New Xbox features in the works; Next Achievements, Do Not Disturb, More


Detailed on the Xbox Blog, the update will have smaller features to make Xbox One owner's experience just a little easier.

There's a number of features being introduced as part of this update, but the most interesting one is a new online status option called "Do not disturb".

Microsoft is now testing new features that help take achievements beyond a simple gamerscore.

Xbox One Alpha Insiders are now testing a new firmware that brings a couple of nifty features. This way, you can easily see which Achievements you're closest to and quickly launch the game to achieve them. This update will also allow players to filter with to prioritize next by closest, rarest, and highest Gamerscore.

There are more updates coming towards Xbox One user which include guide menu: The first gadget is, "Next Achievement", provides a location to keep a heads up for upcoming achievement unlocks.

The update 1802.180105-1503 brings the ability to rearrange the trophies based on the rarity, adds the Mini Game Hub with useful information on running games and finally the option of "Do Not Disturb" is made available, which will prevent the arrival of pop-up notifications during the game.

There are also a few tweaks to social settings. The Narrator is also now able to read large amounts of text. You'll now be able to shut down the console after two, three, four, and five hours of inactivity.

These features are only enabled for a portion of Xbox One users to gauge interest and collect feedback.

A fix is now being determined for guide/home crashes.

The left and right navigation for selecting date and time during Tournament creation is now reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.