LG Announces the HU80KA 4K UHD Projector - CES 2018


Known under the product code HU80KA, the new LG 4K projector is known as the most affordable yet premium UHD projector in the market.

Besides being LG's first UHD projector, the LG HU80KA is also the brightness one with 2500 lumens of brightness. This is because projects take up less space than a TV would, and it can also generally project images and videos larger than a TV, although there will be certain aspects you'll have to sacrifice in the process.

LG touts that the company's engineers have challenged themselves to come up with the 4K projector that is smaller than the others on the market without letting down on the performance. On top of that 4K resolution there is also support for HDR meaning a wider range of colours and contrast can be displayed.

With a maximum screen size of 150-inches, you're going to be thankful for every single one of 4K's 8 million plus pixels. The projector can be kept on the floor, mounted to a wall, or simply hung from the ceiling, and perform equally well, regardless of the position. Also, it can be connected to external speakers or soundbars through optical output, Bluetooth or HDMI. LG touts that its 4K UHD projector from the HU80K series is nearly half the size of conventional 4K UHD projectors and has the same capability of projecting up to 150-inch 4K UHD picture on the wall. Giving you an incredible viewing experience. LG has included a carrying handle, making it easier to hold and carry the projector around. As far as content goes, customers won't have any issues finding anything to watch.

LG HU80KA projector includes a webOS 3.5 smart TV interface to access online 4K streaming services. Which means it won't be coming out anytime soon. The company will showcase its 2018 projector lineup at the CES 2018.