Pokemon GO Will Cease to Work on Older iPhones and iPads


If you're unsure which iOS device you own, head to Apple's site for identifying your iPhone or iPad. Today's video shows you how to clear cache, cookies and history on your iPhone or iPad. Support will be removed via an update rolling out on February 28, so upgrade now if you want to keep catching 'em all.

Niantic has announced that it will be dropping support for Apple devices that are unable to upgrade to iOS 11 on February 28.

Wondering if your device is included in the purge?

It's not clear how many Pokemon Go players use these older devices, but a recent Business Insider chart shows about 6% of iPhone 5 and 5c users in the world, as of April 2017. When will this option come up it's still a mystery, as there is no word about it in the beta. Of course, this problem is completely dependent on Niantic porting AR+ to Android devices, but that is no guarantee Pokemon GO will always run on every Android smartphone or tablet.

Thinking of taking on Mewtwo in one of the new Exclusive Raid Battle feature?

The new Ex-Raid invites are scheduled for January 16th and according to the Pokemon GO Hub, this new wave of passes appear to be targeting "mostly" first time raiders. Way to kill my motivation on this game. Unfortunately for some players, an upcoming Pokemon Go update will also make it unplayable on some older iPhones.