sent to an account investigators believe was controlled by Paddock, the documents state. "With the shooter dead and no indication that co-conspirators were involved, authorities have no legitimate reason to lock down records related to their investigations".

The FBI investigates the scene on the 32nd-floor of the Mandalay Bay on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017, in Las Vegas.

If there was a second person involved in the communications, an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent wrote, "investigators need to determine who was communicating with him about weapons that were used in the attack".

There was also a warrant that revealed Paddock's room at Mandalay Bay had three cellphones. But the third phone, which has a Google operating system, was locked, and authorities said they could only access the device with help.