No slowdown in lawsuits over Apple's throttling of old iPhones


Apple has been slowing down the performance of iPhones with older batteries, which likely led to more of the smartphones prematurely entering the end-of-life stream.

Lithium-ion batteries don't last forever and regular wear and tear will diminish its performance over time (usually after two years of regular use). Frequent unexpected shutdowns can make the phone unreliable and unusable. When I showed up with an appointment at my closest Apple store on January 3, there were so many others also trying to replace their batteries that I had to join a weeks-long waiting list. The company has promised, that early this year, it will release an iOS update that is more transparent about battery health and how performance is affected.

Nick Philko, 44, of Huntington Woods, said he took his phone to Fix A Fone, a third-party repair shop in Farmington Hills, to get a new battery instead of the Apple store because he didn't want to deal with the crowds - or wait.

Get a battery replacement if there is a problem.

However, Apple announced in a statement that the effort was created to prevent sudden shutdowns caused by aging batteries. Apple says they're available now, although initial supplies may be limited. Here's a quick guide on how to see if your device is being slowed down by an older iPhone battery. It doesn't hurt that Apple would also prefer you purchase a new phone around that time, too. Owners of the iPhone 6 and newer models are entitled to the special pricing after it was discovered the company had been throttling processors on those devices to compensate for degraded batteries.

Barclays analysts on Wednesday noted that Apple's move to lower the prices of batteries for older iPhone models from $79 to $29 could be bad for their iPhone sales for the year, Reuters reported. But that's obvious, and what's annoying is that we know people with even older iPhones that are running fine on their original batteries. You can also send your iPhone in for a new battery for $29 plus $6.95 shipping.

HowToGeek reports that you can also contact Apple via their support website, give them remote control of your iPhone, and they'll reveal the battery's health (albeit without specific numbers). A replaced battery can result in speed improvements of over 100 percent.

MacRumors is reporting that Apple will accept an iPhone 6 or later for battery replacement regardless of whether the battery has failed the official diagnostic test. It's possible that's just a miscommunication between Apple Corporate and individual stores. If you live far away from a store and have a backup phone handy, you could mail your iPhone to Apple to replace the battery, via the same Apple support site.

Now that you're armed with the info needed to measure capacity and even charge cycles, you've got to decide when to get that new battery. Alas, that ship has sailed for both Apple and almost all other smartphone manufacturers.