Overwatch League Team Skins Are Now Available for Purchase


The new menu for purchasing Overwatch League skins. Buoyed by the game's popularity, Blizzard raised $240 million (around Rs. 15 billion) selling teams for the game's big budget e-sports venture that CEO Mike Morhaime said is a "true next-generation e-sports experience".

Excited for the Overwatch League? Each of them is known by their location, and the league is split up into the Atlantic and Pacific divisions. Or a San Francisco Shock Zarya? With September's announcement of Philadelphia, Dallas, and Houston getting Overwatch teams, Blizzard had twelve groups ready to kick off the inaugural season.

Future seasons of the league, although now not specified as to when, will move to arenas in the home cities of each team.

The Overwatch League in-game menu isn't just for staring at the shiny new skins - players can watch the games via this menu when they're live. Blizzard has given each player 100 League Tokens for free to unlock one skin, but the rest are available to purchase using real-world cash. This in-game currency can only be used for Overwatch League skins. MLG president Pete Vlastelica insisted a distribution deal would be done in time for the start of the League, but the delay in finalization has meant that teams are having a tough time securing sponsors.

2600 Tokens will allow players to purchase a skin for every hero in the game. Each team plays 20 games in its division, and 20 cross-division, for a total of 40 games. To qualify for the play-offs, teams have to either win their division or have one of the six best records overall. Anyway, Blizzard has just released the official Overwatch League app for following the competitive esport's inaugural league season, giving you yet another avenue to not watch us play. YouTube, Facebook, and all sorts of other sites have their own streaming capabilities, but anyone who spends considerable time watching video games knows that Twitch is the place to be.

Wherever their voices will be heard, the broadcast talent for Overwatch League were announced earlier today.