Konami Could Be Bringing Castlevania, Contra WiiWare Games To Nintendo Switch


The numbers are especially promising for Nintendo, which experienced severe supply chain issues during the console's first few months and struggled to meet demand. For most companies that would be a hard ask, but this is Nintendo, which is a company overflowing with IP that sells millions of copies every time a new game launches.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima spoke to Kyoto Shimbun in an interview where he discussed the console and how it continues to surpass expectations in terms of the Switch's sales targets.

Keep in mind, however, that to use the software, the console must be equipped with firmware 3.0.0 and now, the version of the operating system of Nintendo Switch is the 4.1 on which, at the moment, the Homebrew Launcher does not work.

With the growing number of gamers who own a Nintendo Switch, it is not surprising that more and more game developers want to introduce their products to the hybrid portable console. The second video game in the list also belongs to Nintendo - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. With only 32GB of space without a microSDXC card, certain third-party games aren't even playable digitally.

Nintendo's new system is a hit with critics and consumers alike, and is on pace to outsell its predecessor - the Wii U - in its first year.

But, on the other, we also got Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch last year, and that's a bit of a shocker considering that we haven't seen a new release from that series in years. After selling 10 million Switches and almost on the way to selling 14 million units within the console's first year on store shelves, Nintendo is looking to sell 20 million units in the next Japanese fiscal year. Both the gray and the neon versions sold better than the PlayStation 4, which sold significantly better than the Xbox One S.